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  1. Yes it is a good idea as long as its cost is lower.
  2. Women need a smaller range of vision to provide harassment by the cavalry, especially in the first minutes of the game, increasing their range of vision would be tragic in the current scenario. Currently it is very easy to open the map, in a few seconds you discover all the features of the map and also how the enemy is behaving just using cavalry on enemy borders. Making a general reduction of the range of vision, the player will have to scan the map for new resources, mainly hunting in the first few minutes, watchtower becomes much more important, new CC builds are encouraged, technologies and vision auras like "sibylline books" would again have a good importance, etc.. I'm guessing a number here, but I think something like 40 range would be pretty good to start with.
  3. For me 3 horizontal lines, one for each phase would be the best way (Phase > Function). In any case, muscle memory should be able to accept any other chosen pattern.
  4. In 1v1 games you dont need to build a new cc to get some extra resource, this hardly happens in team games too. The border in phase 3 is enough to reach all resources 95% of the time. We should give more value to buildings and units, not just build/train as fast as possible without a purpose in mind. The game works now only in the first few minutes, after that is spam maximum units, move to p2, build market/temple/blacksmith, move p3, research blacksmith techs, train hero and fight a final fight, whoever wins this fight, win the game.
  5. I'm not particularly a fan of the fast style, I think in general, not just units, they must be harder to get. Basically everything is now easy to get, you hardly need a new cc to expand for example. Some small changes might be interesting, like initial gold and stone mines smaller (800 - 1000), cc border should be considerably smaller, gather rate longer, remove the ability to recruit soldiers in cc, etc..
  6. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4736
  7. adds a minimum of 10 games until the rating count starts, that way some will be "lazy" to start new accounts
  8. A bonus against champion units and less xp to level up would be interesting in my opinion.
  9. Maybe offtopic, but crossbows were much easier to learn than bows and arrows, so it wouldn't be interesting to make a little differentiation in citizen crossbows like requires -50% xp to promotion ?
  10. It's an idea that was raised a while ago, but we don't have all the models available, for example, rome cavalry champion swordman doesn't have its citizen model. I also don't know how correct that would be in the historical sense, although it sounds like a fun idea. Could be added after elite level.
  11. Are diverting the focus of the topic... Pls stay focused on finding solutions and bringing new ideas
  12. Well we can work the agoge in another way. Instead of xp tricke, he can give champions more attack/health or other atribute with each passing age. In this model, the young soldier is removed.
  13. Any Idea about two new gerusia techs?
  14. Here is the first version of patch. I'm happy with the results so far, I think it's fun, different and more historically realistic than the current situation. Changes: - Syssitia available in phase 1 - Champions can be trained on p1 They are young Spartans, have not yet completed the agoge training. They are barefoot and without armor, just their shield and spear. Its power is equal to a hoplite citizen, but with 100 health. Training time of 12 seconds. Requires 120 xp to be a traditional champion (nivel 2) as we know it. Hoplite tradition tech also affects young spartan, creating an interesting synergy. - Syssitia has an agoge aura, which provides xp trickle to nearby spartan young - Agoge tech removed - Champion nivel 2 can upgrade by 40 metal to champion olimpian - Gerusia back to the game available in phase 1 Now heroes are trained in gerusia. Gerusia has special technology apophora, available phase 1. Infantry skirmishers can gather grain 100% faster (same as women), but -20% attack. I want put two more technologies - Two new technologies Tyrtean paeans: champions +10 attack. Available phase 3 Krypteia: champions +20% movement speed. Available phase 2 sparta0.1.zip
  15. I'm fine with the loot system as it is now. I don't think it's time to change that, there are many other things before that.
  16. About krypteia, some sources say it is as a special police or as a reconnaissance force, on the other hand we have sources claiming to be part of the agoge, where the best were part of the krypteia, whose objective was to kill the potential helots of revolts. On that note, what kind of technologies would fit in here? Attack speed increase / attack speed increase but increase helot training speed, any other suggestions? Remembering that it already includes a technology to increase gather in farms for helots but decreasing their attack and also a technology to increase movement speed for champions (tyrtean paeans)
  17. I'll try it, looks fun.
  18. Interesting the speed, but I think it must cost population. One idea I've always had is that siege tower can capture towers and forts with ease. The more units inside, the higher the capture rate. I don't like this unit being just a mobile tower.
  19. Olympic champion can be trained instead of an upgrade. You can research pankration to unlock training for that unit. Powerful but expensive unit with number limited training.
  20. Spartiates must be trained in p1, they represent the spartan population. The fact that they are very expensive to train in phase 1. The young spartan is a slightly stronger soldier than the common hoplite, just with a little more health and faster movement speed. it's a lot cheaper than the current one too (like 50f 30m), that gives you a chance to train at p1, but you need fight to increase level or just wait XP boost (agoge aura), anyway it can still be very efficient level 1. No seems complicated to me, it works like an citizen soldier who can pass the level. When he is at level 2 he can no longer get level 3, just upgrade to olimpian. Anyway i can make the patch more simpler.
  21. Tnx!! Maybe a rank 2 (advanced) hoplite might be historically correct.
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