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  1. is there any mod to test the new units? scales, bandits and rock throwers? do scales have any bonus to capture towers, walls, cc and castles? I want to see the bandits in action and their stats. the lusitanians, didn't they have any mercenary/allied punic unit?
  2. other topics mentioned in other threads unique champions: chariots, what is the difference between a chariot and a regular or champion cavalry unit? catafractos, the heaviest cavalry of the time... carthaginian mounted champions, why are they not in the temple ? ships, which can and do not carry artillery and elephants. archers on elephants, they also have 60m of distance, I would put them something more. Roman castrum, they have to make bolts, as in Numantia. the siege towers should be able to capture (with troops inside): towers, castle, walls and CC or give an area bonus for the capture.
  3. one thing that would be important, is that the units cannot see behind the walls, to help the defenses and that the siege towers have greater utility to be able to see over the walls.
  4. some advantage should be given to the chariot vs. horse archer as you have said, in exchange for a higher cost and maybe some space in dwellings. we still have to solve the housing space of the elephants, siege and chariots ...
  5. what benefit does a charriot champion currently have over a cavalry champion? the stats bonus for being champions are the same as those of a: champion horse lancer, champion horse spearman, champion cavalryman vs. regular regular and champion chariots don't have any distinctive vs. other ranged cavalry and champions have the same. they don't cost more, they don't have higher accuracy, they don't have higher cadence, champions don't shoot on the move (with low accuracy, like in total war). they are not more expensive, nor do they require more living space or greater resistance.
  6. well, they could be shot on the move, the cart must have some benefit over the horse.
  7. I was referring to the melee and distance function of the chariot campions. not with a sword, but with a spear
  8. this function is long overdue for the champion charriots, even though it would make them more expensive for technology, changeover time or cost in individual metal.
  9. macedonia that has some phase 2 advantage, siege or thracian dark layers, if possible a cheap battering ram that is easier to destroy, in case it becomes spam. iberians need the soliferrum in phase 2 or as technology for the sword champions for a cost in metal per individual unit the carthaginians have mercenary iberian sword cavalry and the iberians don't have that unit, they should put the iberians too. britans and lusitanians have a druida for war, that will benefit them a little, galus have the carnuco, that gives a bufo of attack is already enough with that support add lusitanians that the capture or attack on buildings is not by default in formation roman road technology for the Romans to move faster in their territory until the A26 comes out and we don't see han china finally inside, I don't have much else.
  10. the horseshoe to be more fun or to have to force you to make decisions should change a little bit upgrades 1 all units upgrades 2 infantry or cavalry units upgrades 3 ranged or melee units I would like something similar, that forces you to choose what to upgrade, not just pay for everything to be 100%, now there is no penalty or decision making in case of change of tactics, you can do it with fully upgraded units, that takes away the difficulty.
  11. for chams is good idea shoot while walking.?to change range or rate of fire? as in total war
  12. If it does not exist yet, it has no cost, or status, you could also put swordsman in phase 2 and soliferrum in phase 3 T.T
  13. there are things that are simple to improve, I'm going to put what would be easier, I think, but the problems would come with synergy and balance insurance, see what you think. first cavalry: cav sword champion in late is overwhelming for a long time especially roman and I do not think it is because it is too strong, although I would raise a little attack time 0.75 to 0.85/90 cav spear with lance, practically useless for a long time, the champion the same, and for 2 main problems 1 it needs more bonus vs cav x2, it takes so long to attack that it is not effective. 2 armor/health, she needs a slight armor upgrade or she will only be useful in p1 for rush and late for mobility and echo hunting. iber fire cav, with a little reduction of armor would be enough and maximum fire damage x2 vs organics this way you could fight with spear cav well and you will need micro for both sides so it won't be a suicide. horse, camel and infantry archers is the unit I've used the least, but they have a terrible aim, low damage and are the easiest to mislead with dancing or by putting troops in the way if the ranged units had something like in total war to shoot at a unit, instead of the closest thing. with a little improvement in their aim would be enough and some way to have a favorite target. fanatical, expensive and without armor you can do 2 things or 3 mmmm- 1 cheaper 2 a little armor 3 that are harder to see? that the enemy's detection/sight range is 75% with them? unused heroes agis II, maurya (heroe ele) these have nothing special, no reason for use there are others not very useful, but some of them if they could be chosen in regicide/ nomad, they would be really useful, but as in those modes they are random heroes -.- op pikemen, they are too tough, no ranged unit can take them down fast enough, take off a little bit of a minimum armor type, vs ranged or vs melee. priests or have more aura or less cost are not useful, basic and technolgies are not necessary if it is more efficient to withdraw and use the temple ... catapults need small area damage and bolts need linear damage, but also friendly damage even if it is reduced. but also friendly damage even if it is reduced, I hate the tactic of making a ball and everything shoots to the center. with friendly damage is solved bonus civ (º-º) mace: 1 siege in phase 2 and (stoa helena) 1 champion in phase 2 athen, sparta: 1 champion in phase 2 (stoa helena) nudity check up briton some housing bonus like before, give +1 to houses? 6 ... soliferrum iber T.T in phase 2 castles of little use, hardly useful give more rank to the arrows, give them urbe class like the cc, increase their campaign to 40 or 50 so that in case of retreat you can save enough troops, create some kind of troop in them, champions or regulars. helenos 1 siege + troops of the stoa lastly game modes mentioned in other posts increase the price of troops yes: 1 goes over 80%. 2 if the game lasts more than 25 mins 3 wonder technology that reduces the cost of everything I think that's it
  14. the only thing I would change would be fire damage x2 maximum, I think it would be good and since I work in ovens, I see it as good and logical, if a burn at work can put me off work for 3 days or more, one of those javelins if you are sick should be able to kill someone. the rest I am in favor in everything
  15. it seems that more than a nerf you want to make the iber fire cav useless or directly that it is infantry. the problems it has: cumulative fire damage, too much armor and fast firing (I've been complaining for a long time that it takes 1sec per shot, it's absurd). solutions 1.2sec or 1.3 sec triggering precision vs. reduced units (since it is specialist vs. buildings) fire damage up to x2 vs. organic units reduce armor as it is a ranged unit lastly, the issue of raising costs to champions, if they can increase x% of population more than 20% or 25% increase the price of units and / or champions something or in general without champions to force a quick war and rely more on trade.
  16. you could put the iber fire cav, raise the attack time from 1sec to 1.25 as a normal horseback javalinero. and reduce the spear cav time from 1,25 to 1,15 or 1,10 which is too slow and not very useful compared to the rest of the cav.
  17. you could put the iber fire cav, raise the attack time from 1sec to 1.25 as a normal horseback javalinero. and reduce the spear cav time from 1,25 to 1,15 or 1,10 which is too slow and not very useful compared to the rest of the cav.
  18. the champion chariots need a function similar to the total war distance/ mele, using something similar to what the Lusitanian women use.
  19. pikemen are tanks that can hold any unit, even champions. elephants take 360º damage and are not useful. chariots should have the melee and ranged option/upgrade catas and bolts need friendly fire catas tech or option to solid and multiple projectile, normal/area damage
  20. the castro is 10 I love it and the market is really well done, reminds me of the ruins where I live. very good spectacular designs, I am looking forward to see the civ in an alpha.
  21. Wouldn't it be more useful to do something similar to the supply lines in total war? that as you get closer to the population limit things cost more?
  22. the idea is fine, if one has a military bonus and another one a naval or production bonus, but the only hero that has a bonus for non-naval maps is that one, that comes in arid or icy climates is nothing remarkable and does not even give speed to nearby units, the heroes are not important or decisive in most maps, it is a shame. and since women can be soldiers, it would be nice that this hero with economic bonus would give some buff to women, since their use is mostly to produce food and with the improvement of the corrals there is no reason to have so many women. I see it more like if you take away the major utility of women, give them a bonus so they can be a soldier: defense, attack, speed and / or tanking.
  23. hello i like the faction a lot and i love the buildings of 10,it is a bit faster civ than the iberos and can be used aggressively quite fast, i would like to see how someone who plays more aggressively than me uses it. now the things that don't work or should change, 2 heroes are naval and 1 livestock, but if you can make the women soldiers then it's not the ñaaaa I don't love it. invisible and non-existent troops . I miss the guerrillas and the iberos the soliferrum that gave this mod. the veton castro, doesn't give vetons, nor mercenaries, nor different units, before it gave cavalry with sword and something else I think. the little that gave an advantage of rush or early attack was gone, without mercenaries, nor the guerrilla loses enough, also has disappeared the monument and the Phoenician allies also disappeared, I liked it better before, I had more variety and options. The manual battering ram retains the classic sound, it should have a different one. the previous version of the lusitans I loved, with this is weaker than the previous in several ways, to see if you find something in between this and the previous version, has the possibilities of being one of my favorites when it comes out.
  24. I'm going to try the mod, see if my pc supports it, a hard drive died 1 month ago T.T, I think I'm going back to multi in a long time T.T
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