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  1. Well those lists are always offending some other player - maybe bot a good idea? In this list, only remember the following players winning in 1v1 v me: 1.borg eae 1.Feld 1.Vali here 5.Stock 7.Boudica 8. Decger 9.Jofursloft Honourable mentions x. weaerdJokes x. Rauls x. Vinme x. LetsWaveaNub Jofur, LetsWave & Vinme in my eyes a lot better than - x -
  2. So it would be great if all the people developing really take all of theese thoughts serious and hopefully add mechanics that players keep to the game in the long term fun
  3. Yes - especially the point with territory or different units is something that can bring so much more - in the future / long term excitement When players start to interact with each other and not just have the same build up :-)
  4. As we see more and more Players switching to other games, which is completely understandable, if there is no long term fun or real deepend in the game it is Necessary that we not just talk about but that the relevant developers really start to make concepts and evolve Ideas
  5. Yes, there might be some more strategical decisions; Territory Expansion should become a real strategical thing - not everything is everywhere and doesnt de facto matter -> it misses deep of the game and that will affect long term fun
  6. An interestin Idea to solve this may be in Phase I that we add 1 Unit and all those behave in the way a>b>c so that it really makes a difference what players choose and depending your choice you may lead a more defensive game or trying to tech up faster. Another Idea: Since CC Radiusses dont become ever the border except for building the one fortress AND very late in P3 - we need to have more interaction with land, with spaces, now maps are to big, ressources are save and one player has to leave completely his own base if he wants to attack the other base -> these are important issues in gameplay we need better Ideas or players will sooner or later give up 0ad
  7. Exactly --> The main problem with theese changes is that it makes the game even more technically and less strategically. Since 0ad is A Strategy Game and we play 0ad mainly because of intelligent mechanics and: decisions what we need is a far better balance with differences and real differences between the tribes (--> long term fun keeps player)
  8. Thats a nice Idea :-) but since i want to optimize there are only two strategys that make sence: The Cav rush or the full Boom Good point. Actually they can interact but cav is very easy to escape, does the most damage and hurts your eco the least, so people use it the most. --> Yes, it might be an Idea to have at leat 3 - A - B - C Units you choose on at the start and already have an interesting counter system
  9. What you also see here is, that the only real challenge i see atm is the linear rise in building houses at the right time with the right amount of citizens and as soon as possible building more barracs so my ressources are low as possible and lineary to pop rising. I wish more Interaction, more different Strategies with the other rush, the cav the same, just clicking and reaction time and these 2 are the only effective strategies which is too less, especially there is no counter that f.e. A > B > C
  10. The most important Issue we should all be working on is the Long Term Fun of 0ad. I see it inmyself, we might all come to the point where we see we actually optimized every tactic or every playstile and every game seems the same. At leat there are actually 2 , mostly balanced , stratgies - I rush with Cav - I boom (and that of course with ptol) and get as soon as i am in II massive units out and surprise my enemy the moment he has invested in III where i won against almost every player like chrstgr, dakeyras and a lot more What we need is more combinations, more general strategies and more tactics. We can try to find Ideas which might help that - Every Civ becomes it individualizes units -- 2 or 3 more special unique units -- Balance all the Units for every Civ individually, for example since ptol have many advantages there I units might be a bit more expensive or less attack damage - Random Unit cap which makes it more necessary for some player to rush and dont play every game the same I would really favor to do more in balancing and unique units. The same way they are mathematically and logic at the moment but more difference between civs - really do we need more differences between the units and make it possible to interact in early Phase with stone paper scissor in the beginning and not only cav. Who is interested in more Content can comment my Videos where you see all the strategies but only the otimal (the 2 optimal) Strategies in the last games
  11. Yes, back to a23 seems no solution... Maybe if we have great balancing skill advisors we can try to balance units interdependent of the civilization, which means the costs and hitpoints are in every civ exactly the same, there is soo much deep and long term motivation if we balance the units, what do you think about the Idea?
  12. Yes ;-))) i am trying to optimize every single step. The 7:19 was my first at all try :-) so i know there is room upwards. I will test some new Ideas this weekend. I can say that there are a full lot of small things in timing to do. I will upload the replay but actually I first want to challenge some top player in 1v1 cause i know that theese small things in the start might change a lot in pro 1v1 start - it might even be 10+ seconds the first minutes can be improved. not milliseconds ;-)
  13. Yes, it is interesting ; -) and gives a lot more decisiions and long term fun for players, to decide when do i stop to train Hoplites? Actually it changes nothing, only that unite get more expensive over time and as i proposed players should choose which unit train system they want for the game / 1v1
  14. 7:19 Improved the start of ValihrAnt: - Correct number of builders at berry - Correct recruiting in City Centre - Correct number of builders for houses at the start and in the 30-100 phase, escpecially the start, 30-50 - wood upgrade I timing - i never build a farm with 5 cit or make them Shift+ clicked There are no bonusses or extras used, but at the moment i will not upload that replay cause it shows a lot of mathematics especially in the start or all the correct numbers when it comes to optimizing.
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