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  1. No problem. What about animations? If am creating a new gate I'll def have to animate a gate and set the animations somehow for the mesh. I think.
  2. How exactly? I think you are forgetting that you know how to do it while I do not know. So you need to go into details.
  3. It would be strange if D-shape wall went to straight wall with wooden hoardings after upgrade. But maybe I could drop the wall variants..
  4. What about upgrade with variants? It would be kinda strange for wall variant to turn into different wall variant after upgrade. And how do I make new wall building set? With upgrade to wall with wooden hoardings. And how do i set where units will stand?
  5. Can walls have random variants like houses?
  6. I also tought of making different medieval mod as I invite my friends and create community. Also maybe use your mod as a foundation and placeholders for the big mod. but right now I could make a Islam world. Right now am working on walls and I've redone it pretty much. 1 tier: palisade with platforms and towers 2 tier: Basic stone walls + wooden hoardings upgrade 3 tier: strong stone walls + wooden hoardings upgrade + stone upgrade The walls should be also only damageable by catapults and gate, palisades by ram to recreate real sieges and thin walls as special actor for maps. (ground work + walls)
  7. There isn't much info other than wiki and few forums so.. I'd love for someone to explain me modding basics of 0ad so I can get over a learning curve. Anybody Interested?
  8. First walls inside editor!
  9. Can the model change with a.. Let's say a wall upgrade? Am thinking of making version of walls with wooden hoardings.
  10. Am working on walls, gate, towers and I need textures, maybe few tips and refrence pictures. Also could it be possible for tower, wall to shoot 2 types of projectiles ? Arrows and stones.
  11. Aye. I'd actually love to work on spanish units. Am up for catalan , aragorn 13th century references
  12. True. We wouldn't want vikings in 13th.. Actually nevermind there are "vikings" and they are in baltics. Jokes aside I meant it as more of English aesthetic. And I won't lie I live in east europe and I haven't checked english history in long time that means my knowledge is quite rusty so this will be good time to fix it.
  13. I meant it in way that Norman England comes before them and when that's done then there will be new british isles factions. That's def on me, I should have made it more clear. Also Yea Welsh. Don't worry am not calling irish.. english That would surely not end up well.
  14. although I wanted to make a bigger post of meshes. I came into a problem. I need textures.. (you can see stretched texture from older helmet on new one). Please tell me if you know any open texture websites or straight from Wackyserious. Am also open to feedback and tips 'n tricks
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