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Found 4 results

  1. Who will get this weapon and why ? What will be his purpose on the civilization ? How they should shoot if the weapon is called repeating crossbow but 0 A.D only has 1 animation type for ranged attacks and reloading.
  2. I saw Ayakashi's great post about the Tang Dynasty and think that the Chinese faction wouldn't be complete without Song Dynasty for part II of Millennium A.D. Here's my proposal: Song Dynasty (960 - 1279AD) Brief history After a period of upheaval and unrest that was the turbulent Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, the Song Dynasty rose up and reunite the Chinese people once again (to certain extent). A period of relative peace soon followed, and Chinese cultural, economic and scientific advancements were at all time heights during the Song Dynasty. Nevertheless, the Chinese
  3. The civilization's design document will be compiled into this wishlist indicating status of progress and priority as well as guiding the way to the topic where the art is being developed (those ==Task threads). - please post below if there are any things you would love to see. - Eras/Civilization Variants to Model Shang Dynasty (1600..1046BCE), (Bronze Age: Aristeia)Qin Dynasty (221..207BCE), 221BCE, Han Dynasty (207..220AD), 202BCE, (Ancient: Rise of The East)Tang Dynasty [1] (618..907AD), (Medieval: Millennium I: For Honor & Glory.)Song Dynasty (960..1279AD), (Medieval: Millennium II:
  4. The world has stopped. We were surprised by Iberians. They set our ships on fire. Our last remnants face an army which takes no end at the horizon. At the other side of the mountains our Celtic friends asked our envoy for help. We have a settlement there too. We had a settlement there. We currently wonder which part of our settlement was hit the most. We have sent all troups we could spare to our celtic neighbours. Now we have only a handful civilians which we forced to fight - and the royal guard of our leader. We can use them for other purposes now. Yesterday our leader got lost on the bat
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