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  1. Both sides can be understood and no crimes are committed. A solution can be to create more checkboxes like [x] Only players with same mods + hashes [x] Include GUI mods Or a "no GUI mods" ranking or a warning "This player has GUI mods"? and so on. You will find a solution. And you will walk in peace Long term the game should be made so that brains decide - no matter what click magic opponents master. Darkness is part of the game and makes you battle harder
  2. The recent performance improvements are worth a year's wait easily
  3. @Xiao Bao MeiFrom my xp in real world low tech, resource cost is negligible compared to the crucial resource spent: work time. At least for breakage caused by time and weather impacts and so on. Mostly minor damages. (but I also once had to repair a roof partly collapsed from snow weight: a few nails and negligible wood but heaps of time and danger) Improvisation of a simplistic construction rather than scheduled maintenance of a modern modular machine, e.g. a robot where one exchanges wear parts like valves and so on that break after a certain time. After a high degree of damage is incurred, resource cost makes sense though. But when you hit that point in real life then you could just construct this part completely new. e.g. a new mast for a ship. Sometimes easier / less costly than sewing that sail back together Other example: Replacing transmission and engine of a car can be more expensive than buying a new one. Bolt shooter reusing parts of existing machine makes new construction quicker depending on what part is damaged. Hence repair still makes sense and could still cost resources. But it's not so easy to model fully realistic. Needs trade offs. Something that adds charm to the adventure. Solution could be to depend material cost on inverse health. So if 99 % damage, then you pay essentially the full price or more due to the fact that it has to be towed somewhere. Material has to be transported a long way and so on. After certain damage it's likely smarter to just label this not repairable. Depends on what it is. Small or big. Ship can't be repaired if on sea and damage is >50%. Conclusion: This relates to supply chains. Generally handling resources. If there are no logistics modeled, then there is no need to add a feature that costs resources if actually the transport of the wood would be the highest cost. It also requires more modularisation i.e. entity on entity ("turrets" in 0AD slang) For your proposal: @FueledByOCHD once used loot for that I think
  4. Valid points. In my vision it is all a more fluid process. I understand that in 0AD it is discrete i.e. one tries to find most important distinct descendants of a culture and if it's worth it then creates models for it. I am not finished with my concept. Yet I made some progress. What is interesting is that history may happen totally differently in 0BC, so it's not that historical anymore. It's historical in the beginning when you choose a time to start in. Then it's well possible you change history (and cultures, nations, borders, technologies that evolve ouf of it)
  5. Or sort AI names by aggressiveness (assuming the simplification earlier speaker proposed) Let player choose an aggressiveness Find a valid index in AI names (random if index resolves to multiple) and use this name for the AI
  6. Ancient Cities Comparison Migrations is something we currently lack, can achieve via UnitAI or HybridAI.
  7. I'd not worry too much, fellows. There's nothing we have to hide compared to those. We'll have it all too Even the graphics of BFME Reforged - soon AI will generate these 3D graphics, quality. The other niceties seen in your shared vids, pics are all within reach. Some good examples. Some overdo it. Or lack where we shine
  8. Position handling sounds micro, complicated. Not fan of units adding arrows. Prefer your O2 More realistic. Allows more friction. (cannons may be different, but here is about arrows?) In future won't be useless. But yes: Units are generally useless if not close enough for effective damage Max range in reality is not the decisive factor! Agree. Player or his officers You remember when the women sunk the ship while men fled battle? Unfortunately was their own ship Officers make mistake - or you yourself and your generals save you Balances pitched battles automatically. Overall strategy becomes more important: Prelude (location, supplies, army composition, ...) Decisions (how to engage, pre-arranged tactics, dynamic reaction to events, ... => More overarching but you can also micro if want to: As you mentioned e.g. directly order to target boat structure instead of crew. In Ancient times this will mean ramming. Cannons in newer? This req new attack types. Or reuse: attack (for closing in and ramming + boarding if crew not defensive stance?) vs. attack move (keep distance i.e. keep moving, only range attack) Yes. Prefer weight. Armor, horse or ram heavier than infantry or civilian. Maybe better influence accel instead of speed: Empty boat => no acceleration Min crew => No spare for fighting => Either accelerate or fight If velocity > 0 then ship can still steer (can be handled by 1 crew member even if the others fight e.g. the ore guys). 1 pop for steering by captain? Works with wind, but no directed acceleration boats will go like baloon where the gods take them
  9. Quite some interesting compositions. Sadly my TimeMachine is far from finished. Perhaps people prefer advertising on your site over any financial transactions? Reasons: You gain a steady income. At least something. Even if nobody buys a Pack. People are hardened already as ads are massive on FB, TikTok, ... even in VR, games nowadays. Look at all these dubious movie/software download pages. Thousands of nasty, fake ads, opening many ad pages. Yet people still visit and try to grab something for free Free community is unhappy with complications and fees. Every transaction supports the finance industry - already pretty wealthy actors according to the records. (Though virtual advertising also spreads money to some select big players) Until 2020 even buying food in a big discounter heavily supported WireCard AG in Germany! Known fraudsters that financed dark, dirty and unethical black market businesses on the entire globe for 20+ years!
  10. Finally it's our hobby and interest that brings us here. We have other open source projects for these fighting effects. No need to duplicate work already done. And Hyrule has quite some great effects, too. But I understand your point, you wish new generation. IMO 50 year old also is fine. Roman Senate was rather elderly too. Aragorn Arathorn's son also haha. And Elves ... oh dear hundreds of years old. Who cares about age
  11. Only because you are older than them, still are a youngster yourself as we all are. There is no such thing as old. President of united states is 80. A friend of mine is 95 and still paints his house every year (hence gets more done than half of the population; at least I don't repaint it every year haha). Who cares about Indie. They only earn money by us being on their site. Money has won - again. As Apple's 60 billion quarterly profit shows.
  12. Good idea Yes but in reality it's not like that. A small path or tracks / footsteps surely form. But real useful streets have to be built. (I am a nasty farmer, have sunken into muddy earth a trillion times, but never formed a street or rigid road by itself magically ;)) Oh yes hehe finally I fulfilled our wish. Super happy about it Likable Finally we can check quite some points from this list
  13. Interesting to have a closer look at that (@wowgetoffyourcellphone already mentioned this video). The arrow method is too much hassle (GUI) and micro for my taste. Especially while in follow unit mode. But a hotkey similar to SHIFT for way points proved advantageous. Also officers should have more counter awareness. i.e. rearrange themselves if possible (because counter is what matters) Looks like they do not evacuate the wounded. Handling the wounded manually is too much micro IMO. I'd advocate for only having them hold ground or get evacuated. Not offensive actions. Also while the cavalry charge effects are better, still the speed is too high. They stand up almost immediately. In reality majority won't get up again. Not in shape. Units still do not fade out quick enough. This makes it look artificial. Either the armor is good enough or you are incapacitated. The cavalry charge interaction and the giants kicking units fly is a good start. I will have a look into this. Battles are holding us all back. Currently these really bore and turn off strategists and fighters alike. Edit: We need more friction. More counter decisiveness. Easier take out of units. Less micro. In my renewed fork I port some code back and will try to pronounce this kind of hybrid AI (0AD also has a hybrid AI but its usefulness is slightly underestimated). More like Settlers 3. Set up the industry. Get it going. Then forget mostly about it. You should set the guidelines. The overarching commander. Fight dynamics inspired by Middleearth would be great. But we can do even better. Less hectic (by divide and conquer). More strategy. BTW you know we now have Open Source Settlers 3? It's amazing! Yes, the fighting in this series isn't realistic nor great experience. 0AD is better in multiple aspects (not fighting - rather overall), but it's still nice and inspiring Settlers lack formations (besides kinda "forced march") and scale isn't ideal. 0AD could be "THE STRATEGY" adventure itself. Recent history events have encouraged 0BC's return to 0AD engine also. Everyone needs to try something to show warfare should stay virtual. We don't abandon other engine. It's simply amazing graphics and RPG component like Neverwinter Nights but some essential parts are not ready yet. Porting back and forth is less work than expected.
  14. This map can be interpreted in different ways: Vaii can fight on Roman side. As the Battle of Allia was fought on the left bank of the Tiber at the confluence of Allia river which was at the back of the Gauls. Merging some decades, one can also free the Vaii to their own party. So Romans could "unite" with Vaii i.e. ally with them. In the remains of the ruins the Roman legionaires that escaped the river regrouped. The Gauls made the right decisions and early confronted the weakest forces despite located at high ground and intended by the Romans as reserves to surprise / outflank the ever more extending Gallic front line which stretched the Romans dangerously thin. The youngsters initially held out but the best Gallic warriors were finally unstoppable, throwing the hilltop into panic. This news spread to the thinning lines to the west causing havoc because most were slain from their backs in a kind of mass rampage fighting mess caused by their own colleagues. As mentioned above this marked the end of the Roman phalanx. Maniple proved victorious. In the long run, this disaster grounded the Romans and made them a world power (for quite some time). But finally they also should find their end. The West earlier. The East later. Paradoxically again at the Tiber 300 after common era another important fight took place, restoring order for not much more than a decade (tetrachy; 2 augusti, 2 caesare, all equal in rights, but again: few are noble enough to step back from power) Let's remember how Plato put it: It doesn't matter if those you counsel listen. It matters that you try. (he himself failed to dissuade leaders from raging war repeatedly)
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