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  1. I like it. Reminds me of my game play rework I still at times cope with. Are the resources lost if the storehouse gets destroyed? I tried a fully distributed approach in the HybridAI - which is a general term for something currently pretty infamous: distribution. Though it might be interesting to get it to work on the blockchain. Let's see. I went to excess with my changes. Every item was a real physical item. Having to be stored. Processed. (I coded heaps of recipes for that purpose, like how to create dough and bake a cake or bread from it.) This last effort turned havoc on my progress as it resulted in a mega patch due to too many new gameplay features being reworked which resulted in a maintenance nightmare when 0AD introduced random white space changes (and stopped HannibalAI support which deprived me of a running comparison which was quite fun and kept me going as it was something where I could check my algorithms real time until my HybridAI changes to the engine were complete). The smart groups allowed any entity to take control of the group, even replacing each other in case of death. I have put this to use in my drone projects, too. And currently I work on a related arts project with visual magical hp, lotr Mithrandir effects. All people gained experience in what they did. Could become general. With a long white beard. xD Could get abducted and getting hit by a single arrow resulted in being wounded. More realistic. Less speed. Less hectic. More peaceful focus on economy, diplomacy, beauty of the worlds, endeavours. Could truck trees away from a neighboring kingdom to block a high mountain pass. Adding strategic depth. The citizens randomly decided to take a look at a nearby lake or to broom the stairs or dance at the market. The structures [static] should be accessible to units [mobile] I think. Support lines should require protection. Though to avoid micro, all units deal with it automatically. You can overrule it by directions or micro at any time. Though it's fun to see your generals try crazy maneuvers without success. Your changes iron out some inconsistencies (default arrows) and artificial restrictions (structure spacing). It's a good step forward. I wish to see more. I am not up to date. Have a nice time all. Hope you are doing well Yours old odd friend from far away
  2. I can only sign this. Though I tried to give this virtual engagement a more personal note long ago when I desperately tried to arrange a meeting with forum powers I valued a lot. It was all rejected though despite me offering to travel to France. But if we really all have a nice friendly gathering one day, or if we ever meet to plan our world peace plots, then I will also offer drinks to all these amazing contributors. (I am no less serious) The works are all very impressing! not only those by LordGood, but of course he replaces and entire army (and produces shooort great videos that are no tutorial but still have very loud sound that made me feel in dire need of some utilities from the Weasley brothers lal - not to forget these trees that grow as if made for marksmen, tricking interpolation, putting Atlas Cedar on two feet - all at a single day. what a man).
  3. Interesting. Any reason not to update the "value" every move command instead of frame? Could take coordinates' offsets into account to filter double clicks, redundant script/AI commands with similar coordinates. Then include this "value" in speed calculation. Remainder as is. First issue: looks like simulating momentum and @FeXoR said there shouldn't be such phenomenon. Would you mind explaining? I thought those battalions had been shaped quite nicely already some time ago. What's the blocker? There is a lord that hides as a butler :-) that surely knows @stanislas69 Sounds like a subtle change. In reality reaches very far. It requires debating whether to give a unit more autonomy to reduce micro or not. This has been a point of diverging opinion before. I personally advocate more self-responsibility. Not necessarily per unit. Rather per commander for performance! There usually are far less officers. This comes closely with battalions though, both something more than just me have worked on several times before. Me at least never managed to finish. Pity! Promises so much more depth to strategy and atmosphere.
  4. Another reason to change _e templates to _v[eteran]. ;-) Remove _b suffix it's even a nice alphabetical order. @Genava55 & consorts: The direction this is going looks very promising. IMHO the both handed swordsman should not be missed too much considering the medley and high speed in-simulation. Am I the only one that thinks a lot of 0A.D.'s attraction comes from its tried historical accuracy instead of individual units? Variation is important, but to achieve this there are other ways. The solutions with the Indian is a good idea but there is more we could do. F.e. idle animations where units play with their inventory, laying e.g. their La Tene "long"sword onto their shoulders holding it relaxed (maybe this could distract players from the fact that the two-handed sword has been removed). Definitely the anims will not be lost effort I hope. What about replacing the sword with a long stick and assigning the two-handed fighting anim to a celtic child (idle/playing) or shepherd (to dispel flies from their sheep and themselves!). Thanks for the historical accounts. Interesting read! Looking at Tacitus' report, it seems we are still far from being historically accurate - not so much models, but mechanics, tactics, significance of weather/storms, riots, diplomatic means, ... IMO what we maybe can learn from Caesar's affairs with Britain is that one rather subdues and collaborates than to go to war as long as the enemy is civilized (care for rights, hold their words, ...). It feels this still applies to our world of today. Whatever account of war one reads or listens to, the common people always are the losers one way or the other. I hope you are all fine and I wish you swift chariot acrobatics in 0A.D. soon. :-) Considering the brutality of 0A.D. one could add those horse killers @Genava55 cited. It appears few people know of the poor fate horses often faced. It thus may be to spread the word about their loyalty. @Lion.Kanzen Yes, sad to see such great drawings depicting wrong facts. Not an easy task for artists to know who to trust. It appears they almost have to be historians themselves and follow the procedures/thinking @Genava55 outlined. Is there any chance the modders cited could join forces? Why not reuse their content from medieval TW or whatever it is for 0A.D.. Create once, use twice. Sounds like more fun :-)
  5. What about storing longitude, latitude per cell/map? One could derive climate from it and weather could still be varied by simulation or magic/chemistry like some modern cultures try to influence weather. I imagine swarms of birds travel along the coastlines south and north according to season :)
  6. hmm ... respect to all creative minds. art is a spectacular piece of epic :-) walls are hard coded but if aquaduct approach is kept simple until some AI supports roads (plans exist) then it can work @ little maintenance if you are fine with aquaducts circling around hills or tunnelling on demand loaded sector maps reduce height serialization cost, address TW-like campaigns and finally make snow possible to the very delight of santa yippiih I already see him carve in on his sledge, reindeers in front and caesar in his backpack ready to be delivered to the senate of rome before he passes the Imperium river tztz.
  7. True. It is very smart. And I try to maintain this when merging it with the other open source engines out there. At first though, there will be no more JavaScript. Sorry. But I guess many won't mind. Epic! I have some good news for HannibalAI too. Actually I managed to compile old versions of 0AD which makes upgrading Hannibal a much nicer experience.
  8. Sorry for not answering properly: You can simply stop playing when reaching gunpower era. ;-). As said one can also start in any point of time one wants to.
  9. Wise words! We can make this world an even more epic place. I am certain. I am a strange man because my princesses made me that way. They taught me what really matters. And I stand to what I am doing. That I am trying to make this world sustainable, repairable and epic (LotR & HP tech). We can live self-sustained. We are not in the middle ages. There is the internet. And there is free tech to replace the internet should the need arise. The recipe is open, green tech. No more paying 1000$ for replacing an entire PCB (that costs much less in production!) like I encounter so often at work. Instead simply fix the error yourself following open online schematics. The worlddevelopment eco system (machines set et alia) is designed to be modular and yet green. And DIY. Actually in the recent years we - the independent free tech guys and gals - have made so much progress. Every day I am amazed at how wonderful this world could be. The free world looks into a bright future. If only the right, good hearted beings would know about all this open tech and trust it. Knowledge is key. Once worlddevelopment club manages to finish the robotic manipulator project, then we will be able to produce green food freely and fully automated. I hope the whole world will replicate it. I will throw all that I learned about software, hardware chaos over the years into these projects. IMO complexity is just entropy. If one manages to get it in order, then it suddenly no longer seems as complex. This is why we often think "oh man, what did I do back then .. me noob!" Because we learn, get new knowledge about the how and suddenly it all looks so obvious. Because it organizes well in our brain (experience, know how). So I do support the good. But I certainly do not feed the sharks of this world. Which is why I release openly but develop closed source. Not having versioning and changesets makes it much more difficult to do harm with the tech (code) I develop. I don't want to be responsible for providing an autonomous robotic manipulator that costs 1000$ to terrorists. I may not be smart enough to make us explore the universe, but I am not a fool either. At a later point I will create a worlddevelopment tavern for LotR and HP enthusiasts - a safe haven for open tech contributors. Something like these roleplay gatherings but not so strictly planned. Free green food and drinks for those that contribute - authenticated using some virtual signature key system. It's time that evolution takes selflessness into account. It's time to give the good people an edge.
  10. But I will be honest, I share your fear that your backers might have issues with your decision. I listened to your vid on Patreon and read the comments. If I were better then we could straight out convince them that pyrogenesis or derivatives (like the new 0B.C.E. engine) can even be more epic than Total War due to the freedom that is possible in free, open engines. (OK, again, our engine will be free. But the world has made me a lone wolf, I am over suspect, critical ... people critizing my dreams always hits me hard as has been shown since my active times in 0A.D.. @LordGood was right with his being iron theory. Unfortunately when it comes to my dreams I am soft like plumpudding. Ah, how great, this reminds me of Hogwarts. haha). Extrapolating 0A.D. development should give your backers enough reason to second your move. At least I hope, because I like some of the nice creatures you create. Just like Lord's ponies, unicorns. Caught me forever. Unfortunately never had time to play it ... sad priority list. I wish you to not have to regret your decision to switch over. It is a very honorable move IMO. It definitively helps me reshuffle my list. Getting HannibalAI back to SVN has just risen. The AI controlling workers is what HybridAI does. Maybe I can adapt the concept to HannibalAI but I'm not so sure. I had no such big updates planned for the 0AD.AI worlddevelopment club declared to maintain. The grand strategy map may at some point be taken from 0B.C.E. Currently I can not say anything about the possible entity counts. It will feature LOD, bullet though. And weather. As long as worlddevelopment not dies out before I can finish it all. haha. (it's not so unlikely currently, but it'd hit me hard because worlddevelopment club is the glue for the overall concept, it's my only credibility that I am really serious about the open, free nature of my activities)
  11. Hey Lion, I already did. But I think I should terminate it. Even thinking of money makes me sick. And to take money from such noble beings like all the contributors and helpers (be it 0AD or other free tech)? No really what a @#$% guy I'd then be. Whatever you donate to me, I have to refund you to not die from morale defects. haha. Patreon would love it for sure as they'd maybe earn something. But this is wild guessing. I have a european bank account hidden in a picture on http://ciry.at but till the open bookkeeping (Treasury) is not set up I shall be embarassed to accept any support. You should not worry about me. It's my free decision to work at -2 deg Celsius during winter times. My priority list has fixing this temperature and water issue very low because it only affects me in my crazy under developed base in the wilderness (antithetics to high tech). I often ask me, what if I were the only loving being in the world? Oh what horror. What shudder! I do only live for others. So what benefits others and even if only in the long run is higher on my list. I do not see the temperature issue rise on priority. It will always be preempted. ;-) Like Dumbledore I have my reasons to know why. haha But I must say I am touched by your offer. The will matters. Very honorable. I will not take it, but that you even thought of it makes me live easier. I am always amazed when I am reminded that still many good souls are busy on this little blue planet next to nowhere in the universe. Just wow.
  12. I respect and appreciate your both words. True, it will be an experiment: freedom. I don't say it will work. But generally the idea follows an overall concept that I have for the real world, too. Free, open source distributed technology and open economy. The simulation will be similar, because it is what the real world is like. Survive with what you have. (it's your choice. want to have the tree covered in many epic little lights, just do it. live your dream.) You can exploit and overpower others. Or you can play the defender that often just feels lost and not knows how to make the world a better place. There are few living beings that prefer feelings and avoiding material things. The real giants are those that have either really nothing or real power and yet do not abuse others only due to egoism (like the 18 years old king back then that wanted to become famous, took command and attacked the Turk sultan and easily died, turning the tide of the battle after it was actually virtually won - with far reaching consequences that can still be felt today; see the everyday news haha). As I am in the glass house, I can only reiterate that I am an open source guy top bottom. I may not have warm water, but I have not lost my heart and I rather die than doing harm to the still quite abundant goodhearted beings in this world. People call me a dreamer. And lack of progress is not to my advantage. But who wants advantage. I just want to tame that entropy to have a chance to get my dreams done. And my dream is a world of magic, harmony and colors. TL;DR Let's just all enjoy our lives peacefully, being busy with things that really matter: fulfilling dreams. Not just ours, rather those of others, make this world an epic place for those that we love. Because only what you give is what you really have. So we now have a new website in the works ciry.at and yes, no ads. You can use noScript ... no javascript is used - no hidden money traps or something. Because I may talk a lot but I hold my promises or I die - whatever comes first.
  13. The more functionality related code you have, the worse to open sources prior to release, because it will spin out of control if your manpower|time is low. Without version control (Git) powers I see no chance to survive such a project (if you were to implement the features you mention). As you have mostly data files (XML, JSON) and release often the opposite is true. Other devs will help you, likely directly fixing things in your repo using pull requests. (because your project is quite reputed) One of the early patches that added healing worked like that. So it depends on what abilities you'd want, and if actually having buttons for those is the best way (which it might be if there are a few). Reminds me _strongly_ of what mind bending code is still being worked on by worlddevelopment club. The capability system is exactly targetting this. It's a fluent redesign of how actions, commands and related are handled in 0AD (yes, UnitAI monster is basically recreated, the new code is dynamic, such that all the actions like teleporting, roundabout attack, mutli-target, magic spells, become a blaze). It's number 2 of 4 very big rocks on our way to release 0 B.C.E. What about hiding resources after they are 0 (or do not change) for a prolonged period of time? This simple GUI mod not restricts other functionality which can be good, because why not have other players|factions tribute something you do not directly gather? One can still trade it or tribute to others. I second @stanislas69 with the projectiles. Once upon a time when I reworked animations it did check props for the projectile. It's a bit hacky (to use leper's words, and it's not a mod, thus not only mods are "hacky") In 0B.C.E. pyrogenesis props no longer exist. Every object is equal. As are structures and units. Simplicity rules. Why artifical separation? It is positive that leper says you should not follow 0A.D. naming conventions. Though a lot has improved in 0A.D. over the recent years to be honest thanks to a lot of great devs.
  14. @stanislas69 Please excuse the wording which sounds little friendly! I am aware of the fact you know GuiInterface as shown in the Diff you took over. My proposal serves to show that no hide,show is required and targets specially the target click thingy as "project leader" now prefers - which is different to waypoint of your https://code.wildfiregames.com/D557.
  15. Great, Lion, comrade. If it really helps, maybe provide the .blend and I'll debug edge cases. I might be good for finding weird new model|actor|template errors - even if I'm pretty useless as always. Edit: But please first try the proposal in my previous post. For the learning effect. If that fails, too, then I'll debug it.
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