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  1. I like it. Reminds me of my game play rework I still at times cope with. Are the resources lost if the storehouse gets destroyed? I tried a fully distributed approach in the HybridAI - which is a general term for something currently pretty infamous: distribution. Though it might be interesting to get it to work on the blockchain. Let's see. I went to excess with my changes. Every item was a real physical item. Having to be stored. Processed. (I coded heaps of recipes for that purpose, like how to create dough and bake a cake or bread from it.) This last effort turned havoc on my progr
  2. I can only sign this. Though I tried to give this virtual engagement a more personal note long ago when I desperately tried to arrange a meeting with forum powers I valued a lot. It was all rejected though despite me offering to travel to France. But if we really all have a nice friendly gathering one day, or if we ever meet to plan our world peace plots, then I will also offer drinks to all these amazing contributors. (I am no less serious) The works are all very impressing! not only those by LordGood, but of course he replaces and entire army (and produces shooort great videos that a
  3. Interesting. Any reason not to update the "value" every move command instead of frame? Could take coordinates' offsets into account to filter double clicks, redundant script/AI commands with similar coordinates. Then include this "value" in speed calculation. Remainder as is. First issue: looks like simulating momentum and @FeXoR said there shouldn't be such phenomenon. Would you mind explaining? I thought those battalions had been shaped quite nicely already some time ago. What's the blocker? There is a lord that hides as a butler :-) that surely knows @stanislas69
  4. Another reason to change _e templates to _v[eteran]. ;-) Remove _b suffix it's even a nice alphabetical order. @Genava55 & consorts: The direction this is going looks very promising. IMHO the both handed swordsman should not be missed too much considering the medley and high speed in-simulation. Am I the only one that thinks a lot of 0A.D.'s attraction comes from its tried historical accuracy instead of individual units? Variation is important, but to achieve this there are other ways. The solutions with the Indian is a good idea but there is more we could do. F.e. idle an
  5. What about storing longitude, latitude per cell/map? One could derive climate from it and weather could still be varied by simulation or magic/chemistry like some modern cultures try to influence weather. I imagine swarms of birds travel along the coastlines south and north according to season :)
  6. hmm ... respect to all creative minds. art is a spectacular piece of epic :-) walls are hard coded but if aquaduct approach is kept simple until some AI supports roads (plans exist) then it can work @ little maintenance if you are fine with aquaducts circling around hills or tunnelling on demand loaded sector maps reduce height serialization cost, address TW-like campaigns and finally make snow possible to the very delight of santa yippiih I already see him carve in on his sledge, reindeers in front and caesar in his backpack ready to be delivered to the senate of rome before he passes
  7. True. It is very smart. And I try to maintain this when merging it with the other open source engines out there. At first though, there will be no more JavaScript. Sorry. But I guess many won't mind. Epic! I have some good news for HannibalAI too. Actually I managed to compile old versions of 0AD which makes upgrading Hannibal a much nicer experience.
  8. Sorry for not answering properly: You can simply stop playing when reaching gunpower era. ;-). As said one can also start in any point of time one wants to.
  9. Wise words! We can make this world an even more epic place. I am certain. I am a strange man because my princesses made me that way. They taught me what really matters. And I stand to what I am doing. That I am trying to make this world sustainable, repairable and epic (LotR & HP tech). We can live self-sustained. We are not in the middle ages. There is the internet. And there is free tech to replace the internet should the need arise. The recipe is open, green tech. No more paying 1000$ for replacing an entire PCB (that costs much less in production!) like I encounter so often a
  10. But I will be honest, I share your fear that your backers might have issues with your decision. I listened to your vid on Patreon and read the comments. If I were better then we could straight out convince them that pyrogenesis or derivatives (like the new 0B.C.E. engine) can even be more epic than Total War due to the freedom that is possible in free, open engines. (OK, again, our engine will be free. But the world has made me a lone wolf, I am over suspect, critical ... people critizing my dreams always hits me hard as has been shown since my active times in 0A.D.. @LordGood was right with h
  11. Hey Lion, I already did. But I think I should terminate it. Even thinking of money makes me sick. And to take money from such noble beings like all the contributors and helpers (be it 0AD or other free tech)? No really what a @#$% guy I'd then be. Whatever you donate to me, I have to refund you to not die from morale defects. haha. Patreon would love it for sure as they'd maybe earn something. But this is wild guessing. I have a european bank account hidden in a picture on http://ciry.at but till the open bookkeeping (Treasury) is not set up I shall be embarassed to accept any su
  12. I respect and appreciate your both words. True, it will be an experiment: freedom. I don't say it will work. But generally the idea follows an overall concept that I have for the real world, too. Free, open source distributed technology and open economy. The simulation will be similar, because it is what the real world is like. Survive with what you have. (it's your choice. want to have the tree covered in many epic little lights, just do it. live your dream.) You can exploit and overpower others. Or you can play the defender that often just feels lost and not knows how t
  13. The more functionality related code you have, the worse to open sources prior to release, because it will spin out of control if your manpower|time is low. Without version control (Git) powers I see no chance to survive such a project (if you were to implement the features you mention). As you have mostly data files (XML, JSON) and release often the opposite is true. Other devs will help you, likely directly fixing things in your repo using pull requests. (because your project is quite reputed) One of the early patches that added healing worked like that. So it depends on what
  14. @stanislas69 Please excuse the wording which sounds little friendly! I am aware of the fact you know GuiInterface as shown in the Diff you took over. My proposal serves to show that no hide,show is required and targets specially the target click thingy as "project leader" now prefers - which is different to waypoint of your https://code.wildfiregames.com/D557.
  15. Great, Lion, comrade. If it really helps, maybe provide the .blend and I'll debug edge cases. I might be good for finding weird new model|actor|template errors - even if I'm pretty useless as always. Edit: But please first try the proposal in my previous post. For the learning effect. If that fails, too, then I'll debug it.
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