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  1. https://sketchfab.com/Garrettich found this cool 3D artist over at Sketchfab

  2. Are those Hellenistic pteruges? and I might be also seeing linothorax shoulder pads, could it be interpreted as that? A Hellenistic linothorax with arm and lower body pteruges?
  3. Do they follow the Celtic manner of wearing scabbards? In the left part of their body?
  4. Very useful, thank you! I saw this on your posts on other forums. So the large shield boss are from previous centuries, can't we use them for heroes at least?
  5. So chainmail and linothorax could be reserved for elite rank units then? Since in the game we represent rank progression with equipment progression in a way.
  6. The one above can be easily added since we already have texture asset for it what materials could you suggest? Leather? Pelt? Cloth? What about this type?
  7. Figura artesanal de Guerrero Celtíbero escala 1/6. pieza única y exclusiva (losviajerosdeltiempo.com)
  8. Also for light armor, are leather vests still okay to be depicted for our units? I also opt for the following for light armor, supported by the trade and cultural exchanges that was said to have happened. 1.) linothorax 2.) padded clothing (Roman subarmalis? Greek/Egyptian/Eastern padded clothing?) Also, we have these light armor Excluding the ones that are depicted as scale armor
  9. So it can be an ornamental for elite rank units, with only a minimal chance of appearing in unit variations? We currently use three types of cardiopylax in the game, 1.) circular 2.) square 3.) diamond (seen on the first infantry on the left in the image below. We see evidence for circular ones but the square and diamond ones, could it also be attested for?
  10. So we'd go with the Roman type? and maybe mix a small variant chance for the Gallic type? Going back this somehow brings back the issue with the Iberian faction being a combined representation of different cultures, in my mind right now, I thought we are striving towards making this faction as a defined Iberian faction with proper representation of Celtiberians, since the faction structures and majority of the units are going towards an Iberian identity
  11. @Genava55 @TKogumelos What about metal ornaments on leather helmets, like the one above?
  12. He does read the comments in his videos, maybe a comment under our official youtube account? I think that would also be a powerful marketing and advertising tool to further expand our presence towards more audience
  13. I think he didn't maximized the graphics options and played on outdated and maps with no lighting enhancements, I think
  14. https://artsandculture.google.com/exhibit/la-panoplia-ibérica-en-las-necrópolis-del-ebro-museu-de-les-terres-de-l-ebre/sQKSpLRfQB3xLA?hl=es
  15. 34. Looks really similar to the Montefortino helmet that the Rome faction use in the game, should we use it instead of the Gallic montefortino above or can those two be used interchangeably?
  16. @TKogumelos As for the helmets, I think if we can reduce the shine/spec for helmet I it looks like leather, maybe I can recolor it also and create lighter leather tones from it. helmet I, helmet III, helmet IV and helmet V on the other hand are ones that are depicted as metal objects, what are your suggestions? Are they also supposed to be made out of organic material such as leather?
  17. Also changed the footwear from laced boots into slip on boots and footwear with animal footwraps around it.
  18. @TKogumelos is this clothing pattern exclusive to the Balearics? Or did Iberians also used stripe clothing patterns? Could you also check if these clothing details and patterns are accurate for Iberian culture, since these are the current textures that we use for the Iberians 1.) The typical type we see in depictions 2.) Meander patterns 3.) Dyed short and long sleeved tunics
  19. Raptor has a really large following base, nice to hear that he wants to play the game more, acropolis bay does need a revamp, yeah
  20. https://mindhost.tumblr.com/post/125000816967/celtiberian-warriors
  21. Nice, we get audience interaction and suggestions over at Twitter, this is to be noted. He mentioned that the round helmet on the Iberian swordsman should instead be made of leather since no archaeological evidence supports that it is made of a metal material.
  22. Did I get it, or was it the pteruges that you wanted to be player color?
  23. Let me see if I can recreate the cardiopylax later
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