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  1. I was looking forward to using the call to arms command, but it doesn't seem to be working. I added a hot key for it but when I press it nothing happens. Any tips, also general tips on useful hotkeys? I mostly just use idle worker (.) and garrison (ctrl).
  2. A few years ago I helped a bit with a project making a mod kind of like age of mythology. It didn't get terribly far, but maybe the project could be resurrected, I'd like that.
  3. Will there ever be a version that lasts several years without mod-breaking changes, so I can work on mods without feeling like it's a waste of time?
  4. The main obstacle to modding is that every year or two the next version comes out and breaks the mods. For someone who doesn’t have a lot of free time that doesn’t give much time to make mods. I’m waiting till A24 before I do anything, and I hope we can make a permanent version soon, though we should continue with a development version in addition.
  5. I wish we could make one version the standard one so I could build mods without worrying that they may be obsolete in a few months. Also I wondered if there are small tasks someone with moderate modding ability could do to help finish A24.
  6. I wondered if there is anyway to make a unit use special attacks or switch between two weapons in a mod?
  7. Is there any news on how the next edition is coming?
  8. I can do basic modding, for instance, using existing material I put together an axeman unit and made it buildable. I think I am also good at balancing units’ strength and abilities. I’m not likely to have a lot of time though.
  9. I’d love to be part of making this mod if I had the time. Mythology or fantasy is the best RTS setting because you have such a diverse range of units and possible abilities.
  10. If the lag was fixed this game would be as good as the best RTS games out there. As it is I have to stick with smaller and more open map types, which really limits how much I play it. Is progress being made on fixing the lag? Is there anything a modded can do to affect it?
  11. I like the changes that have been made, but the lag is even worse than before, so much that even 1v1 single player slows down to 3 fps right away, which is too slow to be worth playing. Haven’t played for a few months, has anything been done to improve that?
  12. I replaced the A22 with A23, but was still using the old shortcut that's why that error happened it seems
  13. Since I downloaded alpha 23, whenever I try to start a game it comes up with lots of errors and no units show up on the map, and I can't build any new ones either. Any idea why this is and how to fix it?
  14. In the animations above the main downward attack is good, it's about how I split wood except left handed, of the other two one is clumsy and one is weak, though between feints and blocking you might do those in battle occasionally.
  15. I am just using props that are already in the game files, there are a couple axes in the props already with long handles about like the one above. I wondered how to make a unit fight using the woodcutting animations.
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