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  1. Maybe make the unlock champions upgrade really cheap, and eliminate it for dedicated buildings. Having to wait for city phase and then the long train time delay them a lot.
  2. Increasing melee attack and reducing armor would make infantry more like Age of Empires. It would also make them better against siege (good), and more vulnerable to range cav (and jav cav are OP already). Reducing javelin dps should happen first. I'd like melee infantry to include in some tanky units and some with higher attack lower armor.
  3. I've gotten better at using select wounded or idle units; press the key, then slowly drag the selection box. It doesn't respond quickly enough to be practical for saving wounded units during a battle, but it's useful in less urgent situations.
  4. I like the idea of these upgrades, haven't decided how many of them i like individually. Maybe try a commit with one upgrade for each unit instead of two, just pick the better one of each pair? Maybe a poll asking how people like each upgrade individually would be nice.
  5. Looks like i just missed voting. I would have voted yes on all the ones that are close.
  6. I think pikemen should be unique by being really strong at melee but weak against range. Attack similar to spearmen, but 8 hack armor and 4 pierce armor. Also if crush gets reworked they should have higher crush armor than most units, so they'd be good against elephants and axe or mace units.
  7. I don't like putting farms there, even though I know it would be smart. I put them around farmsteads mostly.
  8. About archers targeting other ranged units, I'd like them to normally target the nearest unit, but when you tell them to attack a unit, they should go on to attack other units near that one after they kill it. Meat shield infantry and range dps should continue to be major roles, but I'd like more diversity among units, so there would be more other roles, different ones specialized in different ways. Pikemen could be a more specialized melee fighter, weaker in pierce armor, swordmen stronger in pierce armor than melee, a range unit or two should be more armored instead of only differing in attack and range; the elephant archer of course, but I think the skirmisher (peltast) should be too. There should be a couple melee units that have high attack and less armor, like the axe and mace men Kush has, and a cavalry.
  9. I gave trees a short range aura boosting pierce armor and slowing cavalry, haven't noticed any more lag.
  10. I tend to forget whether to start dragging a rectangle before or after pushing down the key, and sometimes it doesn't seem to work either way.
  11. I've started trying to use that, and i for selecting idle units. Sometimes I get it to work, but haven't mastered it yet. I like 1.25 speed; my time is valuable and I'd rather have more of a challenge than have to wait around.
  12. Axe infantry would have something like 9 hack 2 crush attack, 4 hack 2 pierce armor. They'd be good against swordmen (foot and horse) and siege. Kush has macemen, with only crush damage, so they aren't good against units. It makes sense to me for persia to have axe infantry and cavalry both.
  13. If there were an axeman unit, what civilizations would have it? I think Persians would, Herodotus mentions them in the army that invaded Greece, and anyway they are short on infantry in the game. Who else?
  14. This game does better than most at historical accuracy, but it's not possible for any game to be totally accurate. Reality is too complex to simulate in a game, and gameplay quality is important too.
  15. Is there a way to easily change a units size in a mod? In bfme2 modding all you have to do is add: scale =2.0 to double a units size. That would be nice for a mythology mod, for making giants, great eagles, etc.
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