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  1. The main obstacle to modding is that every year or two the next version comes out and breaks the mods. For someone who doesn’t have a lot of free time that doesn’t give much time to make mods. I’m waiting till A24 before I do anything, and I hope we can make a permanent version soon, though we should continue with a development version in addition.
  2. I wish we could make one version the standard one so I could build mods without worrying that they may be obsolete in a few months. Also I wondered if there are small tasks someone with moderate modding ability could do to help finish A24.
  3. I wondered if there is anyway to make a unit use special attacks or switch between two weapons in a mod?
  4. Is there any news on how the next edition is coming?
  5. I can do basic modding, for instance, using existing material I put together an axeman unit and made it buildable. I think I am also good at balancing units’ strength and abilities. I’m not likely to have a lot of time though.
  6. I’d love to be part of making this mod if I had the time. Mythology or fantasy is the best RTS setting because you have such a diverse range of units and possible abilities.
  7. If the lag was fixed this game would be as good as the best RTS games out there. As it is I have to stick with smaller and more open map types, which really limits how much I play it. Is progress being made on fixing the lag? Is there anything a modded can do to affect it?
  8. I like the changes that have been made, but the lag is even worse than before, so much that even 1v1 single player slows down to 3 fps right away, which is too slow to be worth playing. Haven’t played for a few months, has anything been done to improve that?
  9. I replaced the A22 with A23, but was still using the old shortcut that's why that error happened it seems
  10. Since I downloaded alpha 23, whenever I try to start a game it comes up with lots of errors and no units show up on the map, and I can't build any new ones either. Any idea why this is and how to fix it?
  11. In the animations above the main downward attack is good, it's about how I split wood except left handed, of the other two one is clumsy and one is weak, though between feints and blocking you might do those in battle occasionally.
  12. I am just using props that are already in the game files, there are a couple axes in the props already with long handles about like the one above. I wondered how to make a unit fight using the woodcutting animations.
  13. It would be interesting to see how much social commentary could be put into a game. Perhaps nihilists, with a backstory similar to that of the freedom group, and the barbarians from the steppes could be two different groups.
  14. I made an axeman, giving it the mauryan axe, and swordsman animations, but wondered if there were two handed animations available; the axe is long enough and it's not quite realistic for it to be handled like a sword.
  15. I thought you were just basing it on Europe at 400 AD, it is interesting looking at it as a timeless depiction of the different organizing motives of human societies. Religion, wealth, natural law or the ideals of freedom and equality, and tribalism are all things societies have been organized around. I think a tribal society is more governed by culture and relationship in peaceful times, and by strong leaders in dangerous ones. I would suggest that these organizing motives are not simply good or bad, that each can be good or bad depending on if it is moderate or extreme and what context it is in. Showing that could give more depth to the concept. A campaign could be made to illustrate this, and it could be done in just about any game; I'm not sure it would be worth it to make a major mod for that reason. A fantasy mod would be fun for its own sake though
  16. I'd be more interested in a more creative alternate history, where you change some significant event and imagine what different results that might cause, rather than just transposing existing history into fantasy themes.
  17. I agree. This would work better with battalions I think. I also thought supplies might be a good enough word.
  18. I think 0 ad should release a beta before putting major new things like the following, which could be in an expansion later. every unit should have a meter that measures their level of equipment and energy-- it would represent how many arrows or spears a range unit has or how tired a Melee unit has primarily. I'll call it prep for short. Every range attack uses a certain amount of prep, arrows use a little, spears use more. If a unit doesn't have enough prep it can't use its range attack and has a low Melee attack instead. Melee units use prep to do charge attacks. Prep rejuvenates slowly, or faster if units are near a supply wagon or armory. There could be special attacks such as fire arrows that use more prep. terrain could do several things. Rocky or wooded areas would slow down cavalry some and things with wheels even more, and keep them from using charge attacks. Trees could give stealth or enhance pierce armor for units near them. Hills could enhance range attack as well as range and affect unit speed and charge bonuses too.
  19. The Iberian champion javelin cavalry is interesting, it has high crush damage so is good against buildings and siege
  20. That is good enough for me, even when a chariot is not going somewhere it could be fidgeting enough to be dangerous. I wonder why the regular game hasn't used these auras when the chariot description says it has trample.
  21. I'm wondering if it's possible to add an aura to a unit to damage nearby enemies, so I can give chariots trample damage like they are supposed to have. Also I wonder if auras slow down fps since if I play with more than one or two ai players it goes below 4 which is too slow. Any info on how to mod without slowing fps would be appreciated. Would removing women's aura help, or even slower attack rates with more attack so the computer has less calculations to make? I know pathfinding is the biggest issue but I don't know how to change that.
  22. I like the two level bell, but I'd like if on one of the levels citizen soldiers would drop off their resources then fight. Maybe on first ring women garrison and range units start fighting, on second level range units garrison and melee units fight. I'd also like if women would garrison automatically when attacked then come out when enemies are gone.
  23. I made a mod and changed the cost of some units, and since then it seems I have more errors when I play a game. The last time the error messages said something about selecting the most efficient unit. Did changing the cost make that happen? What changes can you make without causing errors or is there a way to resolve them? I'm also wondering which changes are more likely to slow the game down.
  24. I'm wondering if there is a list of all the different alpha versions of this game, with a simple description of their features. Possibly there would be an earlier version I would like to try if it had a feature like charging for instance that later ones don't.
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