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  1. I've wanted to do this for a while now
  2. A few things, the texture density on separate parts of the roof are different on the right model, which looks unnatural, there was some consideration for the ridges of the roof on the left that is lacking on the right. the left model also uses parallax maps which let it interact more convincingly with the light source
  3. your mesh needs to be selected and unwrapped in edit mode, in order to get things to show up in blender, use nodes to apply an image texture to the material so you're not working blind
  4. You have loose geometry, floating edges or vertices that need to be removed
  5. It's lookin good! gotta rebake those AO maps!
  6. Kinojo and Jiayuguan are recent reconstructions, not ruined at all
  7. you're a godsend genava, its a pain in the ass to find examples for any of these but Ive found it fascinating 7 days to die used to let players build castles out of compacted earth but they since removed the feature, but it got me exploring these fortifications lol
  8. cant wait to see units getting stabbed through buildings xP
  9. its not arbitrary if it looks good; and thats sorta my thing
  10. Go ahead, but see if you can replace them with other, more regionally appropriate props
  11. haha i thought that geometry looked familiar, well done!
  12. slinging from a horse would be horrifically difficult, a lot of the power in a throw comes from your legs, also the liability to your horse's head. Slinging accurately is already difficult, we probably dont see cavalry slingers because how wholly impractical that would be
  13. those sword hits are way too high pitched and overpowering the grunts arent as invasive as i thought they would be though, If you want flesh hits lion it may work well on death
  14. you're not holding back on me are you This thread could use a little organization imo, only turn off here is the massive scroll bar x) Good place to use spoiler condensers?
  15. I'm not sure that will work for what he's going for The best way to keep track of how a prop will behave on a unit is to constraint lock location and rotation of the prop in question to the prop bone you intend to assign it to. Just remember to separate it before export. You will need 2 different prop meshes, one for each hand
  16. That depends on whether its an animated mesh or not. Meshes without animations need to be exported with child empties in the desired prop location renamed prop-yournamehere. Make sure your empties are selected on export if you export by selection, but make sure the mesh itself is the active selection. yournamehere will be the assignable point in the actor editor. In animated mesh files this needs to be a child bone on the armature instead of an empty, similarly named prop-something.
  17. LordGood

    USA Arsenal

    what a cute building haha, anything to pad out a townscape
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