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  1. Any interest in continuing the Mutant Wars Idea?
  2. Thanks! Im still a bit confused as far as the specifics go. Could I pm you for more elaboration? Thanks!
  3. Hey all. Can anyone help me design a piece of code to allow units to detect the distance between themselves and an enemy unit and queue a specific animation. Check these units, they are animating through the wall, but I just want them to trigger at the contact point.
  4. Im working on a mod the gets rid of the whole territory restriction. Honestly, its terrible in gameplay to have this territory rule. If you've ever played age of empires, you know how fun it can be to hide right outside your opponents base and stream in spearman from the barracks. HMU if you want to know more
  5. Have you guys thought over making a campaign and adding things like weapons and/or armor/ boost that players can earn through the campaign and use them later? Would it even be feasible with the game setup as it currently is?
  6. Thanks m7600! Just got back on my laptop. I actually restarted my computer and everything clicked together. I guess that a quirk of Linux is that it has a mind of its own and chooses when its going to work and when it doesn't. Zoinks! More questions to come!
  7. Thanks for the advice, Stan! Can a vertex be rigged to two bones simultaneously?
  8. Hey guys. There is an issue with the game. The skeleton-mesh combo will work perfectly if ONLY two bones are connected, like this: However, if MORE THAN two bones are connected, as shown below, you get an error message: In the images I posted, the FIRST one, with only two bones, exports into the game just fine. However, the one with 3 bones doesn't work (Yes, I know what you're thinking. I CHANGED the skeleton files each time I exported the skeleton-meshes) . Everything else is the same. Does the game not support multi-bone chains or something?
  9. It's almost as if the game doesn't allow for connected armature....hmmm
  10. Thanks for the quick response! Can you show me how to access the mainlog?
  11. Due to general consensus, I have decided to maintain all of my questions in one place @m7600 Now, to start off, I'm having trouble with getting meshes in game. Here is my issue: Im creating a very simple tube with armature. I load the .dae file into the mesh directory, and use Stan's skeleton file generator to generate the skeleton XML from the dae file. However, when I open up the game and load up a match, the game shows this: Why must I suffer like this??? WHYYYYYYYY. Also this error shows up when I edit the mesh: Here is what my mesh looks like. Check the armature layout. Everything seems fine! WHYYYYY
  12. Thanks man! Should I just start a thread called "My Annoying Question" and bitcoin anyone who cares to respond?
  13. Hey guys! So I made a building mesh from scratch, but when I go to color it in blender (yes, I DO color in blender, a little!), the paint auto-colors nearly the whole object. The UV map looks terrible too, and is clearly not allowing me to color ANYTHING. Can someone give me any tips on how to better unwrap meshes and such for painting? @Stan`@Itms@m7600 THanks!
  14. Hmm, is "convert" a specific ability then?
  15. Hey guys, can someone describe the best way to go about upgrading units? Like, say I wanted to upgrade a building into a "moveable" unit, similar to xionggu, but I wanted "other" upgrade options as well at either stage. How could I do this? Also, off topic, butho can I remove the <buildingrestriction> on the kennel? Thanks!
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