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  1. In Hyrule Conquest we actually make use of our custom plot component to place walls, and also any other potential plots/buildings. We don't do this manually in Atlas. That would be extremely tedious to repeat for each map and also not very practical. How this basically operates, is that we select a single entity, let's say a civil center for this example. The civil center template holds all the wall plots, with their respective offsets. Explaining how the component exactly works would take too much time for this post, but this is what a single segment would look like in the template for us. <WallA> <Angle>-21</Angle> <LinkedDestruction>true</LinkedDestruction> <Template>structures/hylian/hylian_plot_wallmedium</Template> <UpgradeUponCreation>structures/hylian/hylian_stone_wall_medium</UpgradeUponCreation> <X>-36</X> <Z>93</Z> </WallA> The Angle works in 360 degrees. The LinkedDestruction represents whether the building/plot will be destroyed if the hub(in this case the civil center itself) is destroyed. Template is the plot template, so the rings on which you can build. This plot is also meant to be auto upgraded into the set template when the hub is created, which is represented by UpgradeUponCreation. X and Z are the offsets from the hub. We basically duplicate as many segments/plots we need for each hub.
  2. Hello there, The attackmanager shouldnt even be loaded and that specific error is something I havent seen during the many times I have tested the master version of HC. Still, it could be possible that something went wrong with the deletion of said petra files in the released version on moddb somewhere. It might be that .deleted file somehow, since the HC AI has been standalone for a while now. It could also be an installation problem for all I know though. Anyway, I would only consider the Hylians and the Gerudo being fully supported by the AI. Any other faction that has some AI, has not been edited by me personally. That was back during 0.8 I believe when Neph tried to make something work through the AI config data for those other factions. On a side note, I am currently working on the Zora AI, which is showing some good progress already. When I get to them again, it might not take me more than a few days to flag them as 'supported' as well. With regards to those list errors, once again, not exactly sure why the soldiers lists are empty or undefined somehow. I havent seen errors like that for a very long time. Despite all of that, it is good to see that she enjoys HC as it currently stands. It is still a work in progress and the game is still far from balanced, but I believe we will get there eventually. The team is eager to continue development, and also, Stan is helping us with the A24 port, so we are receiving plenty of support and updates for our modding project.
  3. Just to note, Hyrule Conquests version of the Hero UI has been altered multiple times, but it seems you got it to work just fine now.
  4. Progress on the mission is going well, this is just a snippet of one of the new triggers in the upcoming mission.
  5. When you lose the mission, the entire Gohma army retreats into the forest
  6. New release is available on Moddb: https://www.moddb.com/mods/hyrule-conquest Trailer:
  7. Moddb is the only place where the mod can be downloaded. However, there is probably someone in the discord that can give you the installer as well. Here is a link to that discord: https://discord.gg/hQQ4qtt
  8. splitting or combining Twinrova is not a planned feature right?
  9. Afaik Nephalim is currently not working on those guides. The Moblins and Darknuts are priority number 1 now so perhaps after that. I cant speak for Nephalim so when exactly he starts with this, I dont know.
  10. Nephalim is planning to do a podcast this weekend where we will probably discuss this particular topic as well.
  11. Hey there, I had the exact same problem a few days ago and I just couldnt figure out what I was missing. after testing multiple theories of mine and asking around I found the solution. The solution is usually inside the interface file of that component. Engine.RegisterInterface("TechnologyManager"); /** * Message of the form { "player": number, "tech": string } * sent from TechnologyManager component whenever a technology research is finished. */ Engine.RegisterMessageType("ResearchFinished"); However, the research finished event is already sent from there in this case so that is not the problem. To fix this particular problem you will have to remove the method from the AIProxy component and convert it to a global method in AI Interface like this: AIInterface.prototype.OnGlobalResearchFinished = function (msg) { this.events.ResearchFinished.push(msg); }; Also make sure to add a disabler in the case that there are no AI players present. AIInterface.prototype.Disable = function() { this.enabled = false; let nop = function(){}; this.ChangedEntity = nop; this.PushEvent = nop; this.OnGlobalPlayerDefeated = nop; this.OnGlobalEntityRenamed = nop; this.OnGlobalResearchFinished = nop; this.OnGlobalTributeExchanged = nop; this.OnTemplateModification = nop; this.OnGlobalValueModification = nop; }; That should fix your event. Exodarion
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