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  1. Thanks a lot for the sources, square pillars also help the poly count How's this?
  2. Do we have more reference images for the building in the first rendition?
  3. The polygon count would fly through the roof if I tried that, I assume a similar looking texture should suffice. In the end they should look like the railings on the reliefs
  4. I don't have UV mapping, I usually just manually apply textures to fit
  5. It'll look a little more rustic once i get in some nice textures
  6. Thank you! Fancy? You mean have too many polys, or roof ornamentation?
  7. Thank you! I work in SketchUp, which can import Collada files. All these models currently extend a fair bit below the 'ground plane'
  8. The gatehouse depicted doesnt really fit the game's art style very well, so I took the liberty of flattening it out a bit.
  9. Besides, it might seem kind of odd if the Celtic tribes get stone walls and the Mauryans don't.
  10. Im using good ol' SketchUp Ludo, it exports Collada files They'll have palisades as well will they not? We could just buff those like you did with the romans and keep the wood and stone
  11. the walls seem kind of bland, going straight off of historical elements, i was wondering if we could take some... ahem... artistic liberties?
  12. the bottom continues now to adapt to different elevations too, is this better? it was quite pointy before ahaha
  13. Hello all, I'd like to propose a defensive tower model, it's a little light on polys, and I'll need a texture pack for it to fit in, but I'd like to know what you think, I used the Mauryan reliefs from the other posts as guidance.
  14. What buildings are left to model?Here's a quic tower I threw together today, Is the defensive tower still clear?
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