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  1. if the body shape changes the skeleton changes, and if the skeleton changes, in most cases the animations cant be salvaged
  2. hspsps @Anaxandridas ho Skandiates Heres what i mean by using the gravity modifier to get the stones out the windows these look wicked stan haha
  3. Union_struct.zipalmost forgot how to do this
  4. that black powder demo is super hacky, so much so i think building an entire mod on it is just asking for trouble. the particle system needs some work first
  5. yes, not sure exactly how its done though lol its been a while
  6. i mean the prop bone doesnt need to manipulate geometry but it needs to be attached to something that does
  7. parent bone has to manipulate geometry, I dont think the prop bone needs to though?
  8. Ctrl+ right click Convertable entities convert faster on low health too, something to keep in mind
  9. its all about the impact stan also ouchie, even the siege ballistae have no FF, and you can actually control those unrestrained ballista towers yeeting stones into your own fields with nothing you can do about it, I dont know about that one
  10. ah yes, but keep the crater i like craters ballista impacts every 5 seconds are nothing compared to hundreds of units dying, performance issues are negligible
  11. Needs to be mildly all-biome friendly, this will be fine on temperate maps but mediterranean and desert maps will contrast a lot more the the darker dirt
  12. crater drags along the ground lol, no this is probably as good as we can get with current limitations
  13. we've already passed AAA graphics noone in their right mind would spend this much time on anything if there was a budget involved lol
  14. By the way, if you're looking to experiment with compiling sounds from foley but don't have the materials you need to make it, hmu I'll see if I cant help you out with some of these materials here there'll be a fair bit of noise though unfortunately, you can remove most of it in audacity, but make sure your final file doesn't extend the silence too long
  15. Is it? Let it disappear if you can, if you can’t don’t worry. Emissionrate is finicky and I believe there is a ceiling to the value
  16. try this? also m ight be worth our time to make a new task thread on the art subforum lol
  17. yess thats it, I think you just need a different texture, something like what Lion posted
  18. my god @Stan` you are almost there just that white bit needs to be smaller and a bit more violent if you catch my drift
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