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Found 8 results

  1. I'm creating this typical one to help @Duileoga show his new animal models.
  2. Hey folks, There is the contribution for today. Way harder than I though it would be. The result in low poly up close is really funky. But at distance I seems fine. Added a proof of concept animation as I had that idea of using span pose and use a deform bones to make the swimming/walking/chilling pose. Happy that it seems to work, maybe add a third wing 'layer' that would scale during closed wings poses so that it would be invisible the rest of the time. Kinda of out of the box idea, don't know if it'll work. What a odd little bird. The animation is bad mind you, a lot of the weight painting is to be tweaked. I was mostly interested about the idea of using that technique to have the same model walking and flying or if it's not necessary because it will never happen in game? Also I learn that the males change their colors during something called eclipse, and look a lot like the female (texture is next by the way). Soooo... I saw that there will a season system that could be implemented, I got some ideas to add texture season specific to the animals that have low variation in general. Using the alpha as a mask for snow for example (there were a lot of bisons like that). I digress. As always feedback and critique are welcome. https://streamable.com/jmuluh The files: Note: It's late and i saw that the texture has the artefacts of before topology cleanup in the low poly version. It doesn't affect the texture because it's out of the uv zone but I'll see to bake something more clean.
  3. I know this wasn't an actual reqeusted task, but there is a "tuna" model in the map editor, and it's pretty far off (just a copy of the general "fish" model). So, I made model for a big, bluefin tuna. My current problem is, I'm not sure exactly which species of tuna I should go for. Something from the mediterranean sea should fit I think, but even there, googling for references I can't even 2 references with the same number of fins...
  4. Hello, I launched Atlas recently to see existing animals, and I noticed one who looked a bit "weird" to me : the musk ox. In fact I found the texture a bit too "hand-painted" (sorry for the random English <:) ). I think I can put the accent on the fur aspect of this animal (so the texture will be totally new, and seamless of course). I also though it could improve the silhouette to add extra tris on its belly with some fur texture with alpha...
  5. Hey! I'm currently working on the goat retexturing (with variations?) I'll smooth the texture transitions after. I wondered if I keep the white spot or not? It's 'cute' but with several individuals it could look like clones...
  6. Still a bit of work left, but it's looking more and more like a Mastiff now Showing an older and a recent WIP.. since.. well.. someone might be interested to see the progress (wip2 is the current state)
  7. Here is a WIP I kind of went overboard with the areas for which i thought alpha maps would be cool.. head could use a bit more work I think the tounge really puts a cool twist though I'll rig it up so it can be animated separately!
  8. Still needs some UV-mapping and stuff. It was a bit hard to find good references from above, so I'm not 100% sure about the overall shape.
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