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  1. So I'm on the texturing for this one. First step, optimize the UVs (after removing some hidden overlapped faces), so i kept only half the animal to work in symetry:
  2. Ok stan, I'll see what I can do for them!
  3. ... you mean I should do textures for the savage boar, or this domestic-cute-adorable pig?
  4. Hey thanks, yes I could help for this; but what exactly is needed ? I already see some variations with different textures, so should I try something with the objectcolor material?
  5. Thanks for the commit @stanislas69 , please add my real name to the credits too (Valentin Levalet)
  6. Reading this thread, I wondered if that "falling" animation could be achieved with a physical simulation (ragdoll ?) in Blender?
  7. I tried this technique, but not quite satisfied with it: the color was to plain for my taste. So I oriented my efforts to multiple textures:
  8. Hey! I'm currently working on the goat retexturing (with variations?) I'll smooth the texture transitions after. I wondered if I keep the white spot or not? It's 'cute' but with several individuals it could look like clones...
  9. So now the zip with corrected texture, fewww ! : CC BY SA 3.0 and 4.0 musk_ox-v2_2.zip
  10. Thanks Enrique, you're right about the licences, I used some CC-BY-SA 2.0 images (didn't thought the version was important) ... I think I prefer to rework my texture rather than contacting the author, otherwise it could be long to have an answer.
  11. Of course! especially animals, I'd like to texture (and model) them. In a previous thread, there were several requests about some of Micket's models...
  12. Hello! sooorry for the late update, so inside this package (musk_ox-v2.zip), you have all: game assets, source model, source images and unflatened texture.
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