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  1. The housing mod is one that @Jammyjamjammandid and I've helped a little with the repo. We haven't tried it in a while though. I'll make it a point to next time I play. I'm mostly on a 0AD hiatus at the moment. Cartography Mode, which allows allies to view each other at game start (instead of having to get the upgrade), is patched into the current development version of 0AD (thanks to @Jammyjamjamman) so will be included with the release of a25. I see this is an older thread, but thanks to @Yekaterinafor taking point on these issues.
  2. @AlexandraAlso, once your map is fixed, feel free to submit a PR to the community maps repo
  3. I fixed it in e657e80, line 541 The muskox was set to the player instead of Gaia... so I changed the first argument (i) to 0. @norjay
  4. Problem with this map: the muskox at the base can't be gathered for food, even though when I hover over them, the food icon appears. When I send women or cav to harvest, they just stand around doing nothing. There are no starting berries or chickens, so it would be good if at least the muskox could be gathered. @norjay
  5. @YavinYes, it'll still be downloadable here in the forum.
  6. @Stan`@YavinIt's a great looking map, but I won't include it in the community maps 2 mod. When I clicked start game, the loading got up to 100% and then my desktop froze. I switched to a terminal, and saw my memory getting gradually eaten away. 'Top' showed 40% mem usage, and 100% cpu usage. I was able to just kill the process with 'kill'. My graphics card is a GeForce GTX 1050 and my PC is Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz (4 core) with 12G of RAM.
  7. @Stan`Thanks for the ping. @norjay I've added the map to community maps 2; it'll be included in the next release. @alreNote it's a random map and therefore supports up to 8 players.
  8. Ah, sure... better to create a new doc then and post it here and/or add it to the backstory section of the main doc?
  9. Feel free to add it to the doc under the backstory section. My intention wasn't to add everything already mentioned in this thread, but just throw something up quick and dirty-like to provide some vague idea of what I had in mind.
  10. I've threw some things on to the document to illustrate more clearly. Anyone, feel free to edit
  11. Because ideas can be consolidated and organized. For example, imagine if all the civ names that were suggested in this thread were in a single list, and you could could strikethrough all the ones that won't be considered, and eventually delete them. And people could simply add more names to the list until final decisions are made. On that document, if you highlight some text, you can create a comment thread, so you can essentially have threads for specific items that require discussion.
  12. When I click the wiki link, it just reloads the github repo main page. Seems to me that using something like CryptPad would be more suitable (imho).
  13. Can the 0AD engine support a resource like the Vespene Gas mines from StarCraft? (You can't actually use the mine until you build a refinery on top of it)
  14. I wonder if it would be best to continue using svn for the handling of binary assets, and how well it would work to use an svn repo as a git submodule (There are some results when I search "using svn repo as git submodule"). Some of the original quote is missing here, but to the question of whether or not maintainers can edit pull requests: on GitHub as well, it can be done. On a GitHub PR, there's a default option: also, when reviewing the PR(diff), maintainers, or even reviewers with no write access can insert a suggestion, and then the original submitter can click to commit the suggestion. I haven't worked with submodules enough to form an opinion yet whether or not subs are are PITA. I struggle with sometimes just because I don't use them regularly and forget some of the basic git commands for using them. Based on the little experience I have with them so far, I'm of the opinion they should generally only be used -- and it's when they're most practical to have them included as submodules -- if they are completely independent of the project, such as third-party libraries (although there are exceptions). For anyone that hasn't worked with submodules yet, you might want to check out the SuperTux project and follow their instructions for fetching the submodules and building the project. As for pull requests on GitHub, if anyone wants to experiment or practice, feel free to make a pull request on community maps 2. You can just edit any file and add "Hello World" and make your pull request. (Gitlab PRs are pretty similar, as far as I know.) And of course you can also make practice PRs on your own repo, or other repos that already exist for that purpose.
  15. If anyone is looking for ideas about new mods, here is one that was made for MegaGlest... 2D war that takes place all on a sheet of notebook paper: Paper War Video
  16. I fixed the cliff painting near the ponds/lakes.
  17. boongui is now available as a package from the Arch user repo
  18. @Feldfeld,@Langbartfixed up the map preview and added some tips and links about generating map previews.. https://github.com/0ad-matters/community-maps-2/pull/25
  19. Delenda Est is now available from the AUR (package for Arch/Manjaro users)
  20. @FeldfeldI added them to the repo and they'll be included in v0.25.9. As for the Alpine Mountains map preview, like you, I had a problem generating a map preview. This was the best I could come up with, but I included it anyway because it's better than a pink square...
  21. This is a new random map created by me and @Jammyjamjamman Map Demo video: Jammy's Despair The size, depth, and borders of the lakes are generated using random numbers. Some lakes are shallow enough that units can cross the lake without any difficulty or wetness problems. The map will be included in v0.25.9 of Community Maps 2.
  22. @nifa, minor problem with the map. Could you have a look at @Langbart's comments on PR 21 please and let us know what you'd suggest...
  23. @Feldfeld, you wanna add this to cm2, or would you rather keep it separate for now?
  24. I actually never saw the original movie until last year. But in the mid-eighties (when I was about 12), my brother and sister gave me this book for Christmas:
  25. I released v0.25.8 yesterday. It's available in the usual locations, but additionally now also available from the Arch User Repository (AUR). Note that it won't appear in the 0ad mod menu unless you have also installed 0ad from the Arch/Manjaro package manager as well (the mod gets installed to /usr/share/0ad/data/mods).
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