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  1. Ah.. the period at the end of the URL was interfering... works now.
  2. Instead of declaring a server as "official", due to the problems @Stan`, what might be useful is for 0ad to choose 2 or 3 existing servers and list them on the 0ad website, noting they are "unofficial/unmoderated by 0ad team members". I think discussing the idea as using Revolt for an official server is far too premature at this point. More people need to use it to decide if it's stable enough, imo. @Stan`you might want to check out Zulip chat sometime. it's easy to use, and keeps a history. It's not geared toward gaming communites, imo, but more for software development collaboration or other team-type stuff.
  3. What does anyone think about a change that would make it so ships could only be repaired if they were near a shipyard or dock? Instead of the ships having the ability to get repaired by any citizen worker near a shoreline, they could only get repaired by a "healing" aura of a shipyard (like a temple heals units)?
  4. At git commit e0898f7c879269cf8f13004c4bb462520ad2c384 Had some problems repairing ships. Several times the ships were touching the shoreline, but when I ordered units to repair, they just approached the ships but didn't do any repairs. I selected some units again, ordered them to repair, and still they didn't repair. Also on 2 separate ocassions, had some script warnings or errors in the game console. I forgot to record them later, but maybe these are what they were (from mainlog.html) 208554-<p>Net server: Received message CEndCommandBatchMessage { m_Turn: 26129, m_TurnLength: 0 } of size 9 from [69D7E100...]</p> 208555-<p>Net server: Received message CSyncCheckMessage { m_Turn: 26126, m_Hash: \u00b1\u00c3\u00da\u008f\u00f4\u00dc\u0081\u00f2:\u00a1P\u00f9\u00da>H\u00ca } of size 27 from [69D7E100...]</p> 208556-<p>Net server: Received message CEndCommandBatchMessage { m_Turn: 26127, m_TurnLength: 0 } of size 9 from [97B1E81C...]</p> 208557-<p>Net: Sending message CEndCommandBatchMessage { m_Turn: 26127, m_TurnLength: 200 } of size 9 to [97B1E81C...]</p> 208558-<p>Net: Sending message CEndCommandBatchMessage { m_Turn: 26127, m_TurnLength: 200 } of size 9 to [69D7E100...]</p> 208559:<p class="error">ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/components/Formation.js line 931 208560-Script value conversion check failed: v.isString() || v.isNumber() || v.isBoolean() (got type undefined) 208561- Formation.prototype.ComputeMotionParameters@simulation/components/Formation.js:931:16 208562- Formation.prototype.AddMembers@simulation/components/Formation.js:449:7 208563- Formation.prototype.ShapeUpdate@simulation/components/Formation.js:973:8 208564- Timer.prototype.OnUpdate@simulation/components/Timer.js:139:44</p> 208565:<p class="error">ERROR: Script message handler OnUpdate failed</p> 208566-<p>Net server: Received message CSyncCheckMessage { m_Turn: 26124, m_Hash: \u00f3O+3\u00d0#j\u00b7\u008f\u00d7\u00ea\u00d33\u00a7\u0016\u00c1 } of size 27 from [97B1E81C...]</p> 208567-<p>Net client: Received message CEndCommandBatchMessage { m_Turn: 26127, m_TurnLength: 200 } of size 9 from server</p> 208568-<p>Net server: Received message CEndCommandBatchMessage { m_Turn: 26130, m_TurnLength: 0 } of size 9 from [69D7E100...]</p> 208569-<p>Net server: Received message CSyncCheckMessage { m_Turn: 26127, m_Hash: Mj\u00f85\u00a30\u00db\u0084\u00d6Zt\u0003b\u0000\u00c1\b } of size 27 from [69D7E100...]</p> 208570-<p>Net server: Received message CEndCommandBatchMessage { m_Turn: 26128, m_TurnLength: 0 } of size 9 from [97B1E81C...]</p> -- 214084-<p>Loaded config string "sound.notify.gamesetup.join" = "true"</p> 214085-<p>Loaded config string "userreport.enabledversion" = "0"</p> 214086-<p>Loaded config string "userreport.id"</p> 214087-<p>Loaded config string "watereffects" = "true"</p> 214088-<p>Shutting down profiler2 GPU mode</p> 214089:<p>Engine exited successfully on 2022-06-21 at 15:31:14 with 214034 message(s), 2 error(s) and 0 warning(s).</p> Are there any other files that game console errors are recorded? commands.txt metadata.json
  5. Hi. I started a new GitHub organization and added a repo to it: https://github.com/Protect-Children-From-Violence/Protect-Children-From-Violence On the repo settings, I enabled it to be a public template repo, so it can either be forked or be recreated under anyone's account as a detached project. If you'd like to be invited to the org, just let me know here what your GitHub username is. Joining the org has no practical purpose... unless you set your visibility to "public" to help display how many people are interested in the "project". If anyone is wondering, at this time I don't actually have any code planned for the repository.
  6. @Lion.KanzenWhat do you find amusing, my friend?
  7. So much death and destruction happens on this map
  8. A new random map that'll get included with the next release of cm2: Stan's Sorrow (some code pinched from the Ardennes Forest map; thanks @maroder) Some of the heights are randomly generated and will be different every time the map loads. Supports 5 different team placements: circle, Beside Allies, stronghold, line, random group.
  9. Me or @Jammyjamjammanwill help if you get stuck. You'll first need to just remove your existing local clone, then fork the repo, then make a clone of your fork. That way, when you make a branch and push, you'll have permissions, because you're pushing to your fork, not the main repo. I hope that helps clear things up a little!
  10. Yes, maintained by Arch Stanton (my other alias). It's a fork, but the original hasn't been maintained since Dec of 2019. I know you've had a GitHub account for a few years, so feel free to make a pull request whenever you'd like it added.
  11. I've only played in the lobby a few times in the past several month, but last night I got called a piece of @#&#036;% by Trashy because I didn't see he needed help while I was building a fort, which I was building near his base to help defend better in the long-term. Called a noob by him, said I wasn't doing anything, and he announced my pop publicly to the enemy team. I can ignore trolls like that easily enough, and I know that there are just gonna be people like that in any kind of RTS or even Internet "community", but it really doesn't make for a fun game. commands.txt metadata.json
  12. @fmmaksThanks for the report. Apparently this will be corrected in the next release.
  13. Thanks. That map is Jammy's Despair, included with the community maps mod.
  14. I don't know if there's already code or a function that does something similar, but here is some code that randomizes the heights over the entire map when its generated: g_Map.log("Generating random heights"); for (let i = 0; i < 100; i++) { let centerPosition = new Vector2D( randIntInclusive (mapBounds.left, mapBounds.right), randIntInclusive (mapBounds.top, mapBounds.bottom) ); let size = randFloat(1, 16); let coherence = randFloat(0.35, 0.85); // How much the radius of the clump varies (1 = circle, 0 = very random). let smoothness = randFloat(0.1, 1); // How smooth the border of the clump is (1 = few "peaks", 0 = very jagged). let height = randFloat(-12.0, 40); let blendRadius = randFloat(10, 16); createArea( new ClumpPlacer(diskArea(size), coherence, smoothness , Infinity, centerPosition), new SmoothElevationPainter(ELEVATION_MODIFY, height , blendRadius)); } var playerBaseRadius = defaultPlayerBaseRadius() / (isNomad() ? 1.5 : 1); g_Map.log("Flatten the initial CC area"); for (let position of playerPosition) { createArea( new ClumpPlacer(diskArea(playerBaseRadius * 1.6), 0.85, 0.45, Infinity, position), new SmoothElevationPainter(ELEVATION_SET, heightLand, 12)); } The entire (unfinished) map code is at https://github.com/0ad-matters/community-maps-2/pull/41/files
  15. I tried to make a geyser particle effect, but I'm not very good with math, numbers, physics, angles, or nature. Any suggestions? This is my code so far g_Map.log("Gush the geysers"); let clGeyser = g_Map.createTileClass(); let num = Math.floor(diskArea(scaleByMapSize(3, 5))); let geyserGroup = new SimpleGroup([new SimpleObject("actor|particle/geyser.xml", num, num, 0, 7)], false, clGeyser); createObjectGroups(geyserGroup, 0, stayClasses(clWater, 0), 100); <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <particles> <texture>art/textures/particles/water_splash.png</texture> <blend mode="over"/> <constant name="emissionrate" value="200.0"/> <uniform name="lifetime" min="1.0" max="1.3"/> <constant name="position.y" value="0.0"/> <uniform name="angle" min="-3.14" max="3.14"/> <uniform name="velocity.x" min="-0.3" max="0.3"/> <uniform name="velocity.y" min="2.0" max="2.5"/> <uniform name="velocity.z" min="160" max="200"/> <uniform name="velocity.angle" min="-0.775" max="0.795"/> <!-- <uniform name="velocity.angle" min="-2.0" max="2.0"/> --> <uniform name="size" min="0.5" max="1.5"/> <!-- <force y="-0.3"/> --> </particles> and the screenshot shows my current results.
  16. I'm not sure yet about player arrangement. I'll get more feedback about that when I get more to completing the map. In the meantime, I'll make some escape ramps like this so you and your traders will have less to worry about.
  17. @wowgetoffyourcellphonesomething like this maybe (fog temporarily removed for the sake of clarity)?
  18. After I do more with it, I think it'll make sense for it to be circular; but thanks for the suggestion. Square or rectangular maps are fun to play sometimes. Especially for new players I think, because you're more likely to have to worry about what's only in front of you, instead of all around your sides. I can't really speak for a lot of people, but it seems that Latium is one of the more popular maps (and it's square, rectangular land with lakes along the side). I made a few square/rectangular maps for the cm2 mod Mainland Rectangled and Yekaterinaville ; one advantage they have over Latium, imo, is that the biome can be changed. I don't think the dead space in the map preview is a big deal. A pretty low-priority bug. The map preview window is already square with a round thing in the middle, so it seems that if anyone ever wanted to have it change to a square within a square for square maps, it wouldn't be a big change. The code base already supports square maps... it might be more work to remove it, and all the square maps in vanilla. I think it's good to have square maps as an option. Thanks for the feedback. I'd like to improve them if possible. Could you point me to an example from an existing map in the distribution that does something like that? Or tell me how? The code I'm using for cliff painting right now is just g_Map.log("Painting cliffs"); createArea( new MapBoundsPlacer(), [ new TerrainPainter(g_Terrains.cliff), new TileClassPainter(clHill), ], [ new SlopeConstraint(1, Infinity) ]);
  19. Or to be more clear, should I finish it? It's just a "concept" map right now and not very refined. Artistically it could be improved I think, if I had any intention of making a playable, complete map with it.
  20. This is a random map I started working on. Should I do more with it?
  21. This map has been removed from the last release of the cm2 mod until there's a more complete version available.
  22. For example, if you have 10 barracks selected, but you only have enough money to build 8 spearman, you click the icon to queue them up (even though it says 10), and 8 barracks will queue up 1 unit each. Another example.. 30 houses selected, but only enough to produce 10 women; click the icon and 10 women will be produced.
  23. Thanks @norjay. I migrated it and I'll commit the map to the community maps 2 mod later today.
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