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  1. Alpha 20 is already out and the name that has been chosen is "Thimostenes". I don't think anyone has opened a thread about Alpha 21 names yet, but you could start thinking about a name starting with "U". About you Server question: do you mean a 0 A.D. multiplayer game name? People usually leave those as "Yoreei's game", but it doesn't hurt to get creative: CentralFightingUnit BattleCloud eLada But I guess this question deserves its own thread.
  2. This guy at Youtube gives some tips on animating the shield units. I took a look at some of 0.A.D.'s units and they were mostly fine (esp. the horse units) but it's still nice to have this information in mind when remaking the animations.
  3. Indeed, I didn't mean to spread the developers' worries by spreading the word. In my view, the group should act by itself and make references and lead to the original pages/content. There are a lot of such communities around famous projects which clearly state that they are not officially monitored by the mother project (though, it would be nice if some reputable people from 0 A.D. joined the discussion, became admins, etc.)
  4. 0 A.D. Group on Facebook I wanted to let you know that I created an open 0 A.D. Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/0adgroup I think it will be a good way to spread the word about 0. A.D. and provide the community another way to stay in touch and a place they can exchange their thoughts, opinions, screenshots, etc. Think of it as ‪#‎0ad‬ (the IRC) but on Facebook. An excerpt from what I wrote in the group itself: " Why not the official 0 A.D. Facebook page? - Because pages are all about the Brand, and groups are all about the Community. Your posts are the center of attention here, feel free to talk about anything that's related to 0. A.D. or its time period. Why not the official 0 A.D. forums? - I feel as if a Facebook group can give 0 A.D. much more exposure and spread the word about the project better. The official page is good in this aspect too, but as I pointed out earlier, it has a different, more centralized mechanism. " This is not intended to draw attention away from the official page or the forums, rather the opposite. See you there!
  5. Lion. You have a point, but Tereza/Theresa is also a present day name and many might find, what you said, to be rude. You might want to edit your post and find a better way to express how Tereza sounds in Spanish. No offence, here is how your name sounds to me
  6. To harvest the land: 0 A.D. is more about the epic battles between ancient civilizations than the way they developed their economies and trades. It is about the blood that was spilt on the earth/terra rather than the seed that grows in it. 0 A.D's economy is thsre just to serve the military part of the game. Or is it? Why were the ancient fights fought? Why should men kill men? Nationalism? Faith? All of these are mere excuses to make war. Truth is, it has always been about resources, fights were fought on the earth for the earth, for the fertile soil that enriched itself with the blood of the in battle fallen soldiers. Peoples fought for the blessing of the Earth, for a place to spread their seed and a place to harvest either by Cain's plough or by Abel's weapon. So in fact war is economy. And all the fights would have been senseless hadn't someone harvested the land, purchased with and fertilized by the corpses of the previous generations. In this sense, to harvest gains a much more global meaning. It can be kind of funny, or it can be kind of sad, the Harvestress collects the fruit of Death. By Her restlessness She gives Her meaning. She gives us a reason to fight once more, to pay our depth. Here is a little philosophy regarding the use of "Tereza" - the Harvestress - as a release name for 0 A.D. Alpha 20. I hope you like it. Excuse my spelling - shamelessly, I wrote it on my phone.
  7. Τερέζα (Tereza) is a beautiful name that comes from greek. It's exact etymology is not known, but it might: 1. Come from "to harvest" in greek 2. Mean "a girl from the isle of Thera" both meanings are very poetic and a philosophical relation between "0 A.D." and the first etymology can be found. I also find the idea of 0 A.D.'s 20th release name being a female name rather good. For those who said that "terra" is not a good candidate because of the lack of uniqueness, "Tereza" might be a good solution: 1.it retains the root "terra" as in earth, land: "harvest the land" 2. It is a name. It implies personality, uniqueness and emotion. Also, you might say, Therese is a very popular name. But that's one of the reasons I chose the spelling "Tereza": 1. It is SO familiar to the everyday person, but yet unique, because of its greek spelling. 2. Also, the spelling is not that strange, nor hard, but rather phonetic and easy to remember.
  8. Yes, this really makes sense. If people really like Tersus though I think we should stick with it. SEO is important, but content is king (SEO shouldn't hinder creativity). At best, someone will think of a more unique name, at worst, I vote for Tersus too.
  9. I am no expert in law but I doubt that's such a problem. After all, 0 A.D. is registered as "0 A.D." and the release name is an inner thing, 0ad specific so to say. Furthermore, Tersus is an actual word, who can restrict its usage? Does that mean we can't name a release "blizzard" just because there happens to be a lucky company that's called like this? (Not that blizzard is a good name for a 0. A.D release)
  10. Indeed, I only recently discovered how to let Gmail show me every email I receive every time I log in. I will not miss an email a second time. I hope this didn't stray too much from the topic.
  11. Indeed. I was wrong. A simple search in my mailbox brought up an email from SPI which, among other things, says "0 A.D. Thank you for your contribution in support of 0 A.D.! " followed by the amount donated. I feel shameful now and I am sorry if I have misled anyone. I hadn't seen it till now. To conclude, there IS proper notification when donating to 0 A.D. @ScottyMcpancakes needn't worry
  12. I agree 0 A.D. doesn't have the most user-friendly donation pages. I remember when I donated through SPI it was pretty straightforward but the webpage did not assure me that the money really went to 0 A.D., I only knew that money was withdrawn from my account via SMS notification from my bank. Had I reveived, for example, an e-mail, that stated "you have successfully donated to 0 A.D" I wouldn't have worried at all. I am planning to donate again soon and see if the donation process has changed.
  13. The credits are almost ready according to ltms: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/3744 http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/3802 If we go in this direction, τιμάω (timáō) might be a good start: "to pay honor to, to hold in honor, treat honorably, to honor, revere" https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%CF%84%CE%B9%CE%BC%CE%AC%CF%89#Ancient_Greek Maybe search for a word derived from timao, something that sounds more complex. I have no understanding of Ancient Greek though, that was just my Google-fu.
  14. I wouldn't even call it an "approximation" but, I sense that things are kind of psychological here. I am glad to have helped you
  15. I am a bit confused. The above posts say that there is no "right place" to look for it. Did you find it?
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