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  1. yeahh sure i know. this should really only be a temporary solution (remove and backup some folder parts).
  2. IRC is probably great. i not a pro with it. in comparison with for example matrix, IRC look for me much more specialized, in other words less less features compared to matric. right? i recognized that there so many clients and seems that fluffy (matrix client) seems for example nice for beginners. what you think? thanks for this https://github.com/revoltchat d i don't know it. not really tested. i not really could say something about it. looks good (website GitHub ... ).
  3. or "Help defense", "help attack", "help here", "look", "cavs to you" and "expand here" or "take this place".
  4. that would be a solution. but you don't do that yourself, do you?
  5. sometimes others flare and add a comment like: - 5 to you - help and sometimes i got flares without any comment. then last games i ask "whats up?" and often i get no answer. then if i have cavs i take a look to this position. if i have most pike-man and rest most female workers i not run to this position, it was sometimes happens i run with all military to this position and there is no help needed. was a miss-click he said. i sometimes confused about my own behavior. so it happens that i flare and don't add a comment. sometimes the other players are very very angry if they feel not understood correct. many enable the card update very late, and some others very early. the often think then flare is enough without comment. but if you update this card update, to see your aliens, short time behind p3 your often don't understand what a flare is. i recommend. please add a little comment, like "help". or "help to many" or something. or "help, maybe i could do it" .... anything. if you have other ideas. an audio talk within a team could also be very helpful. those were a few thoughts.
  6. if you want search for the error maybe use this string: "openalAL stereo sounds can't be positioned: ogg" . I dont know if this link helps: https://gamedev.net/forums/topic/605573-openal-convert-to-mono-on-the-fly/4831305/ ( i have searched for: openalAL stereo too mono )
  7. maybe it works if you enable this mode last? sometimes last enanbled mod overwrite settings of oder modes
  8. if i start a game with WorldPopMax 100 and two player we are able to train 55 each. i wondering. is it meant like that? should it be that if one has 70pop then only 30pop is left for the other? Here the game, reason for me to think about it: https://youtu.be/Ejsm2G3Sl2g commands.txtmetadata.json
  9. my new configuration: - all Mauryas, - Nomad, - TinyMap, - WorldPopMax 100, - VeryLow Resouces start (100food, 100wood,100stone,100metal) in random Mainland map in the lat game (60 Min) it was the Map: Lower Nubia https://youtu.be/PIjXdnnvN68 metadata.jsoncommands.txt
  10. maybe start with: low resources low popMax all mourians all nomad inperfect example i uload now
  11. i hope Atom Text Editor will be moved to giLab for example
  12. there is a problem using starGui and boonGui at the same time is i enable starGui later . probably a part of the screen is out of the window. for that reason i played today a game completely in phase 1 and without any upgrades. see below. later i got by playing vs AI same problem. if i disable boonGUI then i see al buttons again. for that reason i cant use use starGui then at the moment. maybe there is a reason to fix that.. now i i tried disable boonGui then enable boonGui . that fixed the problem. means i need to enable boonGui later.
  13. was bit strange to me to play everything in phase 1 and get not a singe upgrades. strange. in this game i got not a farme upgrade, not a wood upgrade ... not a single upgrades. but nz told me that he got upgrades and was in phase 2. i dont know what eventually could be a reason. maybe with the next game its ok again i hope. btw. i used starGui . maybe my first game i played a 1v1 with starGui. upgrade 22-0611_0155-00 . i found out i need enable the boonGui mod later. starGui first commands.txt metadata.json
  14. thanks. (is say thanks like this, as you know send it by icon is buggy in forum/topic/15271 maybe we create a new topic for youtube videos to fix that? quick and dirty sulution). i will use this in all future videos
  15. whey some animals blue ans some purple? not really important, but is there a reason for?
  16. what: python autoKey script (you need measure your screen dimensions and adapt) use: F1 = player 1 view and select CC of player 1 (eventual you want jump to railway point later) F1,F1 = observer view import time x = 1700 y = 10 y1 = 10 mouse.click_relative(x,y,1) playerNumer = 1 y += (2+playerNumer)*28 mouse.click_relative(x,y,1) keyboard.send_keys('<ctrl>+c') # keyboard.send_keys('รค') # select relayPoint # set eventually to Observer if double click # retCode = keyboard.wait_for_keypress('d',modifiers=['<ctrl>'],timeOut=3) # works # retCode = keyboard.wait_for_keypress('<f1>',modifiers=['<ctrl>'],timeOut=3) # works time.sleep(.10) # retCode = keyboard.wait_for_keypress('<f1>') # works retCode = keyboard.wait_for_keypress('<f1>',modifiers=[],timeOut=1) # retCode = keyboard.wait_for_keypress('f9',modifiers=[''],timeOut=3) if retCode: # set to Observer mouse.click_relative(x,y1,1) playerNumer = 0 y = 0 + (2+playerNumer)*28 # y += y1 + 28 time.sleep(.10) mouse.click_relative(x,y,1) # myMessage = 'Wait for keypress exit code was: ' + str(retCode) # dialog.info_dialog(title='You pressed <ctrl>+d')
  17. better hashTag for search Youtube-Video ? At the moment many of us use 0ad and sort last upload. results?search_query=0ad&sp=CAI%253D but most videos we get is videos from mr. wharton. So what could be a better hashTag to find last uploaded 0ad videos in future? 22-0608_1327-32: i have decided i will now use the that #new0AD onder every youtube. i recommend you also add this tag to your youTubes. if you have other idea please let me know
  18. thanks a lot. that looks great ! helpful . i need to try it thanks, bit like kateGui
  19. yes: Sorry, there was a problem reacting to this content Bit like this Problem in a other forum here: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/457065-sorry-there-was-a-problem-reacting-to-this-content/
  20. whey i not can add a in the board '0 A.D. on YouTube' ? i need to create a quote for that
  21. Nigerian student travels to Germany because of war in Ukraine. impressive https://rdl.de/node/61909
  22. for me that makes a bit sense too now. at first i didn't understand it. Actually, I think that's could eventually logical. Maybe lets make the ground around the center brown or green, at least not gray. not very important. i i was only wondering
  23. i proud, happy for my best win (was not rated). sadly i only have the replay to minute 9 (needed PC reboot, was freezed), but i have som pics. probably boring (? ) for you. anyhow here are a pic. if Tom @Tom you have time an fun to send my the replay ? will be great
  24. seems not working for others. i not sure. but i got this news: "The audio file "alarm_no_idle_unit_01.ogg" is only present in A26, not in A25 where I am currently running your mod. ..."
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