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  1. it maybe help if you copy your important hotkey config into a local.cfg - right? it has more priority - right?
  2. i want you to show this new video. maybe helpful for some of you.
  3. todolomeo (1147) not played vs me (seeh) seems to become normal this times was rated game but i got no rating metadata.json commands.txt
  4. Maybe it's good to remember that many games last half an hour, but a meadow takes many years to become a forest again. Would it really be more realistic if we could grow a tree halfway high in 20 minutes?
  5. something looks sometimes like fake wood resources: metadata.jsoncommands.txt
  6. maybe cut off stones without outside. stones that are not resources
  7. Maybe consistent to you older plans:
  8. Yes, understandable reaction from good designers. Very sorry about that. What I love most about the game, in contrast to other strategy games, is that I use the mouse very little. A lot can be done using the keyboard when the configuration is mature. This is unique. or people with with eyes problems. red green or so
  9. now chickens works very good for me:
  10. metadata.jsoni rally tried to do my best. and i think i played rally good. was a rated game. but he. not played i saw later in the replay. he jumped into a other 4v4 game. could we develop a feature? a very big red light blinking and a sound if somebody leave a game? nobody else is in? ?commands.txt https://youtu.be/J-Cwx6QCuDc commands.txt metadata.json
  11. different sound for - somebody PING you - somebody join the room BTW also nice to have: - if some pause the game and write later into chat that there is a sound (some player dont ping me). oftern players go around do other think waiting for paused player comes back. but if he dont ping you dont here he is back
  12. what about this? "url": "https://github.com/hopeless-ponderer/random_civ_groups_0ad ", "description": "Allows you to select civs randomly from a group instead of from all civs.",
  13. cant. absolutely noob for that. here test videohttps://youtu.be/K1AhrdQ-_l0
  14. here you could try to find 6 chicken. some of them looks invisible to me for every two second.
  15. crash. i used it together with BoonGui2.1 maybe conflicts
  16. chicken looks strange and sometimes invisable:
  17. i want give you a other tool for discuss and set arguments. debategraph . I don't think you will use it for copy/past all your tips in such a map (hard work), but maybe. definitely good to know that tool. example: http://debategraph.org/eprocurementpilot https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/collection/eprocurement/specifications-and-standards
  18. or Etherpad (look for: free etherpad instancees, or use it in a matrix-client, who its already possible to use)
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