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  1. Topic of the small ships raised on: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2996 Etruscans smaller ships vs Greek biremes Etruscan Stele: Picene ships:
  2. I was thinking about something realistic/credible as in BFME reforged, Praetorians, Ancestors Legacy, Manor Lords etc.
  3. I think the best is to enable new mechanics for the modders, in time there will be several approaches explored. Some people prefer AoE like gameplay, some others prefer Total War battles, some prefer soft city builders with warfare gameplay like Dawn of Man and other prefer more tactical aspects like BFME or Ancestors Legacy. Battalions, switchable weapons, area damage etc. those will be useful and really appreciated anyway.
  4. In French but with many many many eye-candy artifacts: https://www.academia.edu/11989784/L_épopée_des_rois_thraces_des_guerres_médiques_aux_invasions_celtes_479_278_av_J_C_Découvertes_archéologiques_en_Bulgarie
  5. Yes and no. In some case it is some kind of dragon. Sometimes it is a snake, sometimes a kind of hydra. There are cases were we have found three snakes figurines or three-headed snakes. In some coins, the snake is generally preyed by a giant bird.
  6. There is a public event about reenactment and archaeology movies with a public poll. The event is from France: https://www.rencontres-archeologie.com/post/le-prix-du-public-films-100-en-ligne One of those movies is about the Gauls during the Gallic Wars and is available with English subtitles. This is made by a well-known reenactment group, Les Ambiani:
  7. Interesting video, not directly related to the Kushites but still interesting to the topic:
  8. There are often misconception about the legionaries, we usually imagine them standing firm against waves of barbarians. But in Polybius books this is clear they are charging very often and that it is one of their main assets.
  9. I think this analysis comes back time to time here. Personally I agree, this is a gamey choice from a classical rock paper scissors system, it could be justified if it worked but I think it brings more issues than it solves. As Thorfinn indicated, historically the ability to withstand against cavalry depended on the formation. I think this is a critical point that should be included in the gameplay design for the future.
  10. @wackyserious @Ultimate Aurelian Probably we should make an exception for heroes about the scaled armor. I don't think scale+mail is credible but a metallic scale armor is not impossible for the highest level of society. For the two swords and the shield hold by the arm, maybe it should be replaced by a javelin held with the shield on the same hand:
  11. https://www.facebook.com/dorsetodinists/posts/974389453043295 https://www.facebook.com/SamsonIllustration/posts/3314557838656844 JFOliveras made some illustrations weeks ago about Pytheas' journey, if I really like his art and his skill, I find it sad he isn't properly advised about the material he relies on.
  12. Cannot be embedded: https://youtu.be/eLB2K14vNoA
  13. Eng sub available. I posted a long time before on the topic of the battle-axe in alpine region (Lepontian and Rhaetian):
  14. There is a very good article wrote by Raimund Karl on the topic: https://dc.uwm.edu/ekeltoi/vol5/iss1/1/
  15. The rotating millstone, maybe not. The oldest finds are from North-Est Spain and Southern France, close to the Pyrenees. Hard to tell if this is Celtic or not, this is an area between several influence spheres. http://www.archeologiesenchantier.ens.fr/spip.php?article156 The scythe, yes it is really plausible. The oldest find, at my knowledge, is from the 3rd century BC in central France: https://www.images-archeologie.fr/Accueil/Recherche/p-3-lg0-notice-IMAGE-Faux-en-fer-retrouvee-dans-une-fosse-IIIe-s.-avant-notre-ere-Chevilly-Loiret-2006-2007.-Sur-une-surface-avoisinan
  16. Discovery of extraordinary Celtic vestiges in Bulgaria Extraordinary remains recently unearthed make it possible to trace the presence of Celts on the eastern margins of Europe, where the ancient Thracian kingdoms were located. https://www.nationalgeographic.fr/histoire/2020/09/decouverte-dextraordinaires-vestiges-celtes-en-bulgarie The destiny of the Celts: history and decline For seven centuries, this mysterious people reigned over vast stretches of Europe before being defeated by the Romans. Who were the Celts? And why did their remarkable culture decline? https://www.n
  17. Thank you but the credit goes to Sundiata. He is the Kushite spokesperson.
  18. I do understand, this is why I am trying to talk about library genesis and sci-hub around me. I imagine it is especially annoying when the history of your own country is stuck in overpriced books wrote by western scholars for western students. For the artist, the most active on the units are generally @wackyserious and @Alexandermb But there is also @Stan` contributing a lot on all topics. On the matter of the battering ram, you can express your wish here: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2815 I don't think it needs really new models. As you see, there is already severa
  19. Ceremonial does not mean symbol (although the Labrys is both). Yes it is a functional tool for religious ceremonies like in every other indo-european cultures. We have the same issue with the Celts, we found a tremendous amount of axe-heads in settlements, but they are generally associated to ceremonies when they are outside a domestic context. Try to apply this hypothesis and this reasoning to other civs, the Romans use axe-heads in ceremonies too and it doesn't mean they commonly use axes on the battlefield. Seeing the "barbarians" as functionally different from other civ is a bias.
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