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  1. I am not supporting the idea of two Thracian factions, and I don't have the time nor the will to argue about heroes. So you have free hand on the matter.
  2. Knowing how much @Nescio was a good nitpicker, I would be surprised if there are any issues like this remaining for the Hellenistic factions.
  3. I refuse, and I suggest you to read something more rigorous than wikipedia, like Thucydides or Herodotus. Or to check the accounts of battles directly, if you want to stick with wikipedia.
  4. Zyraxes: Bonus to archers, cavalry archers and arrow-shooting towers. Burebista: Bonus in territory extent and bonus in capture. Decebalus: Bonus in training speed for infantry.
  5. Thracians had siege weapons at least defensively, we have evidence of artillery fortification. Dacians, not at my knowledge (but I know much less their situation).
  6. For the Dacians, I suggest at least: - A cheap and lightly armored falx warrior - Archers with scythian bows - Cavalry archers with scythian bows - Thureophoroi-like javelineer - Warriors champions with scales armor and a sword https://europabarbarorum.fandom.com/wiki/Drapanai_(Dacian_Shock_Infantry)#EB2 http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?754138
  7. Duileoga proposed them: I agree on those three, but I would consider Seuthes III as well. Maybe instead of Sitalces.
  8. I suggested Yinyang because of the rebalance focus. Anyway the alpha names don't respect the old etymologies of the words (I pointed it out before, page 2). Furthermore, the whole idea of using letters like W, Y or Z is a problem in regard to ancient names and alphabetical order. At the end, instead of a cool idea it becomes pedantry.
  9. https://vk.com/id387122112 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orlat_plaques
  10. de Frías, M. S. (2010). Sobre algunos textos clásicos referentes a la caballería de los celtíberos y al simbolismo de sus armas. Gladius, 30, 137-154. 227-Texto del artículo-233-1-10-20110202.pdf + https://www.academia.edu/729176/_Aristocratic_riders_and_the_appearance_of_a_true_cavalry_in_the_Iberian_Iron_Age_to_copnceptually_different_ambits_in_Spanish_Aristócratas_a_caballo_y_la_existencia_de_una_verdadera_caballería_en_la_cultura_ibérica_dos_ámbitos_conceptuales_diferentes_
  11. No archer for the Britons. But a swordsman could work. With the ability to shoot javelin from the chariot when there is someone onboard.
  12. There is the Caledonian swordsman mentioned by Tacitus in Agricola and the archaeological records of scabbards that could have been carried in the back, mostly in the Northern part of Britain. The chariot should be a major element of the British warfare. Any champion with one of those highly decorated shields could fit as well.
  13. Yeah this is generally a storage, it's elevated to protect it from ground moisture and rats. The Celts did the same.
  14. Good job. This is a good compromise between accuracy and game design. Personally I approve.
  15. I don't think there is a point to this discussion for the game, that's why this is in the off-topic section.
  16. Since you are doing everything, working on every front, it is up to you to decide. There is no art department in reality xD
  17. https://www.academia.edu/3990448/Römische_Helme_aus_dem_Thorsberger_Moor https://www.academia.edu/3990440/Der_germanische_Helm_aus_dem_Thorsberger_Moor https://www.researchgate.net/publication/270900114_Neue_Forschungen_in_Thorsberg_und_Nydam
  18. How much is available the art department? Personally I think that it is better to split the two development in parallels. Doing the art development apart while the others are working on the development of A25 (which concerns a lot of questions about balancing and differentiating I think) then when A25 is ready, starting the implementation and dedicating A26 especially for the implementation of this new civ.
  19. I think it should be planned in a roadmap. Including them in A25 could cause a delay of its release, taking again very long to finish it. Probably it is better to include them for A26.
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