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  1. Hi i will patricipate , my ingamename is "Schweinepriester" - My timezone: CET
  2. Oh thats awesome! i will talk to Nani ingame and test it!
  3. Hello! I came up with the idea of having like a king of the hill map in 0ad. You may know these game mods from other RTS games such as AOE2 or age of mythology, BME and so on. Basically the idea is to have point in the middle of the map which one player has to capture and hold for a certain amount of time. As i have only very limited skills in coding 0ad i was wondering if you could drop your opinions wether you like the idea or if it is even possible to have this at the current state of 0ad map editor. The capture point could be a temple, fort or wonder for example whi
  4. I'd be interested, i will keep you updated, greetings schweinepriester
  5. What happened to stock ? why couldnt he take the tournament?`
  6. Feldfeld (2) vs Schweinepriester (0) Banned: Ptolemeis & Britons Match 1 - map mainland small Feldfeld - Rome vs Schweinepriester - Sparta - winner Feldfeld Match 2 - map wrench small Feldfeld - Gauls vs Schweinepriester Rome - winner Feldfeld Feldfeld_Schweinepriester.zip
  7. Schweinepriester (2) vs Twardowsky (0) Banned: Ptolemeis & Rome Match 1 - map mainland small Twardowsky - Britons vs Schweinepriester - Sparta - winner Schweinepriester Match 2 - map wrench small Twardowsky - seleucids vs Schweinepriester iberia - winner Schweinepriester Schweinepriester_Twardowsky.zip
  8. Thx, i copied your font style, hope you dont mind :p Greetings schweinepriester
  9. Schweinepriester (2) vs Rockss (0) Banned: Ptolemeis & Maury Match 1 - map mainland small Rocks - Gauls vs Schweinepriester - Gauls - winner Schweinepriester Match 2 - map wrench small Rocks - Sparta vs Schweinepriester Rome - winner Schweinepriester Schweinepriester_Rockss.zip
  10. At first sight i already liked the changes in this mod. Now i found the time to actually test it, if not enough yet, so i will give more feedback another day. Finally there are counters for unit types which means massing one unit is a thing of the past. Most important change since i play 0ad. I will have to play more games but i already feel the differences in army composition. I feel like this patch also allows to play more skillfull when building up your town. With the cc only spawning women, the -metal cost upgrade in smtihy etc you will have to build up more foresighted than u d
  11. And it seems like i cant create any new Accounts. Well done.... I never acted against the rules i just wanted to explain to them and no, its not the end of the world but i guess this will be the end of me playing.... i mean wtf, no warning not a word, what the heck are these mods.... and furthermore, 2 posts a day is max on forums? great job there aswell ^^ I am telling the truth, i talked to him and he told me that he created 1 or 2 other accounts months ago. he played with like 1-2 games each. And we both actually had no idea it was not legal, i mean
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