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  1. During A24 I used SVN for playing with the development version, and since A25 is out I just use the SVN version to play A25....
  2. Currently I have Alpha 25a. Installed via SVN, on Linux I'd like to update to 25b. What I know is that one can update the version with: svn up cd build/workspaces ./update-workspaces.sh -j3 cd gcc make -j3 But I believe this will not give me A25b, but a newer development version. Thats not what I want Is there a different bunch of commands which will change it to A25b instead? @Stan` is there a simple solution?
  3. I also think that sword cav is fine. It can gather only food, and mercs can't gather at all. So why wouldn't it be stronger than citizen soldiers which can gather everything...
  4. I'm a top 40 player and I build palisades very rarely, walls almost never. So hey, the bot must be clever ; )
  5. 1. Javelin cavalry 2. Javelineers 3. Slingers 4. Camel archers Hit-and-run-tactics are helpful Slingers might be preferable because they contribute so well to your economy
  6. - if you use rightclick+ctrl+q on a formation, those soldiers will not attack only units, but also hack down buildings - buildings close to hostile fortresses decay to gaia
  7. Right now the Ratings bot is in the lobby, but again all ratings are hidden and all stats
  8. The splash damage in A23 was totally OP. It felt like if you have a non-catapult civ and you allow the cata civ to mass the catas then you are dead. Also, the splash damage favors the ugly turtling. Turtling with catas.
  9. Local, not global. He will outrun his infantry, but his melee cavalry will outrun him ; )
  10. What you suggest for Agis makes him not much more useful though ; ) Other bad heroes: Xerxes Ashoka Perikles Hamilkar Alexander
  11. They don't look useless to me. If a ram reaches a building, swordsmen can be ungarrisoned and defend quickly. If an elephant approches a building, ranged units can be ungarrisoned and also defend rather quickly. The catapult is the only siege weapon which can take out key buildings from a save distance, inside the own fortified position.
  12. I disagree. Ax cav can be effectively used for anti-building missions, for example sneaky attacks. Only persians have them btw
  13. I don't think they should be changed. Structures have been very OP in A24, so it's great that some soldiers are effective against them.
  14. The AI likes it very much to invest heavily into trading, that's why its likely having more trade income than a human player. What it doesnt seem to like is bartering high amounts for low amounts, rather low amounts for high amounts.
  15. Well... It was just an AI match. 4 very hard opponents and only 2 allies, but an AI match nevertheless Techs
  16. Note that bartering and trading are 2 totally different things which have nothing to do with each other except for that you need a market. For bartering, you just need one market, that's it. You don't really need a third player for trading. However, if you trade with an ally and not with yourself you will receive a small "international bonus". Notice that trading is not really trading but just resource generation. Also notice that trading is not always necessary, gathering and bartering is usually much more efficient.
  17. What 0AD lacks is the possibilty to simply load a match. That way the crashed games would not be totally destroyed but they could at least be loaded. It would not solve the issue completely but if we assume that people are behind the "ddosing" it could demotivate them a bit, maybe.
  18. Maybe it's good for performance if ranged units just attack the closest enemy. Filtering by unit type or by hitpoints could be bad for the performance.
  19. If an unstarted constructionside gets destroyed, the player gets all the resources back. The more you build before you lose a constructionside, the more resources you lose. Id prefer it if the AI learns to go to the spot before placing the constructionside, that might be a better solution than making AI constructionsides invisible.
  20. It seems like Petra never uses formations, but this is just a minor mistake and not too relevant in comparison to other mistakes.
  21. https://github.com/andy5995/petra_extreme/blob/faa5d1a086fc61af3a89dccb408ab4cfc7cc6e15/simulation/helpers/InitGame.js#L44-L48 // Sandbox, Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, Extreme // rate apply on resource stockpiling as gathering and trading // time apply on building, upgrading, packing, training and technologies let rate = [ 0.42, 0.56, 0.75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.56, 2.5 ]; let time = [ 1.40, 1.25, 1.10, 1.00, 1.00, 1.00, 1.0 ];
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