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  1. Just play with the ceasefire option? 10 minutes for example No. The game has already some diversity: Some soldiers cannot gather metal and stone (cavalry, mercenaries, champions) - this makes the game more interesting. The citizen soldier conception is big fun to play
  2. You are assuming that you can login with your wildfiregames username even though they are independent from the accounts which are used for entering the lobby. Just create an account if you havent done so yet?
  3. The command "back to work" has a flaw: The woodcutters will not go exactly back to the location where they have been, at least not all of them. Some will search a new tree instead which is close to their current location, and not close to their original location. For example if they have walked some distance during a fight this can be very annoying as they will chose their new trees in the middle of nowhere. Same problem occurs with pushing orders to the front of the queue Maybe it also happens with other resources, not only trees
  4. Hes not joking (at least I tested this with the ptolemies which are similar to seleucids) Maybe the limit exists because the 2 civs have military colonies, but it's super weird that the limit doesnt exist if you have a hero and that there is no information about this
  5. The mod works with Alpha 23, but not with alpha 24, 25 or 26. The closest mod which we have for A25 is the feldmap mod.
  6. Actually gauls and brits should be the worst civs for turtling. Their buildings are weaker and they dont have citizen infantry swordsmen. At the other hand they can build buildings faster. Be aware of kushites because they have big pyramids, swordsmen and a tech for extra building health. And a huge temple which has space for 40 units, that might be very hard to conquer. In the next alpha the Han will be a pain, they have very strong buildings and all turtlers might like them.
  7. At last! Very happy about this ; ) Too bad that today is first april xD
  8. I forgot it. Maybe ask the devs who decided to implement this and to hide it from the players ; )
  9. Either melee walks close to them --> accuracy doesnt matter or they walk as close to melee as they need. Slingers do the same but they stay more far away, so they will be less precise. Compare this to jav vs sling. And melee troops are usually dense enough so a shot which misses hits another unit. Yes And I just tested: In a rank 3 battle the javs win even if they need to walk more. In a rank 2 battle the slingers seem to be better. And on very short range the javs have more firepower in general And then there is the iber team bonus which can make javs even cheaper. So... Dont change anything. Lol
  10. Slingers are way more expensive than javeleneers, except for maps with low wood. The fact that slingers beat javs in 1v1 doesnt mean that they are op. javs still deal more damage against melee. And if they reach rank three the inaccuracy is lower. Will test rank 3 units against each other
  11. On the chess website Lichess there is a solution. If a player disconnects a timer runs down. If time is up, the opponent can declare victory or draw. If the player returns before the timer runs up, the match continues and the timer gets resetted. Ddoses are not really a problem there. Maybe a similar timer would be a good solution in 0ad? For examples a 3 min timer. Maybe there needs to be an additional mechanism which prevents players from abusing the timer though.
  12. You can report him here and get rating points maybe:
  13. Units only run when being passive and attacked, or chasing such a unit, or to shape a formation
  14. Yes. Additionally there are error messages at the start. Reason might be that I also play A26 which changes things in my A25.
  15. Was talking from a A25 point of view
  16. Newest version seems to lack some functionality like destroying own buildings and units @Langbart
  17. I guess the line of sight is rather the problem
  18. It's fairly common to tell units to attack buildings in the fog of war. But if you tell it a catapult, it will not obey. It will unpack and it is in range, but it doesnt shoot. Reason might be that the range of the catapult is bigger than its line of sight (since alpha 24 or 25). If you tell another unit do go close to the building so you see it then the catapult can shoot. But its not logical that it cannot shoot buildings in the fog of war - after all its known where they are located. In general catapults need a buff. They are very inaccurate, they can barely hit towers. Maybe they should cost less population space too. Against units they are very weak but that might be fine. But they are also rather weak vs buildings.
  19. That's very weak. 1 metal or wood per second sounds much more interesting
  20. A small trickle might be too small. The power of the ptolemy bonus comes from helping right at the beginning of the game which allows faster growth. Markets might be too late in the game.
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