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  1. Are you sure? The unit on the wall gets a 14m range bonus, but the skirmishers have 30m range. Is the range malus higher than the range bonus? And the skirmishers can attack units on the gate, as long the units dont stand on the towers. But they dont target them automatically
  2. In your testing some units attacked automatically units on the wall? And it was possible to attack the unit on the gate tower? GateTowerBug.zip
  3. Units standing on walls dont get targeted automatically, it seems like one has to target them manually. Units standing on Iberian gate-towers seem to be non-targetable at all.
  4. For buildings, a meter might be a meter, but for units a meter is clearly rather a food. So m/s is rather km/h then
  5. Don't forget that sword cavalry is very strong, and mauryans have extra strong sword cav. They lack a hero to support them well, but the tech hero is very helpful for getting the techs fast, especially in fortress and wonder. Sword infantry is also very helpful.
  6. Don't change the gameplay please. We really need loading of multiplayer matches and better performance instead.
  7. I use it once in a while to keep a ram preventing to roll to a building (for example to repair it, when I put the ram also on stance). The button can be also very helpful in fights, but I usually use the attack move instead. Sad thing is that the attack move seems to be bugged, often it fails and my units march into their death. So I should get used to use H more often.
  8. Here my 7:40. I'm alone on the map but that doesnt mean that its revealed, its just an endless game (turned off conquest). How is that possible? The berry upgrade is supposed to be always worth it. And you need to collect thousands of food and wood, so the 2 other upgrades are supposed to be very productive too. 740.zip
  9. My best time is 7:43 and no I cant beat Vali, I'm deeply impressed that I'm always at least 16 seconds slower than him. Britomarus from the Gauls might be even better because his bonus doesnt help only with soldier costs but with all the gathering (doesnt help with movement speed though)
  10. Clever trick, yeah? I thought it violates unwritten laws maybe ; ) The hero can scout and hunt deer xD But he doesnt count in the statistics
  11. It's already pretty good. In the lategame you can use it for a food production which doesnt require women but a smaller number of cav. It's hard to use corrals early in the game, but if it would be easier then fields could become totally useless.
  12. My favorite food source are elephants. Giraffes, horses and berries are also great. Whoops, got the question wrong!
  13. Follow the instructions in this thread and you might get your points one day:
  14. Chosing the Kushites. What a weird and annoying civ! xD
  15. Athenians are very underrated. They can hit their foes pretty hard with Iphikrates, traditional hoplites and sword cav. Their mercenaries are not to be underestimated neither.
  16. No. CCs need to be deleted before the enemy captures them
  17. "Hm, which hero do I train? The one who is one of the best in the game? Ah no, that Pericles guy must be even better!" Lol
  18. They dont heal instantly, they heal 3 points per second
  19. I think temples are fine. The real problem are the healers which heal much too fast and have far too much durability.
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