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  1. It's fairly common to tell units to attack buildings in the fog of war. But if you tell it a catapult, it will not obey. It will unpack and it is in range, but it doesnt shoot. Reason might be that the range of the catapult is bigger than its line of sight (since alpha 24 or 25). If you tell another unit do go close to the building so you see it then the catapult can shoot. But its not logical that it cannot shoot buildings in the fog of war - after all its known where they are located. In general catapults need a buff. They are very inaccurate, they can barely hit towers. Maybe they should cost less population space too. Against units they are very weak but that might be fine. But they are also rather weak vs buildings.
  2. That's very weak. 1 metal or wood per second sounds much more interesting
  3. A small trickle might be too small. The power of the ptolemy bonus comes from helping right at the beginning of the game which allows faster growth. Markets might be too late in the game.
  4. You'd need the command.txt of that replay, upload it here and give some more informations. See the description of the first post of this thread.
  5. Nope. Ministers break the iberian walls too easily. Wouldn't be surprised if they can also capture monuments and laotzi-gates
  6. Ministers can capture buildings which other units cant capture (f.e. fields, walls...) - that's broken
  7. A team bonus for siege will be very bad. There are teambonuses needed which can compete whith the ptolemy and iberian ones. I suggest to replace the macedonian bonus by one bonus wood per second.
  8. I'd pick mace, but the difference might be not big at all.
  9. What about testing the A26 SVN this saturday at 6 pm CET?
  10. Unlike almost every other unit, ministers dont give loot. Maybe change it? The chinese catafalque is very OP, just compare it to the ptolemy catafalque. What about nerfing it accordingly? At the other hand: You do know that the chariot does damage only in a 8 meter radius which is like 3 real meters?
  11. Maybe a very soft sound which is not disturbing. You don't want that your enemy is harassing you by annoying your outposts, right? The rather stupid attack-sound would be a no-go
  12. The replay is now unfortunately not really minimal. I've been trying to reproduce the bug where idle soldiers are not shown as idle all the time and it happened only at the the very end, at like minute 49. In the southeast there is a military colony which my formation has captured and little bit later its soldiers get stuck and if you go to my perspective and check for idle units you will see that they are not listed. Around minute 2 i make a small formation which I place somewhere, and if you go to my perspective and select idle units you will have suddenly selected a battaillon even though battaillons are deactivated (do that in your settings). Everything in between is unfortunately irrelevant. Furthermore I discovered another bug which is probably easily reproducable: - put 4 starting infantry into a box formation. - let them cut wood at a normal tree - execute with them an attack move (only attacking units, which is ctrl+q+rightclick by default on the ground somewhere) - they will not move at all and you get an error message formationBugs.zip
  13. By the way the field which shows fps, game time and real time covers now the first technology you are researching. So you cant see which one it is and its timestamp. Chineses seem to be too OP
  14. I don't know, man. Letswaveabook managed to organize a tournament without support, but then half of the players decided to stop playing after their first match. So the problem might be the players, not the 0ad team.
  15. Actually it might be a bit to un-useful, this 3v5 replay. Instead I attach a A25 replay where the deciding battle is decided by the formation bug which prevents units from fighting. Suddenly the units of my opponent decide that fighting is meh, they just restore the normal look of the formation and stop fighting. I've seen this bug also in A26. A reason might be the mixture of ranged and melee units in a formation. Usually it works all fine if you have just melee units in a formation or just ranged units. Considering the other bugs, I can try to tell how to reproduce: Deactivate battaillons in the settings, put some soldiers into some formations, send them somewhere and later check for idle units. Battaillons appear in your selection. Will happen after a won fight, at least very often Very easy to reproduce if there is a hostile building (not gaia) in front of you Very easy to reproduce Try to send a huge formation to cut wood Both of this happens in the replay FormationBug.zip
  16. Already done. Fire doesn't stack anymore, making firecav much less effective against buildings, rams, siege towers and many units. So they are much more similar to briton chariots and you rarely see someone complain about chariots being OP. Firecav is not even stronger than in A24 but I think nobody ever complained in that alpha that they would be OP. Instead everyone complained about archers being OP. Hilarious from a A25 point of view....
  17. @Stockfish What's going on now with the 2v2 tournament?
  18. Formations work even worse than ever It seems to be not possible to deactivate the battaillon behavior in the settings Idle Formations are not shown as idle Formations hack buildings down even though i tell them to attack just units Formations cant walk through forests even though soldiers can Formations can fail at gathering resources, f.e. wood Ranged units in formations run via the battlefield instead of shooting Formations can fail completely and get stuck, just walk but not attacking
  19. Are you running applications in the background? Maybe the developers should focus on better performance instead of changing the game-play all the time
  20. They don't. I wanted to invent the "Caros Siegetower" but it doesn't work : (
  21. Good that you mention it. There are even cases in which overlapping of objects damages the gameplay: On the map mainland small wood bushes can overlap with civic centres or mines, sometimes woodcutters try all the time to reach them but they never achieve anything. So they are out of the game for that time. Also iberian Walls can overlap with a lot of things
  22. Corrals shouldn't be nerfed: They are bad in the early game anyway so the fact that you require phasing up for bigger animals only makes it worse. And animals give experience now, that might be a design mistake. Why would a soldier learn how to fight by butchering domesticated animals? This doesnt make sense while experience from hunting makes some sense. In the long run your cavalry will reach rank 3 so they lose half of their gather speed and this makes it harder to use the corrals. Operating corrals with rank 3 cavalry will not save you much more population space than operating fields. Reducing the armor of pikemen is a step into the right direction but I think they should gain 10% attack in return. Right now the macedonians are the ones who have the biggest disadvantage of this nerf and they arent really the ones who deserve it the most. Acceleration seems to be pointless. It makes the game more complicated and reduces the fun.
  23. Gauls, Iberians and Romans are not too bad neither. Still some buffs here and there would not hurt.
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