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  1. Why do ships that shoot stone balls shoot anywhere but at the chosen target? Why can't you concentrate all the fire on one target at all? Why can't towers, ships, or city centers fire all projectiles at one unit? Shooting is done randomly. I don't get it, my crowded ship fired once at a target, then started firing at houses and enemy units. What for?
  2. I need to hold shift to show conter numbers. Pressing F2 with shift make huge screenshot without GUI. Do I understand correctly that all buildings that fall under my borders begin to change color to mine? When the AI walks past buildings, it will often start capturing them, but since the building is constantly coming under my control, the AI is constantly forced to approach it and recapture it. Usually when the AI loses a building it destroys it. Since the building is indestructible, he won't be able to get rid of it quickly. In addition, I would like to be able to decide for myself what should stand in the place of an indestructible building. If I want to build a tower there, then this building will interfere with me. Such buildings simply steal a free position, because towers, city centers and forts can only be built at a certain distance from each other. Gallic Hightlands (2).
  3. Hello! Here what I found: 1. I can't make printscreen at fullscreen mode. It's capture main menu only. 2. Can you please disable all immortality to undeletable buildings. The current artificial intelligence can seriously get stuck in a takeover attempt. 3. The most worse that I can't quick reset quantity of hired units. Rewinding the counter takes a long time. Is it possible to reset it automatically without exit from game or set the upper limit of the counter? 4. I can't make normal screenshot with pressed shift to show you numbers at conter. It's possible only at windowed mode. Can you fix it?
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