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  1. What's the svn revision number? 25848, right?
  2. - the Macedonian hero bonus is actually not 20% but 33% (armor) - Persians also have a 20% ram bonus - Ptolemies have stronger rams than Gauls (25% hero bonus) - Unique strengths of Macedonians compared to Seleucids are: Spear champs, spear cav, all heroes, bolt shooters, building health bonus, much better team bonus, crossbows. I think that's something. - no additional ram movement boni please, they are already hardly catchable by infantry
  3. @user1 Please state your lobby username: weirdJokes and the lobby username of the offending player: Kurdistan commands.txt
  4. Leonidas is not good. Only spearmen, only 30m radius
  5. For Mau and Pers you can look at archers as their nerf for their OP pop bonus. Carthage has very strong p2 Mercenary cav, more mercenaries and Hannibal Barca, and Catapults etc... Looks still fine Kushites have also nice options: Swordsmen, Pikemen, Champions, Nobas, Pyramids etc
  6. Lets first test A25 on a big basis? The speed differences are rather low. Archers might be still powerfull if massed, and useful because of their superior range.
  7. Maybe the hotkey for skipping the confirmation question is already enough
  8. I want often to click on a certain bush and not on a bush next to it or another object
  9. The number of researched technologies. It doesn't start at 0 though, as some things like probably civilization boni count there as techs, too. (Bug!)
  10. Confirmed! Looks like I did testing with a match which was already won, then one seems to be also an observer and thats why I saw my own bartering : D
  11. Seeing no more bartering messages of your own: Thats new Dont seeing what teammates are bartering: That was like that in a23 and 24 too
  12. It's bad that you dont see the messages of your bartering anymore. There should be at least an option of it. Btw it could be interesting to see what teammates are bartering. At least if cartography is researched
  13. Eurasian Steppe is a nice biome but its a bit hard to click on the correct bush
  14. Tomorrow again, same time? Updating just before the match? I'm a bit sad that the charging mechanic got removed. But maybe thats better for the game. Lets try...
  15. Please make a charging mod for A25, it can be huge fun
  16. ? Naked fanatics are in the game. Faster than ever Other p2 champs: Ele archers Not sure if Athenians need black cloaks now, they are nicely buffed
  17. Don't think that that is necessary. But the other benefits are: - Marking player ratings which are provisional with a question mark - removing those players from the leaderbord - Inactivity makes rating more provisional, so after some time the players disappear in leaderbord
  18. Don't reinvent the square wheel ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reinventing_the_wheel#Related_phrases ) Just learn from the rating system of Lichess.org, a free chess website
  19. No point of resetting ratings for each alpha. The alphas are similar after all.
  20. Sure that the ship damaged the units directly instead of only by explosion damage? I think fire ships should damage all units and structures again, like in good old A23 If ships get damage on close range, its logical if other units get it too.
  21. - don't decrease rating, because playing no rated games doesnt mean that the skill decreases - if a player doesnt play rated, increase the uncertainty of his rating - if the uncertainty is too high, mark the player rating with a question mark and remove him from the leaderbord
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