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  1. I don't know, man. Letswaveabook managed to organize a tournament without support, but then half of the players decided to stop playing after their first match. So the problem might be the players, not the 0ad team.
  2. Actually it might be a bit to un-useful, this 3v5 replay. Instead I attach a A25 replay where the deciding battle is decided by the formation bug which prevents units from fighting. Suddenly the units of my opponent decide that fighting is meh, they just restore the normal look of the formation and stop fighting. I've seen this bug also in A26. A reason might be the mixture of ranged and melee units in a formation. Usually it works all fine if you have just melee units in a formation or just ranged units. Considering the other bugs, I can try to tell how to reproduce: Deactivate battaillons in the settings, put some soldiers into some formations, send them somewhere and later check for idle units. Battaillons appear in your selection. Will happen after a won fight, at least very often Very easy to reproduce if there is a hostile building (not gaia) in front of you Very easy to reproduce Try to send a huge formation to cut wood Both of this happens in the replay FormationBug.zip
  3. Already done. Fire doesn't stack anymore, making firecav much less effective against buildings, rams, siege towers and many units. So they are much more similar to briton chariots and you rarely see someone complain about chariots being OP. Firecav is not even stronger than in A24 but I think nobody ever complained in that alpha that they would be OP. Instead everyone complained about archers being OP. Hilarious from a A25 point of view....
  4. @Stockfish What's going on now with the 2v2 tournament?
  5. Formations work even worse than ever It seems to be not possible to deactivate the battaillon behavior in the settings Idle Formations are not shown as idle Formations hack buildings down even though i tell them to attack just units Formations cant walk through forests even though soldiers can Formations can fail at gathering resources, f.e. wood Ranged units in formations run via the battlefield instead of shooting Formations can fail completely and get stuck, just walk but not attacking
  6. Are you running applications in the background? Maybe the developers should focus on better performance instead of changing the game-play all the time
  7. They don't. I wanted to invent the "Caros Siegetower" but it doesn't work : (
  8. Good that you mention it. There are even cases in which overlapping of objects damages the gameplay: On the map mainland small wood bushes can overlap with civic centres or mines, sometimes woodcutters try all the time to reach them but they never achieve anything. So they are out of the game for that time. Also iberian Walls can overlap with a lot of things
  9. Corrals shouldn't be nerfed: They are bad in the early game anyway so the fact that you require phasing up for bigger animals only makes it worse. And animals give experience now, that might be a design mistake. Why would a soldier learn how to fight by butchering domesticated animals? This doesnt make sense while experience from hunting makes some sense. In the long run your cavalry will reach rank 3 so they lose half of their gather speed and this makes it harder to use the corrals. Operating corrals with rank 3 cavalry will not save you much more population space than operating fields. Reducing the armor of pikemen is a step into the right direction but I think they should gain 10% attack in return. Right now the macedonians are the ones who have the biggest disadvantage of this nerf and they arent really the ones who deserve it the most. Acceleration seems to be pointless. It makes the game more complicated and reduces the fun.
  10. Gauls, Iberians and Romans are not too bad neither. Still some buffs here and there would not hurt.
  11. Actually that athen hero is the best in the game, and the 2 Ptolemies are not even that good. But yeah the 2 other Athen heroes need a buff.
  12. Why not decrease? I think that means that forts should not be buffed. At the other hand if you really want that a fort can train champs again it's probably not the worst thing.
  13. I'm against removing champs from barracks and stables, as these buildings make champs viable. I'm rather for allowing Athenians and Spartans to train champs in barracks, too. Fortresses aren't too weak, right now they can be very annoying. And they are needed for the will to fight tech, and some even for heroes. So I don't see why they should be buffed further.
  14. I already see -2 pierce armor for all pikemen. A step into the right direction
  15. Ministers have 20/s capture speed - thats twice as much as heroes have. Isnt it too much? Fields are cheaper, smaller and need only 3 women. Thats a huge advantage. And no, they are not much slower. After first farming tech only 10% slower than normal fields with first tech, and if all techs are researched the difference is only like 2%. Reason is that farming with 5 women at once has a higher debuff than farming with 3 women at once Is the first hero not too good? It helps all allies and own units on the whole map. If an ally combines him with an own speed hero the speed bonus will be like 32% - isnt that way too fast? Enhanced Civic centers seem to be too powerful because of 40 Projectiles and 40 garrison size - how is one supposed to destroy that? Especially as there are additional techs for extra health. If you conquer barracks or stables of another civ, you can train champions there. Must be a bug, it's too OP
  16. It's a bid sad that Athenians can't train champions in their stables, and not in their barracks neither. Only Spartans share this weakness, and they have at least the skiritai commandos in their barracks which are something like semi-champions. The gymnasion has a weakness: It's too big. It's so big that if you build it at the border you will gain like no territory at all.
  17. @Lorenz11 Look at this ; ) @Stockfish Wich biome in the 2v2? Random?
  18. It's better to keep the game as simple as it is
  19. Splash damage? Sounds like they become the horrible unit-killers again like in A23. What about just buffing them against buildings?
  20. I don't know. In Alpha 24 archers made the same amount of damage but they have been the OP ranged unit. So if we buff them again they might be suddenly OP again. And cavalry archers are not useless. I've already seen successful rushes with elephant archers. When they reach rank 3 they are very tanky. Maurya has a special upgrade which makes sword units stronger. So you can try to counter javelineers with sword cavalry, and you can use sword infantry against spearmen.
  21. By the way, if I'm not mistaken apple trees don't seem to count as starting food. It can happen that some player has additional apple trees while the other one doesn't have that extra food (Temperate biome). They don't get compensated with hunt or other berries neither.
  22. First of all, the relation of military points and economic seems to make a lot of sense: To increase your total score by 1000, you can either gather 10,000 resources or you kill enemy units which cost 10,000 resources. So it might be the best ratio already. Your suggestion that spent resources should be the eco score has a problem: If I send half of my resources to teammates, my score will be very low. Maybe in the current situation tributes should influence the total score: If I send 100 resources to my teammates, my total score increases by 10. If I receive 100, it decreases by 10. This effect could be doubled if spent resources should count as eco score.
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