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  1. I'd like to remind that it would be really helpful if matches could be loaded. That would decrease the damage of the "ddosing" already a lot. The savegame could easily be extracted from the replay.
  2. @cl2488 Woo, a new record ; ) 7:01, almost 7:00 By the way the rules mean "dont make more women than they are 50" instead of "dont make more than 50 women so the maximum number is 54", right? Nobody ever exploited it. 701.zip
  3. Well, I just upload it, nothing special
  4. He might have not played rated for many months. Many many months
  5. Wrong. Alexander the great has an attack bonus against heroes. The game doesn't lack additional forms of attack boni, it's fine
  6. What a BOSS! the winrate of borg is nubish in comparison to this...
  7. KDR = Number of units which you kill (except gaia units) / number of units which you lose (also while fighting gaia) So 0.9 sounds not great. But this depends also on the unit types, so 0.9 can actually be good if your opponents use units which are more expensive.
  8. Here the matches of Letswaveabook vs me Letswaveabook_vs_WeirdJokes.zip
  9. That's an unnecessary complication. If you want to play such a game, maybe try Widelands.
  10. Crossbowmen vs rams? Good luck with that xD
  11. There is an option that allows garrisoning the heroes. Yekaterina, maybe you should wonder if your habit to train only women at the start is always the best approach. Some early soldiers can make a difference in the hero fights.
  12. My suggestion would be to spoiler the result not that openly, but to use hidden content:
  13. I also think that the bonus is ok. If a civ has a weak bonus (especially Athenians), then the civ should be buffed. For example Athenians could get 1 free wood per second.
  14. Maybe Minecraft doesnt lag Maybe Minecraft doesnt get ddosed Maybe its possible in Minecraft to save and load games Maybe Minecraft doesnt get changed all the time ;-)
  15. @LetswaveaBook I assume the settings are the default ones? 300, small, low resources, conquest etc....
  16. Maybe the following will work: - click on replays - select one of the list - in the bottom you will see the path
  17. Yes, but soldiers dont hit buildings in this situation, they try to capture. This is often more successful.
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