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  1. Hi everyone, This is my first time writing to this forum, so thanks to everyone that makes this awesome game possible! Now, to the topic. I've searched and I found nothing about the topic hence I created a new one. We often see players having lower or no ranking when in reality they are very good ones. This not only makes it hard to balance multiplayer games but also usually makes them very "unfair" and not fun at all (for both teams I guess). My question here is: would it be a possibility to add support for rated multiplayer games instead of only 1-on-1s? I understand that the adjustment to the rankings is not as simple, but a fair logic shouldn't be hard to find (maybe something that takes into account the current ranking of each player and also their points in the game when compared to the total points of all players in the game as well). I believe that this would make the ranking fairer and closer to reality. Thanks for your time and waiting on your feedback. Best regards, Dullahan10
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