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  1. But you can calculate the proportion of the number of squares occupied by the texture of the building and the number of light-radius cells, and on this basis, make the appropriate scaling to 0 A.D.
  2. I wanted to build a small fort on no man's land from the palisade, but while I was building it, half of it went to Gaia and the gates stopped opening. Can you give immunity to the transition to Gaia at least the gates of the palisade?
  3. Well, then increase the area not two, but one and a half times? Okay, then can it be done as a technology for the third phase of the city? Then it won't affect the early rush. From the outside, it looks as if all nations suffer from early medieval astigmatism and see nothing further than their own nose. Age of Empires 2 has sentinel tech, so why not make it in 0 A.D. the ability to increase the radius of light at least one and a half times by placing a unit in a building? Well, or at least add the visibility radius of the building with the most large visibility radius of the unit inside?
  4. In the game Warcraft 3, when the city center and all buildings are lost for a long time, the losing units become visible on the map until they build a new city center (or something like that). This innovation would help to quickly find the hopelessly losing side without wandering around the map for a single unit hiding on the map.
  5. Why not do some research on the "Post-imperial eras" in Age of Empires 2 and 3 and count the number of light squares from the city center, towers and walls/palisades, and castle to the edge of view, and then copy that template into the game? What I don't understand the most is why enemy units and enemy siege weapons don't light up for a couple of seconds when attacking my wall, which has a ridiculously small line of sight?
  6. Returning to the area of light, I would also like to increase the view of the walls and turrets and the palisade.
  7. Well, yes. I completely forgot that even a fully developed city has a meager line of sight... I already suggested doubling the light radius of city centers... The message went unanswered.
  8. I keep thinking, maybe developers should limit these queues? In Age of Empires 3, a stack of 20 units per order was completely justified. Suppose I ordered 100 units before (for example, on a large map), it turns out that I now need to turn the counter for who knows how long? And at the same time, I don’t see how much I have already rewound ...
  9. Is it possible to add a mirage that will dissipate when units approach? Wandering mummies, water oases...
  10. It is assumed that mummies will occasionally replace land predators at the pyramid, if any. In terms of parameters, they can be exactly like a crocodile or a wolf or a desert predatory fauna. It's like the pumpkins replacing the berry bushes in the Plymouth special, or the Christmas tree forest instead of the regular ones on the Yukon map and on the Age of Empires 3 special maps.
  11. It can be also placed in the main game, like Learicorn or Fluffy in Age of Empires 3.
  12. Remembering the Age of Mythology, I wondered if the developers on certain maps, where there are pyramids and roaming animals near them, can replace predatory non-nutritious animals with mummies of similar strength? A kind of easter egg that does not affect gameplay. It would be great to create a whole thematic map of "Hamunaptra".
  13. The bottom line is that I had 1 minister. I wanted 8 more in this recruitment window, but I couldn't hire them because the button with the minister's icon simply didn't respond to the click. I definitely fit into the limit, and above 8 ministers the counter did not allow me to choose.
  14. That is, I need to keep a minister in all four sawmills in order to carry out technologies at a bargain price right away? It's stupid and inconvenient.
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