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  1. You just deserved an upvote with this post, which increases your reputation ;-)
  2. In some cases, yes. However, restarting the game (or the pc) seems to solve the issue
  3. Athenians and persians can train units in ships. This would be even better, if they could also do this if they are away from the coast. The units could simply be garrisoned inside the ship (currently the training doesnt happen unless the ship is at a coast)
  4. In A25, Corrals could be useful sometimes in phases 1 and 2, and in general a good option in phase 3. But then the developers decided to nerf them even more: Now they cannot produce cows before p3, and no pigs before p2. This makes corrals almost useless in p1 and p2. What about buffing them? One could think about simplyfying: Removing all animals except one type of cow per civ - always producable. And one could think about reducing the train time of the cows and test this in multiplayer matches. Corrals should be so viable that a player could decide if he goes for them or for fields.
  5. Since A26 it happens regularly that clones of replays appear in the replay overview. Often their duration is restricted. If you delete one of the replays, the other one will be deleted too. Am I the only player with that problem? So far it only happened with multiplayer matches.
  6. Start 0AD --> Click "Learn to play" --> Structure Tree --> Spartans --> Right click on "Skiritai Commando" under "Barracks" --> Class: Infantry --> Is infantry
  7. Now a changelog makes sense, is there any? And what about turning the macedonian storehouse-civ-bonus into an additional teambonus? The current mace team bonus is very weak, but the civ bonus is much closer to strong team bonuses like ptol and iber.
  8. Maybe you click too often, or your batch size is too big, if you plan to make batches of three and they suddenly are batches of 5. Blacksmiths: Multiplayer lag can cause that issue. Maybe click a bit slower
  9. It seems like you don't know the game. Persians have axe cavalry, Kushites have axe infantry.
  10. I'd like to participate weirdJokes (1913)
  11. How many rounds will be played in the tournament? 3 might be not enough
  12. In A26, the Lobby shows open matches which aren't there. Right now one hosted by yari, one by ginnungagap and one by h.herle. You can see the matches but not enter.
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