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  1. Of the exploits smiley points, only autotrain pertains to nani's mod, which is actually a feature of it and not widely used. I think by stacked walls he meant layers of palisades. By stacked siege, a formation trick that leaves units on top of each other, the exact same spot, imagine 10 catas shooting where you can only see one. Cata ships are a vanilla feature and by the way you only need 9 catas inside, the other 8 were adding nothing. The market trick(s) are(were) old and fixed. Found and reported by principality: float value gives infinite resources and shift clicking i
  2. athens: iphicrates gives bonus in formation, phase 2 champ black cloak ad p3 heavy skirm, strong champs but expensive, slingers and sword cav always useful brits: strongest ships (same as gaul and iber), armor hero and health hero, rotary mill (gauls too) carth: ele hero, cav hero, walls gauls: vercin hero iber: fire ship, fire cav kush: cav hero mace: all siege, library maur: worker ele, yodda pers: cav hp, cav hero ptol: camel, all heros, mercs, pharos rome: camp, champ cav, all heros sele: archer cav, cav hp sparta: skiri, brasidas
  3. causative made a very elaborated custom rating system for team and 1v1 games that took into account the final stats and compared with database, private sadly
  4. go to first post and download newest fgod experimental
  5. Suppose go2die's ratings are accurate ValihrAnt(10) Borg(9.5) Phyzic(9.18) Boudica(8.96) Rauls(8.89) fpre (8.86) Stockfish(8.75) chrstgtr(8.64) Edwarf(8.46) Havran(8.07) Badosu(8.07) UnknownPlayer(8.0) Dakara (8.0) SaidRdz(7.96) randomid (7.89) Vicentesk(7.64) Ricsand(7.57) Metafondations(7.43) Dakeyras (7.39) MarcAurel (7.29) Issh(7.14) go2die(6.82) Lord_Commander (6.62) esu(6.04) The way to make even team is the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partition_problem The strongest to each team ValihrAnt(10) Borg(9.5) Phyzic(9.18)
  6. I didn't understand the poll. 0ad should implement rating decay for inactivity.
  7. From same IP you must skip lobby, #1 hosts by ip (Menu/Multiplayer/Host game), #2 joins (menu/Multiplayer/Join game), use local ip i think and matching ports
  8. I tested with only public mod (all good) and with public+fgod and can confirm the bug
  9. pinging @Stan`. Maybe the certificate thingy for this MAC user?
  10. I think the last four players should play all vs all (round robin), specially since dakara had a free pass the entire tourney.
  11. And who makes those buckets? Obviously no one compares to the triumvirate: borg, feld, vali Who's to say boudica is not stronger than say stockfish?
  12. I guess last year's April's fool was the one where a staffer promised monthly (or so) activity updates.
  13. @Stan`: As discussed in balance chat, maybe player colors could be customizable like this, in mod or a24 Would be nice if a color picker opens instead of writing raw rgb values. Could change gaia color too. (I stole those blocks from fgod/gui/options/options.json) { "type": "color", "label": "Player 1 color", "tooltip": "Color of player 1.", "config": "gui.session.playercolors.one", "callback": "..something..." }, I don't know how to save those settings to s
  14. if @borg- can't play maybe hold match by ip with @JC (naval supremacist) instead?
  15. Have 3 months gone by already? Last time I saw you in lobby you asked "Luser1" to ban you for 3 months
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