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  1. changing mod.json to a24 doesn't work, you get a million ERROR: Errors executing script event "Tick" ERROR: JavaScript error: gui/session/session~prodmod.js line 92 undefined has no properties @gui/session/session~prodmod.js:92:9 __eventhandler393 (Tick)@session Tick:1:1
  2. then try 7z a file.zip dir/ cd first into the parent of dir/
  3. Are you using Linux? you can unzip the mod like that from terminal
  4. It is now. We're suffering without the mods (fgod and spec)
  5. Everybody whines when alphas change significantly but players always adapt and learn to like it. Many people paved the way in a24 for future balancing with more frequent releases. We are lucky this time borg and nescio hear our cries about balancing
  6. When you rotate buildings with [ ], i guess the new snapping resets the rotation. Specs can't see player stats (f/w/s/m/p) in observer mode. If you sort the list of participants in lobby by some criteria, it resets to default after rejoining or leaving a game. I don't know if a mod prevented those behaviors in a23.
  7. causative made his own `TrueSkill' taking into account 0ad replay metadata. Here's an implentation https://trueskill.org/ Some mod (nani's?) already adds an autobalance command, no idea if it works
  8. Are you sure? The official standardizer, la RAE, registers only 'cusita', not 'kushita', to refer to both, i think. https://dle.rae.es/cusita The bible has several references to the 'cusitas', for example la mujer cusita de Moisés
  9. I don't think I do. It's not strange for Arch, it's the norm.
  10. @soloooy0: En el árbol de civilizaciones vi que dice 'mujer kushita' en vez de 'cusita' y en la descripción dice kushita un par de veces
  11. Also, several patches don't end after a newline and print a message (error?/warning?) when applied, for example libraries/source/spidermonkey/FixMacBuild.diff
  12. Thank you, Stan. It should be wxgtk3 not wxgtk3-dev @Stan`:
  13. Not there, here https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions#ArchLinuxManjaro sudo pacman ... wxgtk3 ... ^missing ^missing
  14. @Stan`: In build instructions: in arch dependencies: the command needs sudo in front and wxgtk doesn't exist, it's wxgtk3 maybe
  15. staratt smurf for ...? vercin? liberty? butcher?
  16. Dvorak works fine in lobby, tested on linux
  17. It is turned on and off with Space+Ctrl or Ctrl-Space. It's a must have I think.
  18. type /help mods add more commands: fgod, autociv (a lot more)
  19. LOL but seriously, what's the forums using to get such a (perfect) translation?
  20. base 9 to keep it nice b f v s d c e s s b p m 9 9 9 9 8 8 - - - 8 8 b 9 9 9 8 7 9 - - - 9 8 m 9 9 9 9 8 8 - - - 8 9 d 8 8 9 9 9 8 - - - 8 8 a 9 9 9 9 8 9 - - - 9 9 i 9 9 9 9 9 7 - - - 8 9
  21. they have the same ip, hosting/joining by local ip works?
  22. If host joins the lobby with a second 0ad process the game disappears, a player needs to know your ip to rejoin if he leaves game
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