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  1. watch replays of good players and copy, use follow player option
  2. Right now you need just a little micro. You assign unit producing buildings to a hotkey, ctrl+#. You set rally point from each building to any task. You select group with #, and train.
  3. What file(s) should I change to have bolts piercing bright red/green like the chickens? Is as easy as a small square like animal_chicken.dds?
  4. Yes, the bolts/scorpios. I can't see them and they decimate armies. Stan, can you tell me the paths?
  5. @ffm2: Can you make crossbolts red or bigger? That would help a lot
  6. git diff --no-prefix master..branch > somefile.diff https://stackoverflow.com/questions/708202/git-format-patch-to-be-svn-compatible
  7. He wants to play by ip, he can't join lobby but others can join by ip his host if he shares it. I'm guessing he will share ip in 0ad irc
  8. You can edit the commands.txt to removed mods you don't have. Looks like this "mods":[["public","0.0.23"],["fgod","1.6.22"],["autociv","0.3.3"]]
  9. He was banned for making a second account. Still eludes his 100+ cheat I guess. When he's losing he likes to hide his women around the edge of the map.
  10. You are the server with https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce
  11. maybe not by default. If all you have left is a unit that can't build, you can capture a house and train a woman to start over
  12. drag last column to include players 11 to 21, same formula TP/TM <- 1
  13. I think the priest hero gives tech bonus if you garrison him inside blacksmith/fort.
  14. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/source/tools/lobbybots/EcheLOn/ELO.py
  15. In romance languages we use redact as in (language) composition, to write down any document.
  16. Not many play that map, better use best 0ad map, mainland.
  17. @borg-: check this balance analysis by @Agora_0AD
  18. If you want to build under fire you must use standground stand. To start repairing immediately use hammer icon or J shortcut I think. Put unit producing buildings in a group to train outside camera. Put priests in standground, default for mod, passive will run from arrows Rushes are more effective in this mod due to counters and outposts
  19. Maybe @Anaxandridas ho Skandiates could add his changes to a mod to preserve his vision and then discuss with others which can be merged into vanilla
  20. Maybe this helps https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:IPA/Greek
  21. I think @gaiusalready implemented fire arrows in his mods, maybe like iberian javelins, but they are seriously op, nothing survives a large archer army.
  22. Yes, the combination of B and C: whole army attacks closest enemy that dodges arrows by quickly changing direction
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