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  1. Is the Millenium A.D. gonna see an update soon, so it become combatible with 0 A:D alpha 24?
  2. just an update, this problem is still at hand and I have no clue how to fix it what so ever
  3. hm, I try again here, whenever I play millenium ad i get these model missmatch problem, i copy i picture og what it looks like, seems wierd with different type of layers of armor and some is even floating.
  4. JonasTuo


    hm, I have an modell error where it seems to havve problem with bone config
  5. got some model missmatch when I play millenium ad, so far I've gotten them on all the factions, no idea why, someone knows how to fix this?
  6. oh okey, Thank you anyway, This is an awesome game in general, good work.
  7. can I download from github also?
  8. oh great, thank you for answering
  9. Hi, anyone know if millenium ad is still being worked on? tried to find a page for it but could not do it.
  10. yeah, this was me who had the problem, i tried the small and tiny map, they work fine, but anything larger then that is unplayable
  11. yea it doesnt work, i have already tried it.. thanks anyway
  12. when will it come to mod.io? since i can't get it started with the manual install
  13. where can i find it? or do i need to reinstall millenium?
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