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  1. maybe you should consider deploying 0ad binaries as a linux virtual machine for mac or just drop mac support
  2. google something like https://codecombat.com/ https://code.org/learn https://unity3d.com/learn
  3. how much ram do you have? It compiles with 4 GB + some swap I guess
  4. Works with (diff distro) GNU assembler (GNU Binutils) 2.31.1 gcc (GCC) 8.2.1 20180831 Takes very long to compile spidermonkey (Unified_cpp_js_src9)
  5. I've had many seg faults with r21897 Host mp game, close host and quickly join another, segfault
  6. Is there a script to build 0ad-data (the public mod) from an updated svn?
  7. op screencast with double follow player The whole series is here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKyVerrKDgH48k52wHgFAIA/videos
  8. And here everybody thought rushing to phase 2 in oasis was the only way when it actually was a losing strategy. The phasing penalty (500 W, 500 F, time, pop) plus 400 wood for 2 docks plus 300 W, 300 M for 2 ships, meanwhile you could be making a decent army to stop all enemy activity. Thank you borg.
  9. Works in linux but messes with windowed property in config. I think hosting a second game is not possible, you can only enter as guest/spec. The second instance will kick the first off lobby, if you alt L you'll see reconnect dialog, if you proceed it will kick you off second.
  10. that doodle thing seems veery appropriate also for people going to spec. it shows own local time
  11. It probably has mods you don't have. Uncheck the only compatible replays option to see them. You can edit the file and remove mods other than public. Mod list in first lines.
  12. I gave up long ago. Even if you want to start from scratch you still inherit a lot from baseAI
  13. This free online/proprietary system promises wonders and is based in glicko just like trueskill
  14. I think scythe's implementation departs too far from true ELO https://blog.mackie.io/the-elo-algorithm Rn = Ro + K * (S - E) n=400 x = Ra - Rb s = n/ln(10) exponent = -(x/s) E = 1/(1+e^exponent) K = (2*n)/20 vs player_volatility = (min(games_played, volatility_constant) / volatility_constant + 0.25) / 1.25 rating_k_factor = 50.0 * (min(rating, elo_k_factor_constant_rating) / elo_k_factor_constant_rating + 1.0) / 2.0 volatility = rating_k_factor * player_volatility difference = opponent_rating - rating return round(max(0, (difference + result * elo_sure_win_difference) / volatility - anti_inflation)) And maybe other systems would be more appropriate, like Glicko or the ones that work for teams too.
  15. Seeing this in the "gnome store" makes me wonder if the 0AD image could be more descriptive of what the game is about
  16. Use mogrify for batch jobs if it can handle format
  17. Besides having mods on, are these the right replays? They're from July 23
  18. You need autociv mod for 4 replays, uncheck compatible replays to see
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