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  1. r26748 0AD crash OOS.zip
  2. I was trying to play a Game with Freagarach and Phosit when I kept getting a oos at turn 1, I created a ticket https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/6487. 1780508797_0ADcrashOOS.zip
  3. 1 vs 4 VH PetraAI on lower Nubia random map: "Iberia With gallic mercenaries vs the last city of Ptolemies" commands.txtmetadata.json
  4. UI stuff: 1. Too small buttons, it sometimes is hard to click (multiple players complaining about this) 2. lack of their favourite mods changing the UI (something @Freagarach noticed in the lobby chat) Gameplay: 1. Multiple complaints about the game feeling slower.
  5. Because Basicly a slinger should take more time shooting then javileneers. Slingers need more time to use their sling then a javileneer who basicly only needs grab a spear and throw. Correct me if i am wrong It seems to be missing, For example to build a house there was a hotkey, but now it doesn't show up in the tooltip anymoren and doesn't work. That is very true. so thats no longer a problem. Thnx I didnt know that yet, so are some other players.
  6. Hey everyone, I have been asking around in some matches about things that should be changed or that are unbalanced. Here is a short list about what I have so far: Hotkeys dont work (Hotkeys to build easier) Outpost useless because units placed inside are killed to easy (It seems more realistic but some players dont like it) Most of the time towers shoot further then their range bubble Resource gathering slower because of units movement (not sure if this is a problem or that we just have to deal with it) Auto formation is a bad thing until pathfinding is better (multiple complaints about this one Slinger being same speed as javileneers is a bad thing (most of the players say so) Archers are op (most players say so) Archers shot sound is very low compared to the rest. (I have the same problem) Indian war elephant is way to powerfull, one can take down a CC (Not sure if it is a problem, they are considered siege) Elephants are op (player told me) Please feel free to comment more feedback, we want to fix as many problems as we can.
  7. Just another video from some gameplay with Wraitii and Langbart.
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