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  1. Thanks @Stan`, I changed 2 files for carthaginians and this is the result for athenians I used the catafalque since it seems visible enough. I get the following error though: ERROR: Failed to find matching prop point called "projectile" in model "art/meshes/props/special/catafalque_two_wheel.dae" for actor "siege_spear" Maybe I need to change the other 2 pivot files? Should I change siege files for all civs? Can I get the fuchsia dot shown in the minimap for relics for these bolts?
  2. I tried <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <actor version="1"> <castshadow/> <group> <variant> <mesh>props/projectile-bolt.dae</mesh> </variant> </group> <group> <variant> <textures><texture file="null_orange.dds" name="baseTex"/></textures> </variant> </group> </actor> in the file LordGood said and now the projectile is orange but still no luck with the cart. It doesn't matter for me if it only shows a flourescent rectangle instead of the scorpio.
  3. I want the bolt shooter red or orange or green (like the red chickens and bushes) so that I can spot it easily among an army. I use a very far zoom to play, like 250, and the arrows are completely invisible and the cart is very hard to notice. And the bolts wipe an unattended army quickly.
  4. @Stan`, I added the file you said but still can't see no change in bolts.
  5. There are Ubuntu players in lobby. State your distro and version and tag a big guy like @Stan`
  6. Ubuntu? use ppa binaries https://play0ad.com/download/linux/#a0A.D.providedpackages or build from source (takes time)
  7. If you use linux, your distro has old binaries, should be a23b
  8. Box formation is good to group army, protect ranged, trap hero, etc
  9. looks a bit less cartoonish, they're trying to mod 0ad
  10. watch replays of good players and copy, use follow player option
  11. Right now you need just a little micro. You assign unit producing buildings to a hotkey, ctrl+#. You set rally point from each building to any task. You select group with #, and train.
  12. What file(s) should I change to have bolts piercing bright red/green like the chickens? Is as easy as a small square like animal_chicken.dds?
  13. Yes, the bolts/scorpios. I can't see them and they decimate armies. Stan, can you tell me the paths?
  14. @ffm2: Can you make crossbolts red or bigger? That would help a lot
  15. git diff --no-prefix master..branch > somefile.diff https://stackoverflow.com/questions/708202/git-format-patch-to-be-svn-compatible
  16. He wants to play by ip, he can't join lobby but others can join by ip his host if he shares it. I'm guessing he will share ip in 0ad irc
  17. You can edit the commands.txt to removed mods you don't have. Looks like this "mods":[["public","0.0.23"],["fgod","1.6.22"],["autociv","0.3.3"]]
  18. He was banned for making a second account. Still eludes his 100+ cheat I guess. When he's losing he likes to hide his women around the edge of the map.
  19. You are the server with https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce
  20. maybe not by default. If all you have left is a unit that can't build, you can capture a house and train a woman to start over
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