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  1. Amazing trailer, beautiful images, great music! Congratulations to all the team!
  2. Hi! For several languages they will be translated in A26. To check for a particular language you can go to https://www.transifex.com/wildfire-games/0ad/ and see if the sentence has been translated EDIT: I've read again your comment and realized that the "effect" is translated but not the key itself ("space"). I don't know if these will be translated.
  3. Thank you and to all the developers for giving us this great game!
  4. Thank you for everything, @Stan`! It appears now. I'll try to read the comments on commits and diffs to check how important they are, probably do some cleanup too
  5. @Stan` Should the name of A26 be already written in its wiki page or not yet? The wiki is completely updated up to r27103, which is (right now) the last commit. I'll try to keep an eye on the new commits each couple of days or so.
  6. All relevant commits included until: r27103 [Disclaimer: since I'm not a developer, my sense of 'relevant' may have included many more commits that are truly necessary... Feel free to simplify the list!]
  7. Thank you! I'll see if I have a moment tomorrow to update the instructions of Ubuntu then
  8. Can everyone (propose an) update (for) the wiki? If yes, how?
  9. I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago. You can install the missing file following instructions here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/64059151 I only needed the apt-get command, restart the system and running the building process again. The required packages are not indicated on the Wiki
  10. Indeed, setting view.fov = "10" does solve the issue. I think I'll stick with the default values for the time being!
  11. Thank you so much for the references! Sorry I did not find this before posting This is a nice thing to know!
  12. If the view.rotate.x value is (relatively) small, the rectangle of the minimap is transformed into a cross. To reproduce: In user configuration, set: view.rotate.x.default = "20.0" view.rotate.x.min = "10.0" (or some small angle) Launch a game in (for example) Watering Holes It can be done with different angles in different maps. The screenshot was done in the SVN version of Alpha 26, it also happens in Alpha 25. I think it typically occurs when the sight of the camera reaches further than the map limits (the top horizontal line of the rectangle would be outside the minimap). Probably related to #6116 @Langbart
  13. Los modelos son impresionantes, gran trabajo! Acerca de la descripción para la facción: Tal vez tiene frases un poco largas? Sin cambiar el contenido, estaba pensando en algo así: -Los mayas son una cultura que llegó a un alto nivel de desarrollo convirtiendo sus otrora aldeas en imponentes Ciudades Estado (como la antigua Grecia) con palacios, plazas y pirámides que alzaron sobre las tupidas junglas de las tierras bajas, los volcanes de las tierras altas y los pastizales de Yucatán. Gracias a sus avanzados conocimientos en agricultura, astronomía, arquitectura, arte y matemáticas, florecieron en su periodo preclásico a la par que Roma en el Mediterráneo. Los antepasados de los mayas legaron impresionantes murales y estelas que nos narran grandes mitos, epopeyas, guerras y poderosas dinastías; perviviendo tras 4.000 años en las actuales repúblicas de Guatemala, México, Belice, Honduras y El Salvador. ¿Qué le parece, @Duileoga?
  14. Nunca lo habría dicho... Aparentemente existe la voz "espóiler" también https://www.rae.es/observatorio-de-palabras/destripe https://www.rae.es/observatorio-de-palabras/espoiler "Revelar" me gusta más
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