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  1. Ζ ζ zeta, ζήτα [zd], or possibly [dz] sd as in English wisdom, or possibly dz as in English adze[14][15][note 1] [z] z as in English zoo
  2. How about cairns or the Dutch 'hunebed' ? Mounds were already suggested I believe. Wishing trees maybe?
  3. Or when they are ungarrisoned for a while. Historically, abandoned castles / fortresses / city walls were a major source of building material for the local population.
  4. A second market is best built around a second CC. That gives you more travel distance and thus more profit.
  5. In the late game, when resources are depleted (usually metal and stone), trading can be very useful if not essential.
  6. Whenever the Old World feels too small for me I conquer the universe with Universal Paperclips. Yes it is a strategy game. Background and game info can be found on the wiki.
  7. If I understand correctly, Atlas is created with other software than is used for oad, namely wxwidgets. This software does not use .po files but .mo files for translation of text strings. Although .po files are used in the translation workflow somehow. There is documentation for translating programs made in wxwidgets. https://docs.wxwidgets.org/trunk/overview_i18n.html . My knowledge about programming is limited but I am willing to give it a try. It would help if the person(s) who created Atlas are available for directions and/or guidance. Who can tell me who they are?
  8. Units run when fleeing, and when summoned to formation (within hailing distance). Fair enough. Fleeing as a tactic can be debatable but it is valid nonetheless I guess. Gamewise and historically. As for the passive stance, it looks to me like the unit only starts to flee when health touches the wounded level. For the rest it just stands there taking damage. Running as such is no function, that answers my question. Thanky'all.
  9. If they are too far apart they remain where they are, while getting in formation. I tried this with some groups scattered over the map, you end up with one large squadron and several duos, all in close formation. Ha. It would be nice to make them go (run) some place and maybe fall in formation when they arrive there. But that's a second. Or maybe that running depletes the health to some amount? It would then be a tradeoff if you need troops to go somewhere urgently.
  10. Hi, can someone tell me when a unit walks and when they run? I suppose normally they walk. Is there something I can do to make them run?
  11. Don't really know. I use it only to move the screen to another monitor.
  12. The tooltip in the Map Browser (both arrows) remains in English. The Arsenal trains Crossbowmen in every civ. Agis has only Inspired defense (not sure if this is a feature though) MacOS Big Sur 11.2.3
  13. Hi, I noticed some text errors in the game. When I checked these with another language the same error showed up. E.g. The tooltip for the Arsenal mentions Champion Infantry Crossbowmen with all civilizations. So programming rather than translation I assume. What is the best place to report these errors?
  14. My suggestions, not in any particular order: Yama - Means "twin" in Sanskrit. This is the name of the Hindu god of death. He is also regarded as the first mortal being, or in other words, the first person to die. This name is related to Persian Jam. Yewubdar - Means "beautiful beyond limits" from Amharic ውብ (wb) meaning "beautiful" and ዳር (dar) meaning "limit, horizon, frontier, shore". Yaw - Means "born on Thursday" in Akan. Or maybe: What was the name of Jesus? Yeshua, Yashua, or Y'shua? Yashua is not an undisputed form, but due to the absence of Hebrew vowels is variously rendered Yeshua or Y'shua or Yahshua.
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