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  1. Right. Apparently some smart quotes were left behind. Never understood why they are called smart. Thanks for the hint Stan.
  2. Thank you. But this is already stretching the limits of my coding capabilities... I did everything correctly (as far as I can tell) but the mod does not show up in the mod selecter. When starting up 0 a.d. there is a Javascript error though. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi, I wonder if it is possible to load a language without having to compile the game. For that is beyond my coding skills. I ask this because I noticed some mistakes in the Dutch texts, which I help translating. These were easy to fix if I only had seen them earlier. In Transifex is is possible to miss things because you don't have the context of the game. Alternatively it might be an idea to do a check at some point before release, maybe between the translation and string freeze. So that at least the typos can be corrected.
  4. It might be useful to also extend the written manual. Because sometimes you just want to look something up. Also, some aspects are better explained with words, such as the difference in damage / resistance types and how to deal with that. If the text manual follows the structure of the in-game tutorials, the texts could also be used as explanations alongside the tutorial instructions. As a somewhat experienced RTS player I found 0 A.D. quite accessible. For pure recreational use it is easy enough to just have a go at it IMO. The economic tutorial is very good and complete as I see it
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