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  1. Actually I noticed different behavior the other day. Four women were building a storehouse when attacked by a couple of lions. They did not run or fought the lions but continued building. When I finally saw what was going on I ordered them to attack and they did. This was due to the passive stance I figured but it still seemed strange. Running would be the logical action because of the stance but why not fighting because they were attacked by Gaia, not a soldier? Citizen soldiers like cavalry fight animals when they are hunting. Don't know if this classifies as a bug but could be adjusted imo.
  2. It is not Delenda Est, it is the Better Scouting Mod. Installed it for testing and forgot about it I guess. Will do. Thanks.
  3. It seems there is no translation for Signal Fires. The English text remains in all languages. I can not find the string in Transifex. Also he string 'Vision Range' in the popup is not translated.
  4. After clicking 'Save and restart' in the mod menu the game does not revert to fullscreen but to the largest possible window. So the Mac menu bar shows and the grey top bar of the window. This happens after having activated or disabled a mod or making no changes.
  5. While trying to load a mod an error occurred after clicking 'Download Mods'. See attachment. In English it says: 'Initialisation error' and 'Game ID could not be retrieved'. Note the untranslated string underneath btw. Clicking Retry ('Opnieuw') loaded the list allright.
  6. Well of course there are more pressing matters to deal with. It just seems a bit inconsistent. One for the 'nice to have' category then I assume.
  7. It seems the key mapping for the hotkeys is not included in the translation. Of course there is no need for the most of these (e.g. letters, F-keys) but a number of keyboard keys have a native description in daily use (e.g. space, left bracket). Can these be added to the translation? Or, in the case of punctuation and so, let the character itself show? Like with the arrows.
  8. It's damaged here too. File unpacks but app does not open.
  9. With Unknown Map I got a map with a stone hill range across the land, all the way from 12 to six o' clock. Effectively making the other civ unreachable. What is the point of this map?
  10. It might be something only Druids can do, regenerating tree health.
  11. I would suggest give them something extra for being trained in a P3 building, trained by veterans if you will. Why else not just build another barracks instead? For instance one level of experience, some added attack strength, something not too complicated at least. Or, as an extra requisite, when a hero is garrisoned there.
  12. maybe off-topic but in the same league: the ability for troops to dig trenches?
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