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  1. It's so goofy you guys getting so granular as to change a stat from 6.7 to 6.8.
  2. What happens is the building almost always snap rotates 180 degrees.
  3. The buildings rotate to a backward angle when snapping instead of maintaining their default angle.
  4. I used the purest of the color codes for each. So, the bluest blue and the reddest red and the yellowest yellow, etc. 255 0 0 0 255 0 0 0 255 etc.
  5. That left panel thing has been an issue for a long time now. I have to manually resize it every time.
  6. This is what happens. I get good ideas and then years later a commercial game implements them.
  7. Odd that the error code doesn't make mention of the offending texture file....
  8. Human emotions are difficult to process for some people.
  9. If there were ever to be separate civs, then there would need to be separate reference threads for each civ so that they don't get mixed together and the discussion can be focused.
  10. For walls I think a different solution would be best. We should be able to set multiple objects (wall towers for instance) as end points in the wallset template. Right now you can only designate 1 (as far as I know, I experimented with this unsuccessfully many moons ago). So for instance you should be able to set a stone wall tower as a possible endpoint in the palisade wallset xml file (while you wouldn't do vice versa). I use "endpoint" as the word because I don't have access to the game code at the moment for the proper term.
  11. I think Parthians and Sassanids each need their own topics.
  12. You know it will be an issue for Part 2, then why not fix it now. Anyway you guys are missing the point. Of course the Sassanids would use the sass or sasa civ code, but then you would continue to call the Achaemenids "Persians" with the "pers" code? If we planned to add multiple Macedonian civs then using "mace" for the civ code would be problematic yes? Athenians and Spartans don't both use "hele". And even if you kept the civ codes the same and just changed the civ name, the GUI would not sort the civs correctly as I've stated. For some reason the gui sorts civs by code and not name.
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