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  1. The Theater of Dionysus is too big.
  2. Top image is Roman times. Bottom image is classical times. Currently your agora includes Roman era structures like the big performance hall built by Agrippa that was plopped right in the middle.
  3. Epilektos. Side note, I forget who made the new pilos helmets, but they were exported at the head prop point, not the helmet one. They need to be moved up and reexported.. See blue guy.
  4. Been there. It's all right.
  5. Nice. I think there was a tragic misunderstanding. I never meant to imply the Greek tunics shouldn't have a belt, only that the belt style you were using was too modern.
  6. I was just thinking the player color upon player color loses the details of the texture. For instance, you have a linothorax variation where the whole linothorax is player color, to where you can't tell that he's wearing a linothorax.
  7. Clear as mud
  8. Usable in 0 a.d.?
  9. I wish we had those trees and cliffs and terrain blend.
  10. Unreal Engine?
  11. I don't blame you. Problem is that releasing the development exe is slightly risky. Can't be sure what bugs are lurking. Only the alpha releases are reasonably assured to be stable. I can image though maybe you could verify the current build with the team before you make a release. Also, do what they do, and work out a standard release workflow that includes a 'release candidate', where you have a few friends test the build and work out kinks before you release.
  12. I sincerely suggest you work with the development version of the game.
  13. What do they look like in other player colors? I'm weary of so much player color everywhere.