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  1. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    DE Alpha 23b rebundle

    Pushed some actor fixes for the Iberian and Macedonian scout cavs, and also removed the vision range increase effect for Empire Phase (vision range got too great and units started berserking).
  2. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Gameplay features A24

    I imagine something that would designate a coordinate and then designate class(es) of building that can be placed. EDIT: A "snapping" effect would be nice too. See how that happens with wall connectors.
  3. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Sound Lead Application - Sam Gossner

    A couple looping ambient files for rain and thunderstorm would be nice. Also, sounds for ambient emitters are greatly desired. I had a very interesting idea regarding ambient wind and music, both being somewhat positional, but I'm not sure that this is the thread for that unless you'd like to hear about it.
  4. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Gameplay features A24

    "Slottable" is a real word, to my surprise. So, why not.
  5. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Gameplay features A24

    I figured "slotting" would be generic enough. "Settlement" is too specific.
  6. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    DE Alpha 23b rebundle

    Also fixed this. Those were legacy things from past gameplay experiments.
  7. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    DE Alpha 23b rebundle

    Forgot the Catapult changes suggested by some. Tonight, I increased the range of the catapults to 80 meters, while making them stronger against buildings at 100 Crush damage (removed the Hack damage, which further reduces their effectiveness vs. units, whose Crush armor I previously increased). Pushed those changes to Git. For a24 I'll make the Flaming Munitions tech swap the catapult rock actor to a flaming rock actor for all catapult using civs. Currently, most have a flaming rock by default.
  8. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Delenda Est Alien Hieroglyph

    Alpha 23 or svn?
  9. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    0 A.D. on YouTube

  10. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    DE Alpha 23b rebundle

    That's fixed as part of all the actor fixis.
  11. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    DE Alpha 23b rebundle

    Scythians and Xiongnu will be taken out for 23b.
  12. The game is about conquest, which is about as brutal as humans get. I don't see how the lack of blood would gloss over that fact. The animals thing, too, baffles me. How will children learn where their food comes from, unless you're one of those adults who impose a vegetarian diet onto children? In fact, I was recently thinking about a way to show guts and entrails from animals while they're being slaughtered ( @stanislas69, a prop can show up on the ground). The "milking" thing is a quasi-planned feature, where you can garrison animals into the corral and gain a trickle of free food. But, regarding blood, I think it would be good to have a no-blood toggle option simply for the fact that it is not a rarely-requested feature. It's kind of a low-priority thing, but still floats around out there in the ether.
  13. @elexis Elephantine. lol
  14. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Gameplay features A24

    Right, just imagine a Starcraft mod or something using that kind of feature for Vespene Gas mines. Hell, I'd love to add something like that to DE, where you claim Stone Quarries and Metal Mine Shafts by building a Storehouse on a slot.
  15. Dat environmental settings @elexis