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  1. Serengeti or African Savanna sound more ethnic or correct to me. Your mileage may various. "Plains" sound generic.
  2. I have notice a newish bug with unit AI behavior. The AI player's units will spontaneously gather around buildingss. 1 unit per building. Happens every match, hinder the AI player and reduce the challenge. Units will gather around all types of building, not just house. Can you diagnose problem or do you need extra files? @mimo whoever. \ I entertain the idea it is because of some mod changes, but I am not sure.
  3. Give this one some love, guys. He really like the game.
  4. Alexander the Great's catafalque and castrum doloris -- funerary bier -- would be perfect for this object. It nice and historical and not generic.
  5. I think it would really help AI and players for that matter build walls if walls could be build over trees.
  6. Well, the Pyramids are phase prerequisites, the wonder is not*. Though, I like your idea of making it a special building instead. It should be smaller in my opinion than the Ptolemy wonder, so not to be confused with wonder. Maybe possible to make building 5 pyramids a "wonder" victory for these guys? For the pyramids, can make the player have to build 2 of them for Town phase and then maybe 3 more for City phase, so they have to have multiple ones. With auras, you can make the pyramids increase in cost for each one you build. Instead of the phase tech increasing territory radius, each new pyramid increases territory radius. Actor variations can give them a nice variation in look, like houses have nice variations. Should investigate a way to make these pyramids auto-research the phase techs. See if that's possible with the current codes or ask the wfg team to give the engine this feature. If it's possible, then the portraits for these pyramids can be the phase portraits -- II, III, etc. The II pyramids can be smaller and the III pyramids larger and more ornament. Build Two II-pyramids and doo-doo-doo Phase II auto-researches. Then build three III-pyramids and doo-doo-doo, Phase III auto-researches. *In DE I use the wonder as the prerequisite for Phase IV, Empire Phase. If you don't include wonder, I'll just reuse the Ptolemy wonder for this purpose, no problem.
  7. Thread doesn't have to be about 1 video, guy.
  8. I too suggest Scythians. I was going to add them to DE, but I think better to collaborate. I have try some tests with movable buildings and it work just fine, using the Upgrade feature already in the game, meaning no need for new feature.
  9. I ask this months ago. Reply was it's broken.
  10. For a radical departure for Carthage and mercenaries/embassies, see DE. In short, mercenaries are unlimited to build (basically they just have a huge upper limit), while citizens are the ones that are limited. I'm not happy with them in DE currently, but I think it's on the right track. I haven't spent much time tweaking it, but this thread gives me ideas. I think what I'm going to do is get rid of the unit limits and limit the buildings differently: I'll make it 1 barracks per civic center (this trains citizen soldiers) and remove the limit on embassies. I really like the "choice" you have to make in vanilla, but I agree it's too limiting. Maybe the idea was to make the embassy mercs train super fast and was never implemented. A solution for vanilla may be to come up with a 4th embassy culture and then have 2 sets of paired techs that allow you to choose which 2 embassies to unlock. Once unlocked, you can build an unlimited number of them. Too bad we can't have more complex tech decision making beyond just pairs, though the vanilla game removed all complexity in technology many alphas ago.
  11. I do agree that the vanilla Elephant Archers are strange indeed. They should be slower than other cav archer obviously (half as fast) and higher health (maybe double health, exact number is unimportant in alpha). It's an elephant, not a horse, make it unique some way. Just get it close for alpha, fine tune in beta. I like Lion's idea of making the priests have other abilities too. I'd make the abilities unlock with tech. Maybe use some old school tech names like "Fanaticism" for conversion.
  12. Yes, and remove this from them Ptolemies. Ptolemies should be a booming civ, not rushing civ.
  13. Priests basically manage themselves, but I think it folly to talk balance at this point. So much time wasted on balance when gameplay features like formation fighting and charging and running all not even implemented yet.
  14. Why do priests cost so much anyway? Try reducing their price and see if they are use more.