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  1. I was tempted to move these to the merc camp, but the Ptolemies already have a ton of mercs in DE. lol
  2. Got them to work right in DE. Units still spin around at the end of a move though. And sometimes while walking the units will randomly snap to their "regular" walking animation and then back into the "formation" walking animation.
  3. Actually no. As mentioned before, many of the soldiers don't always use the right animation in the formation based on their position (all special formations), soldiers spin around real fast at the end of a move, syntagma doesn't maintain the hedge hog look when idle (but the testudo and phalanx do).
  4. The syntagma animations don't act as they should sometimes. Also, when idle it would be nice if they maintained that "syntagma" animation.
  5. Yeah, try the exact same design, but with thatch roof. Let's see how it looks.
  6. That would be a nice feature for the base game, definitely. Don't just leave it for a mod!
  7. I am not Sundiata, but I do remember reading a passage about the Kushites using a mixed formation of troops, each with his own weapon, including swords, spears, and pikes.
  8. Looks way better. Can you straighten their left arms a bit?
  9. Suebians = Early Germans representation (think: Teutoburg Forest era, 1st century BC-2nd century AD) All thatched roofs We can use these as a basis for a Vanilla-compatible version of the Germans (as Sundiata mentions, Cimbri War era, 2nd century BC), but Delenda Est's version will be Suebians and don't have to conform to Vanilla norms. Lighter Cavalry, lighter armor, emphasis on melee combat Goths = Late Germans (migration period, Western settlement, Hunnic Wars, 3rd to 6th century) representation Visigoths and Ostrogoths, either a split at the beginning (similar in style to Hyrule Conquest) or at City Phase (like AOM). More shingle roofs. More use of stone. Heavier Cavalry, More Armor, More Archery
  10. Can anyone check out the civ select code in DE for me? Got a new error: ERROR: JavaScript error: gui/civsel/civsel.js line 203 TypeError: Engine.PopGuiPageCB is not a function returnCiv@gui/civsel/civsel.js:203:1 __eventhandler97 (press)@__internal(6) press:0:1
  11. Also can you make the doorways larger. I'm thinking of ingame scale.
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