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  1. For the Athenians civ: Acharnae Aphidnae Athens (of course) Cephisia Cytherus Decelea Delos Eleusis Laurium Marathon Phaeleron Piraeus Plataea Rhamnous
  2. I fear the restoration will turn into a boondoggle. So many corporations and rich people pledging donations, who will coordinate these funds?
  3. Likely InterestingLog would output exactly what is in that screenshot
  4. Sounds like less of a miracle to me and more like the fire marshals being smart and professional at what they do.
  5. On the contrary, it makes the game feel complete and polished. Keep trucking on, my wayward son.
  6. "Grid subdiv" is also a useful terrain for figuring out sizes.
  7. think of it as an innovation or evolution of Age of Empires. That's what 0 A.D. represents at the end of the day.
  8. Something like this has a footprint slightly larger than a Civic Center.
  9. Regarding "hills" needed, we can use hills, cliffs, mountains, or simply pits in the terrain -- small depressions in the terrain grid simulating an open quarry. Different maps can use different methods. Doesn't require every map to have lots of hills everywhere.
  10. I did this in DE. The current bonus is just unacceptable.
  11. I have discussed many times the need for shuttle speed (the walk speed as units shuttle resources back and forth) so all infantry can be equally useful economically. However, DE bypasses this consideration completely by having classic Villager units instead.
  12. Some more cliff types and some mountain tops and we got a stew going baby.
  13. I like the updater idea. It would mostly make this discussion moot. Lol. Back on topic, just commit already. Lol
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