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  1. What is changed?
  2. Parts 3, 4, and 5 too? lol Look like long game.
  3. I think the current vanilla list is adequate. I do strongly suggest that the game include a mod like Terra Magna with the official release to illustrate the modding power of the game, while at the same time including more civs for players to tool around with. Also, perhaps include a mod that is a lot different too, like maybe something that radically changes the game, like some kind of small Battle of Waterloo mod with gunpowder units, or even something more radical like a monsters mod that adds trainable myth monsters to each of the civs' Temples.
  4. I like the visualization of the territory borders. Nice and graphical. 0 a.d. should follow suit with a more aesthetically pleasing territory border effect than it currently has.
  5. As always. See DE. Lol
  6. I had the idea of extending the Tab key. Right now, depress the Tab and you see the health bars of all your units. What if the Tab is more of a toggle and it toggle on other things too, like the floaty icons you propose and various range graphics. Likely too busy to play that way for the whole match, but would be useful, 10 seconds at a time for the player to plan better or get snapshot of what's going on.
  7. Yes, it's funny because if you take static screenshot of his game you don't know what the hell you're looking at either. lol What makes one mech and obvious econ unit and another an obvious military unit? The economic "pod" mechs could be kamikaze units or something for all I would know from a dense, static screenshot.
  8. Here's the weird thing too. I have 2 CCs. I upgrade them to Fortified CCs separately, 5 mins apart, and I still lose. I swear the FCCs have the CivilCentre class.
  9. Hi. So, I made a new Victory Condition for DE, called Conquest Civic Centers. Basically, win by destroy or capture the enemy Civic Centers. Here is the code of the script: var cmpTrigger = Engine.QueryInterface(SYSTEM_ENTITY, IID_Trigger); cmpTrigger.conquestClassFilter = "CivilCentre"; var data = {"enabled": true}; cmpTrigger.RegisterTrigger("OnOwnershipChanged", "ConquestHandlerOwnerShipChanged", data); cmpTrigger.RegisterTrigger("OnStructureBuilt", "ConquestAddStructure", data); cmpTrigger.DoAfterDelay(0, "ConquestStartGameCount", null); This works fine... until I use an Upgrade feature to upgrade my Civic Center. I made it so I can upgrade my Civic Center to a Fortified Civic Center. The Fortified Civic Center inherits from the Civic Center template, so has all the same classes, etc. There may be a brief moment where the game think I don't have a Civic Center, so it makes me lose. Even though the enemy didn't destroy or capture it. Can I edit something in the script to prevent this? Perhaps that last line that mentions Delay?
  10. The flag indicates a waypoint, actually. Ask @Itms or @elexis, it might be a separate, though related, task.
  11. When a force of enemy troop try to capture my Civic Center, they couldn't capture it because of the number of garrisoned defenders. So, the attackers switched from capture to attack instead. Very nice. @mimo May have been in the logic for a long time, but it really showed this time. They would capture it by about 5% but my defenders capture it back to 100% every 5 seconds or so. The attackers were all like, "Screw this!" and switch to destroy instead. Very nice, something a human player would do.
  12. The red and gold looks really nice. Maybe a subtle spec texture too, especially on the gold trim? And I think the animation should be somewhat faster. This is exciting though.
  13. Post the whole xml file or copypasta the code from the xml file for us.
  14. Pretty much how it's done.