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  1. delenda_est warning !

    Yeah, I recently implemented the slave economy to all civs. There are Male Citizens and Female Citizens, who build economic and civic buildings, and who have a Slave Ownership aura which boosts: Male and Female Slaves, who are available after building a Market.
  2. delenda_est warning !

    Yeah, the Git repo should work with the current SVN/dev version of 0 A.D.
  3. Rome Total War II New DLC pack - Empire divided

    It looks like they updated the card styles. I appreciated and understood what they were trying to do with the "Red Fired Amphorae" style for the unit cards, but I still recognized they were horrible from a gameplay perspective.
  4. Age of Empires definitive edition [remaster]

    Delenda Est, but with ages instead of phases. Add battalions for soldiers. Add AOE3/AOEO home cities. Add age-up choices ala AOM. Have "god powers" but slightly more mundane, call them "Commandments" or something, just boosts or policies that affect gameplay. Have an incredibly well-written and historical campaign for "Europe", "Africa", and "The East." Basically, harness the entire "Age" canon, and then include some extra innovations.
  5. Age of Empires definitive edition [remaster]

    Make sure they keep the same monotonous and boring gameplay! My god, can villagers be any slower? No wonder I always played Deathmatch back in the 90s.
  6. ===[HELP NEEDED]=== The next big thing : Helmets

    That poor guy, having to parse large art commits.
  7. Age of Empires definitive edition [remaster]

    Seems odd to me that they would improve the graphics so much, but then not improve the super ugly fog of war.
  8. ===[HELP NEEDED]=== The next big thing : Helmets

    12 is the classic Corinthian helmet that we all know and love, 6th and 5th century. 16 is a more refined version for better hearing, which I really like, 5th and early 4th centuries. It's my favorite Corinthian variation. Notice how the face and cheek pieces of the helmet have a general taper down. #20 is an excellent example of a Thracian-style helmet, used across the Hellenistic world in the 4th and 3rd centuries. Great for pikemen, mercenary hoplites, and maybe even elite archers.
  9. ===[HELP NEEDED]=== The next big thing : Helmets

    The textures are much smoother and much improved. They look like nice smooth metal helmets now. Critiques: - Corinthian helmet cheek pieces look a little "broad" to me. I think the overall face of the helmet should taper more, and the eye holes should be smaller. - The "Thracian Cap" helmets are confusing to me. They may or may not be accurate, I don't know. Maybe I just think they're ugly in general. lol - Some of the helmets have cheek pieces that are modeled to be more like ear muffs. Maybe revisit the geometry of those.
  10. ===[HELP NEEDED]=== The next big thing : Helmets

    Which one? there are many. But likely @Wijitmaker.
  11. Polybolos animations for infantry

    Yeah dude, those work great. Thanks!
  12. Polybolos animations for infantry

    Very very nice. I'd like to include in DE if you're willing.
  13. Rome Total War II New DLC pack - Empire divided

    Part 2, hitting cranial implant repositories Summer 2027.
  14. 0 A.D. on YouTube

  15. Gastraphetes

    @Alexandermb: Do you think those skeletons conflict with the gastraphetes one?