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  1. Advancing in rank needs to show fancier gear, ie gear the soldier will take great pains in order to keep in fighting order and prestige. But okay dude. You're the artist and you'll do it whatever way you want to anyway.
  2. The game needs hard formations and trample for it to make any difference.
  3. Quite frankly, soldiers do not go into a pitched battle with all of their armor tarnished and shield facings peeling off. A few dents and cuts here and there make sense of course, but soldiers would take great care of their panoply leading up to a battle.
  4. Option C: Make chariots "tech up" from light (the little chariot) to medium to heavy with technologies. Also agree with just making them Champion class, but have them tech up as suggested. The game is missing progression stuff like this IMHO.
  5. Macedonians could maybe get a "Thessalian Squadron" upgrade for the scout cav (kinda like the Hussar upgrade in aoe2), where they get a lance and some armor (base scouts just get knives and no armor).
  6. Implement a scout class cavalryman for each civ (see Delenda Est, per always). No bonuses except vision range and speed. These are your trash cavalry units and are the only cav trainable in Village Phase.
  7. I think the best looking market in the game is the Spartan market (in DE I use it for the Mace and Athen market too). So anything like that would be my preference: Some kind of small central structure and then a lot of market stalls and such arrayed around it. Unless someone else can supply a good reference instead of course.
  8. A ninja would actually be cool, with custom animations.
  9. Dude why player color on the wheels? Lol This game needs a serious player color guide.
  10. It had the civ selection screen with the civ icons.
  11. Yep, gamesetup got screwed up by yet another public mod change a few weeks ago. I'm sick of maintaining it so I'll just delete it and go back to a boring drop down list.
  12. Nice! Getting errors like this tho: ERROR: Failed to find matching prop point called "crest_transversal" in model "art/meshes/props/helmet/rome_gallic_type_h_01.dae" for actor "rome_gallic_type_h_cent_transversal"
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