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  1. Yeah, the "heavy shield" javelinist animations need adjusted for... heavy shields. Lots of clipping there. There are some cavalry animations that need adjusted too.
  2. Miltiades "Thracian Colonies" Civic Centers -50% build time while Miltiades lives. Themistocles "Piraeus Fortifications" Walls and Shipyards +20% health while Themistocles lives.
  3. Yeah, some kind of large round pelte would be best for Iphicrates. At some point I will write a manual, either in PDF form and/or on Github.
  4. This is some good content. Thank you. I'll take it under advisement. About illustrations, it's difficult to get an artist to illustrate 40 hero portraits gratis. I really really suggest WFG commission an artist (then I myself would commission the same artist to complete portraits for the remaining DE heroes). About links and whatnot to more info, the current iteration of the civ selection code just doesn't allow for that. Those big hero buttons are just PNGs.
  5. 5 heroes works just fine (1080p resolution). So, we can design 3-5 heroes for every civ.
  6. For Carthage I was thinking Xanthippus of Sparta, their famous mercenary general from the First Punic War. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xanthippus_of_Carthage Hanno would also be good. I could replace Maharbal with Hanno and add Xanthippus for a total of 4, or I could keep Maharbal and seecif I can't have 5. Athens is difficult, because they have so many good ones to choose from. Aristides, Cimon, Miltiades, Alcibiades, Socrates, et al. I only mention Socrates because he would be a lot different than the others.
  7. Socrates was actually a decorated hoplite, given commendation twice for bravery on the battlefield. He was very proud of these accomplishments.
  8. Socrates maybe? Could swap between philosopher mode and hoplite mode.
  9. So, Delenda Est is revamping heroes to be a lot more interesting. Along with selecting your preferred hero at the start of the match, heroes will start out on foot, with only economic auras, and then over the phases have more auras and bonuses unlocked. Furthermore, many heroes will be upgradeable to mounted versions in City Phase. What I need help for is determining which heroes get which bonuses when, and also what type of mounts they should receive (horse, chariot, elephant, etc.). Any input, especially if sourced would be appreciated. Trying to push this thing as far as I can.
  10. I just looked it up too. The promo video looks straight out of Rise of Nations or Age of Empires 2.
  11. The house system for the Hylian battalions would do great for depicting the various Roman Legions for 0 A.D. (and/or Delenda Est).
  12. Now committed to the original Delenda Est github repository.
  13. I wonder if a WWII Total War would work. Another would be American Civil War.
  14. Ironically we should technically never depict royal women in the game since they would always be stuck inside the buildings.
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