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  1. 28mm Ancient Miniatures

    Also, keep in mind that at the scale of a table-top miniature the model detail doesn't need to be very high.
  2. 28mm Ancient Miniatures

    For 0 A.D.'s units? No.
  3. 28mm Ancient Miniatures

    Still would be kind of cool.
  4. Faction: The Franks

    Too many IMHO. They never used Thureophoroi and Thracian Swordsmen, either. The 'Royal Stoa' was a mistake.
  5. Windows Taskbar

    Having a problem intermittently where the Windows Taskbar won't go behind the gameplay window. Might not be 0 A.D.'s fault per se. Any idea how to get rid of this problem? Taskbar is not set to 'Lock' either.
  6. Possible Game Optimisation for Next Update?

    darnit! I saw this from you and thought it was his. My bad @Gyrion
  7. Possible Game Optimisation for Next Update?

    Perhaps, but I only have one shown to "choose" from.
  8. Possible Game Optimisation for Next Update?

    This makes me think you don't have the latest NVIDIA driver and software.
  9. [Map] The Aerie & Tordheim

    Man alive, a lot of those screenshots would look incredible with some SSAO.
  10. Possible Game Optimisation for Next Update?

    If you click that icon while running 0 A.D. it should tell you.
  11. Possible Game Optimisation for Next Update?

    Are you sure you're using your graphics card and not your onboard graphics?
  12. 28mm Ancient Miniatures

    It wouldn't take much editing to add shoulder flaps, straps, etc, to the models before printing.
  13. Possible Game Optimisation for Next Update?

    Smoke I understand. Particles are a performance hit, but distance fog shouldn't hurt that much.
  14. Hyrule Conquest

    hmm, lol, then perhaps it's your positioning of them. Looks kind of random, also too many planes. Check out the Carob trees in-game to get a better view of how the geometry in a tree canopy should be structured. The Baobabs are good examples too. Basically, you want a kind of "layered" look to the canopy planes to give some good internal self-shadowing. When you have a lot of randomized planes like you have now you create these weird shadows and odd intersections, which don't look as good as they should since all of your other artwork is top notch.
  15. Hyrule Conquest

    I encourage you to use short range for LOS/Vision for now until there's some kind of "Engagement range" coded into the game. Lower vision range will help you/the player control the units better and they won't run off and attack whatever wanders into vision range. Also, a suggestion/tip for your videos. If you really want to show off some detail with your units, you can unlock the camera by Ctrl-D. That way you can zoom in further than the hardcoded minimum for your videos. Art tip: Use auto-smooth on the branch/leaf faces in the canopies of your trees. This will help alleviate that "planey" look to the treetops.