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  1. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    3 questions to the graphics in the game

    Wasn't there a problem with scrollbars not working with widgets and options or somesuch. Probably not remembering right. It's the reason that we don't just have a scrolling game setup options panel instead of the weird sliding menus.
  2. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Fork AD

    Phabricator and whatnot?
  3. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Fork AD

    If Fork A.D. doesn't do anything significantly different to the gameplay, then what would be the point? Real question to mr bushido.
  4. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Render Dump

    This in the TM repo already?
  5. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Fork AD

    The thing about open source is that you can't really stop others from using "your" code as long as they adhere to the original license. Both WFG and Fork AD can and will likely mix and match code and assets just like the mods have.
  6. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Fork AD

    Kind of an odd announcement. Nothing to show. Best wishes though.
  7. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Civilians =/= military civilians

  8. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Faction : Nomads Xiongnu

    Right, I imagine the Scythians could look a lot like this: But with more Scythian decor/aesthetic: https://www.google.com/search?q=scythian+textiles
  9. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Faction : Nomads Xiongnu

    I agree. I don't understand why everyone wants everything oversaturated and cartoony. Player color, I understand, but the base diffuse colors should be rather realistic.
  10. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Crash upon enter Lobby

    I confirm that my local SVN version of the mod does indeed enter the lobby correctly.
  11. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Economy and Citizen-Soldier Movement Speed

    I like your analysis, but this paragraph is key: This is the "real world" difference that's not accounted for in your analysis (to give you credit, you admit this). The different movement speeds for shuttling compound the economic impact shown in your data. Now, previously, some folks said, "Let's just give every soldier the same walking speed. That should solve it!" which I think is not a comprehensive solution, and the "combat balance" of the game, so much as it is, takes into account these walking speeds, so if you did that then the balance would be off again. No, I think the best, comprehensive solution is to have a ShuttleSpeed element for the unit templates. We can set all gatherers to the same ShuttleSpeed, something like 6.5 for the base game. Doing this then removes this problem. That's because Skiritai are basically Elite Citizen-Soldiers from the get go. They also have a high Walk Speed. Yeah, we shouldn't want that. So, let's all get on board with ShuttleSpeed! One of the byproducts of throwing out hard counters is now you have 3 ranged infantry units with no clearly defined roles (their stats are just slightly different and players just figure out which one has the best stats and spams those), so that now you have side issues like this economic question. Let's have ShuttleSpeed so the economic consideration is removed and players can choose units based on their combat prowess and strategy, and not be disincentivized by shuttling speed.
  12. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Portraits for Heroes

    I'd differentiate the background color from the main color pallette of the subject.
  13. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Crash upon enter Lobby

    This will be fixed when WFG debuts the Alpha 23 fix release.
  14. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    Very nice. You need AO maps for max awesomeness tho. @stanislas69
  15. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Economy and Citizen-Soldier Movement Speed

    Different units have different gather rates? About shuttle speed in the template, I would set it to the same for all units. The point would be that it is controllable in the template so that you can have a uniform shuttling speed for citizen-soldiers (probably the speed of your slowest walking infantryman) while maintaining that they can have differing regular "walk" speeds (fast moving slingers, slow pikemen, etc.). Since it's controlled in the templates, you could have techs or bonuses which modify this shuttling speed, but don't affect normal walking rates.