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  1. Is wanted feature, but 'X' is for training units right now.
  2. A new unit training queue next to the technology queue. Upper right. Same functionality as the tech queue.
  3. I think it would be just like the Wonder victory as far as coding goes. Just extend it to be able to be added to any template, this case a flag object , then add the options in the UI and AI.
  4. I understand this, I do. But in the end, as designer you "guide" the player to the gameplay you want for the game by making design decisions. It's fine though, not a big deal. Maybe 60 minutes would be a good upper limit though, instead of 120 and my 20. This would be awesome.
  5. Yes, I expanded it to all support units.
  6. Already implemented in the game. Hmm, maybe, maybe not. Depends if there's some kind of overpowered militia rush in phase I. Can just make them get more expensive the more you make too. A lot of the stuff can be implemented without any C++ or big JS changes. But some crucial parts do need some programming.
  7. "Uber techs" I just meant extra techs above and beyond phase III, really. Not game breaking stuff, "nice to have" techs. I'd also push siege techs to phase IV. The siege weapons become available in phase III, upgradeable in phase IV; probably the same for heroes and champions: unlocked in phase III, upgradeable in phase IV.
  8. A Nabataeans mod is being designed.
  9. Haha yeah, I think the timer options should be reduced, for both Wonder and Relic victories. Maybe from just 1 to 10 minutes. Add 15 and 20 minute options for those who are masochists. Certainly, 120 minutes is, uh, laughable. lol Here's mine: { "Times": [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20], "Default": 5 }
  10. I haven't touched on the faction differences yet, but one can look at Delenda Est to see what I have done there and then extrapolate further. I'd make Persians and Mauryans more Zerg-like, masses of low-quality troops with a few battalions of high quality shock troops. of course, a lot more changes and additions to make civs unique. This document was just a general overview and provides the base. That's basically what I'd propose too, just add loot, treasures, etc. and the trading too, as ways to attain Coin. Not far off here. Perhaps the Market can be configured between producing/trickling Food, Wood, Iron, Stone, and Coin. We're aligned on making the market bartering Coin-based. I'm okay would some capturable neutral settlements being on the map. Perhaps maybe 1 neutral settlement per player, but also still enough room to build more new civic centers/provinces later in the match. In this proposal, there are 4 phases, so having Civic Centers available in phase 2 seems pretty early already. Phase 1 should be for setting up the home town. If there are capturable neutral settlements already on the map, then there's already a way to expand. If storehouses and farmsteads are buildable in neutral territory from the start, there's already the possibility for eco spreading. I'm cool with Phase 1 being economic. The only soldiers are the citizens when they are called to arms/mustered with the town bell. In this proposal, Wonders are a prereq for going to phase IV, which has the uber techs, siege techs, etc. Also, in this proposal, phases are on a per settlement basis, so you can have a settlement at city phase, while you may have another at town phase, and yet 2 others still in village phase. Point is, not all settlements are the same and have the same structure availability until they are phased up independently.
  11. BTW -- this thread wasn't my proposal for mod, it was my proposal for the vanilla game. It would require a fork of the code and a team to do a mod, and I barely have time and interest to maintain Delenda Est. Okay, some addenda based on comment from commenters who say commenty things: Slaves don't slowly lose health anymore, or maybe if they do, the health drain only occurs when gathering and is rather slow. I think "Silver" in my presentation should be called Coin instead, since it represents trade and taxes, essentially coinage. To make population easier to manage, I think each civ should get a secondary house-style building at City Phase. Bigger, more population bonus. For the Romans, it's the insula. Maybe for the Celts it's an artisan's village, looks like a collection of houses. Basically, you start to build whole neighborhoods at once instead of individual little houses. Straggler trees being removable can help with the size of things. So, in DE, the Roman insula is 25 pop. Building a few of these, even if more expensive and larger footprint is more efficient than building 10-pop houses.
  12. I sympathize, but honestly there need to be better quality control for maps. Also, because there's a limit of 1 market per civic center, you can 't place them right next to each other. Designers need to design their maps with all features in mind. Many do not. Again, I sympathize because features are always in flux. Is an alpha of course.
  13. Perhaps a build is necessary. It didn't work that way when I tested. Sorry. Atlas also screwed up a map by removing the skirmish entities when the map was saved, for some reason. Again, probably as build issue.
  14. Envisioned something grander, but all right, let's try this. I think the wagon part should have an ao map. Make the wheels separate if you have to. Also, and this is important, the Catafalque should not show up on the map unless the Capture the Relic victory condition is selected. Otherwise it is useless to have them show up on a skirmish map that has some other victory condition.
  15. Can trade with yourself too. Can also sell resource for silver at Market. Maybe implement a true tax system its income being Silver. Splitting barracks into stables, archery range, and barracks is a possibility. Just thought the building panel getting crowded. About slaves losing health, that can be taken out no problem.