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  1. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Portraits for Heroes

    I would say make sure to do these in layers, so that the standard background can be applied. This looks nice though.
  2. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Order of mods should not matter while loading a saved game

    I think the issue is that the replay or saved game should just load the mods in the proper order when launched.
  3. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Discussion of the Inclusion of mod civilization in A24

    I don't think one precludes the other. Sure, if there are a ton of civs then players will figure out which civs are better than the others and use those in multiplayer if all they care about is win:loss ratios, but that will happen regardless of how many civs the game has. It happened in Starcraft with every single new patch that was released where top players bounced back and forth from Zerg and Protoss, and that game had the absolute minimum of civs. This cannot be avoided. As @Sundiata mentioned, you can macro balance with culture groups and then tweak that a little on the civ scale for interest. Cultural groups would be maybe 6? Not hard to balance from that POV.
  4. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Team bonuses

    The Royal Stoa building was just kind of ill-conceived from the get go. Stoas should have more of civic function (like in Delenda Est), not serve as another barracks. Thracian sword duders make sense for both Seleucia and Macedon, notsomuch for Athens and Sparta.
  5. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    NoMaDiC CiViLiZaTiOnS

    I too had also thought to give their cavalry a build function. In the actor it would work just like the meat gathering does. The horse would stand aside while the rider goes to ground and hammers the foundation.
  6. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    NoMaDiC CiViLiZaTiOnS

    Nice guys, I think we all had the same idea simultaneously. I too thought about giving them a falcon scout unit, perhaps as their special starting unit. Already in the git repo. Yeah, give a vision and meat gathering bonus. Though, if I give them the falcon scout then I'd just reduce it to a meat gathering bonus. Agreed all.
  7. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Team bonuses

    I haven't played core game in a while, but don't the Macedonians have access to the Thracian Black Cloak (a vicious champion swordsman) in Phase 2? If so, they may be simply underutilized or perhaps (and this is probably it) they are too expensive. I'm pretty sure, and @Nescio please correct me if I'm wrong, the Antigonid Royal Peltasts were mostly just elite heavy pikemen. Of course, during sieges and other special operations they would use javelins and swords, but in pitched battle they'd just be the elite of the pike corps, used to anchor one of the flanks like the Seleucid Silver Shields. Make spearmen Hack-only and you'd get rid of this over reliance on swordsmen for the anti-ram role.
  8. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Delenda Est alpha 23 - feedback

    Perhaps I can reduce Town cost from 1000f and 500w, to 800f and 400w. Would that be a positive change? My whole point is to try to make players establish a strong food income early. Reasoning being that Food is truly the most realistically important resource in the game. Metal is nice and all, but Food is absolutely the most important resource, in reality and in my mod. Maybe just remove the wood cost so people can afford more farms early instead of saving it for the Town tech.
  9. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Delenda Est alpha 23 - feedback

    I appreciate your post, but you have to be a lot more specific than this. Keep in mind, I haven't even tried to balance anything yet bruh. This is a whole different kind of game. I like the idea, but branching civs are currently impossible to do, except in a really hacky way. That's why I don't even try to do it. Having "culture" groups is exactly what I already do though. Every civ within a culture has some very similar bonuses and techs, but some interesting variations. But honestly, it's all a but too much for 1 dude to handle. So, elaborate branching schemes and whatnot are on the back back back burner.
  10. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    NoMaDiC CiViLiZaTiOnS

    Huns, yeah, not much attesting to female warriors, while the Scythians and Xiongnu do. I think the Xiongnu could have some female actor variations, while the Scythians would have a couple of actual female unit templates. I could make the Scythian scout cavalry a female unit, maybe "Maiden Scout." And then maybe a "Headhunter" champion cav? "Royal Scythians" seem to have been their ruling class, so that could be a heavily armored mixed-gender champion melee cav? For the Huns, it would be cool if they could use the lasso in some way as attested. Some kind of special attack which "stuns" the attacker and target in place, allowing for an allied unit to kill the target unmolested. But that requires a general "special attacks" feature. The Hunnic "cavalry circle" maneuver would be a cool feature/formation. Right now, I simulate Parthian Tactics with a tech that gives their ranged cavalry the old "MinRange" kiting effect again, which is good enough for now. Works as intended to annoy the fug out of the enemy. lol Certainly noted, and would work nice for Terra Magna too. Right. I think the Scythian "Great Settlement" option could unlock the Fortress and Stone Walls for them. Every civ really needs some kind of Wonder. I thought "Royal Kurgan" burial mound could be that. Perhaps the Hun wonder would be a fanciful, but interesting large horse warrior statue or something. Xiongnu armor was quite elaborate as well. Scythian armor definitely had some cross influence with the Persians and Greeks. Some Scythians even wore Greek helmets. Persians adopted many Scythian fashions. We could just say that the Huns would generally have somewhat less impressive armor than the Scyths and Xions. Don't kill me, @Nescio, it was just a general observation. Though, their Gothic and Alan troops may be elaborately armored at the higher ranks. Alans essentially armored as cataphracts. Oh, certainly. Perhaps as a general bonus, plus some techs that can "level up" this effect. We really need Corrals to work as was originally intended, with animal capturing AOE-style, so we can have nomads riding in and stealing your cattle and sheeps.
  11. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    NoMaDiC CiViLiZaTiOnS

    I think the "settlement" option for Scythians may need some new code. Currently techs cannot disable things. Only enable or alter stats. Any ideas @stanislas69 or @elexis?
  12. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    NoMaDiC CiViLiZaTiOnS

    I could see Germanic civs having such an option in City Phase. Call it "Migration".
  13. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Huns - references

    Right, but the Goths seemed to inhabit the steppe initially. Hence my musing. And they were quite nomadic.
  14. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    NoMaDiC CiViLiZaTiOnS

  15. wowgetoffyourcellphone

    Hyrule Conquest

    Yes, very hacky. lol Appreciated nonetheless.