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  1. Without Ctrl you reset the rallypoint. Ctrl always stands for garrisioning
  2. Select building and then Ctrl + right click on that building.
  3. (1) Nice bug. Tried it out myself, it feels really strange 10 women are faster with building than 11 (2) May be fixed by sure) Edit: (12) see
  4. Imarok=Imarok3
  5. Though its better then nothing
  6. What version of the game are you using?
  7. I think units dont habe a back and front.(simulation-wise)
  8. Registration from one IP is limited to 1 account per hour (it could be 2 hours, not sure anymore). So you need to wait a bit until your brother can register. You can just play together via LAN while that.
  9. Nope. (Though 0ad saves the last password you used.)
  10. Nothing. In the future the rated games will hopefully be hosted by wildfire games and then we'll have more control about how won/lost. (And maybe limit the pause time per player)
  11. I'd say: This year.
  12. Tried using the 0ad repo?
  13. Gefühlt würde ich sogar sagen, nach Spanisch ist deutsch die zweithäufigste Muttersprache in der lobby...
  14. VS13 from Microsoft: (also linked here:
  15. I think you need Phase 2 and not Phase 3