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  1. Imarok

    "Not implemented" error with campaign button

    What strings are not used in the GUI? Maybe we could run the script only for some directories?
  2. Imarok

    lower nubia error

  3. Imarok

    Alpha 24 name suggestions

    Sounds like a good idea, and better than Xerxes
  4. Imarok

    Alpha 24 name suggestions

    An explanation for us uneducated people would be also nice
  5. Imarok

    Alpha 24 name suggestions

    @Sundiata do you have any names to propose that come from one of our included non greek/roman civ?
  6. Imarok

    Alpha 24 name suggestions

    Sorry this is the wrong letter, 'Y' will be in A25. For A24 we need a word with 'X'
  7. Imarok

    Where are you from?

    A23 was released last night ^^
  8. Vertical text scrollbar is no problem, we should add that for the civ text. Horizontal scrollbars and scrollbars for a "container" that contains multiple GUI-Elements are not implemented.
  9. That looks nice. The old alpine valley was one of the ugliest maps we have...
  10. Imarok

    Alpha 24 name suggestions

    Aren't we always doing it that way? Collecting suggestions should be started as early as possible, as this means more suggestions.
  11. Imarok

    ModIo.cpp errors SVN Linux

    As you already built with sudo some time ago, we need to rule out the possibility you did it again
  12. Imarok

    ModIo.cpp errors SVN Linux

    No, I just meant the command line output.
  13. If that is supported by conventional sources, we maybe should redesign Sparta?
  14. Imarok

    ModIo.cpp errors SVN Linux

    What I intended with my W-questions: You should always post a error log/compile log and state at which point it is failing and which commands you used for building. Else it is very difficult to help you.