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  1. OK. Done: D2362. A bit Offtopic: Is it intended units loose their helmet/cap and cape while carrying or gathering?
  2. That looks better. Are you sure the female variant needs all the weapon attachpoints: + <prop attachpoint="shield"/> + <prop attachpoint="shield_arm"/> + <prop attachpoint="helmet"/> + <prop attachpoint="weapon_R"/> + <prop attachpoint="weapon_bow"/> + <prop attachpoint="ammo"/>
  3. No, my comment was regarding the humans using a mallet for seeding instead of a bowl. xD
  4. Couldn't you just equip them with some kind of bowl?
  5. So that's still needed, right? And have you seen my edit? ;)
  6. I think they rather mean something like @Imarok's clickable attack messages: #5132
  7. That works, but it doesn't resolve the elephant issue. I guess they need a separate variant file. Edit: And I guess they aren't supposed to seed with a mallet in their hands, aren't they?
  8. Index: binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/components/UnitAI.js =================================================================== --- binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/components/UnitAI.js (Revision 22862) +++ binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/components/UnitAI.js (Arbeitskopie) @@ -2719,7 +2719,9 @@ this.FaceTowardsTarget(this.order.data.target); - this.SelectAnimation("build"); + let cmpIdentity = Engine.QueryInterface(this.order.data.target, IID_Identity); + + this.SelectAnimation(cmpIdentity && cmpIdentity.HasClass("Field") ? "seed" : "build"); this.StartTimer(1000, 1000); return false; }, But this doesn't consider the elephant worker issue. And not sure if the name of the animation fits our schema
  9. But the animation doesn't have it's own variant yet, right?
  10. I know but is it already committedto svn?
  11. Yep, the repository itself can always be easily migrated. But we already offer a repository on github... As said we already host a mirror of our repository on GH. But I guess you mean we should also use the "sugar" GH offers besides only hosting a git repo: pull requests, issues, CI, etc. But there we come back to your first point: all that "sugar" can't be easily migrated if GH(or M$) changes policy because those "sugar" isn't part of git. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions#Acquiringthecode
  12. So you are talking about a specific platform now? You can use git without using github... (And afaik you can also use phabricator together with our github mirror)
  13. The metadata.json contains a record of all scores (and kills etc.) for about every 30 seconds of the game. So no need to rerun the replay.
  14. I think that is exactly what @vladislavbelov is planning. Maybe he can need some help?
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