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  1. If you always can host and other people can join, you definitely have IPv4. But I don't really have an idea what your problem could be.
  2. Known bug, should be fixed for the rerelease. Try playing smaller maps or with less players until then.
  3. Imarok

    Errors when no audio device present

    I made a patch fixing that: D1481
  4. 1. Not possible. 2. If garrisoned, the tower shoots always, also while moving.
  5. Imarok

    Multiplayer account creation

    Yep, you share the same public IP. Registration of accounts by the same public IP is limited to one per hour, so either wait that hour or just play a local match. The account is only needed for the lobby.
  6. Imarok

    leagues mod

    What features should the mod have? Don't really can think of, why any changes to the code are needed for tournaments...
  7. Why not just use the 0ad uninstaller?
  8. Steam will always be an enhancement on how the game will be distributed. It will never be the only source... Then just add it. It's a wiki, so everyone can change it.
  9. I created a page on our wiki: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/FAQ Feel free to improve, update and extend it.
  10. Not totally true, next step is the trilog, where they will write the final law. This law then has to pass the voting of the parliament again.
  11. Imarok

    0 A.D. - The Grand Vision

    This could as well be implemented as some kind of meta-mod, that has all the other civ-mods (aristeia, millennium, etc.) as dependency.
  12. We still have one chance remaining...
  13. It's good as a reserve, but iirc we consumed more money than we got in the last months.
  14. Imarok

    ===[TASK]=== Ambiance SFX

    Yes, you need a trac account.
  15. Imarok

    0AD BUG at start - Crashlog Here

    Using an antivirus scanner like GData?