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  1. Tried using the 0ad repo?
  2. Gefühlt würde ich sogar sagen, nach Spanisch ist deutsch die zweithäufigste Muttersprache in der lobby...
  3. VS13 from Microsoft: (also linked here:
  4. I think you need Phase 2 and not Phase 3
  5. Isn't that the case too, when you need to build a CC first?
  6. One of the main reasons for expansion(building a new CC) is to be able to gather new resources. So why should a player build a new CC when he could build storehouses in neutral territory? (Sure its easier to defend, when you can build towers etc. But the need to build a new CC is far less imminent then...) BTW: why should it be a problem when a player cannot reach resources in neutral territory without building a CC? (Furthermore it would drastically reduce the usefulness of the mauryan worker elephant)
  7. The engine itself has nothing to do with aoe.
  8. Phabricator is only used for uploading and discussing patches. Tickets and wiki stay (at the moment) on trac. Phabricator can be accessed at
  9. More information at: (Feel free to provide a patch;)
  10. Maybe just increase the train time of cav at the CC?
  11. logs: (especially interestinglog.html)
  12. There is a file called player.xml:
  13. (nearly?) Everything starting with JS in cpp is using spidermonkey. source\scriptinterface is probably the interface between js code and c++ (manages the calls in js)
  14. I guess this might interest @Sandarac ;P
  15. They are not defenseless. They can kill rams ;P