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  1. Imarok

    What is the basis for good?

    I have both of his books and can totally recommend them. So true, but nevertheless we shouldn't stop trying to act morally.
  2. Imarok

    What is the basis for good?

    Seems like you read Yuval Noah Harari
  3. Nice. Maybe you want to do some other art tasks for 0ad? (like backgrounds etc.) I guess @stanislas69 could tell you more, if you are interested.
  4. Wanna post a screenshot?
  5. Imarok

    Problems with STUN

    Is it still broken? We had some server maintenance and migration, so maybe this influenced STUN in some way.
  6. Uh, which one? I can't think of a fitting. (Sorry for the offtopic ;))
  7. Imarok

    I quite like 0AD - heres few of my thoughts

    You can write quite long comments in this forum. (Ask @Sundiata ;))
  8. Yes, monthly progress reports would be nice, but then we'd need someone that writes them. And if that would be one of our developers, we'd less development power. Wrt naming the rerelease A24 or A23b: Until now all releases have been incompatible to each other. The rerelease however will be compatible with A23 (in general), so it would be counterintuitive and counterproductive to call it A24.
  9. Imarok

    Cheat walls

    The problem is, that we have only three distinct wall lengths. To allow arbitrary lengthy walls get built, without letting units through, we have to allow overlapping walls.
  10. Imarok

    Selecting fit units ?

    That works? I didn't knew that xD
  11. Imarok

    Cheat walls

    Things got more balanced. Previous alphas there were some definitely unbalanced parts. Those were ruled out. A23 seems to have a lack of clearly op things. (Besides a mass of catas and bolts maybe)
  12. Some civs can only build one CC (Town center) but they can build military settlements instead.
  13. For sure there is one issue: If a player always plays against bad players and does that often he can get a very high rating. So our system favours players that play often and always against weaker players. The only solution I see would be some kind of matchmaking, where wfg picks a random opponent for you and you are forced to play that game. But that seems difficult to realize.
  14. Imarok

    O.A.D closes unexpectedly

    The next time it crashes, please post the mainlog before you start the game again. (Each start of 0ad overrides the old mainlogs)
  15. Imarok

    NoMaDiC CiViLiZaTiOnS

    That would also be nice for the cart embassies. Currently they have an entitylimit of 3 (or such), but the original idea was to allow only two types built.