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  1. The metadata.json contains a record of all scores (and kills etc.) for about every 30 seconds of the game. So no need to rerun the replay.
  2. I think that is exactly what @vladislavbelov is planning. Maybe he can need some help?
  3. About a year ago I wanted to change the code so that it uses a seeding animation for building fields just to discover that we don't have such animation xD
  4. I don't think there is such a plan. The AI was made JavaScript for moddability  Afaik everything that is too performance heavy in js should be done in c++ if it doesn't hinder moddability too much.
  5. Very nice. Is it already committed? In that case we should change the code so that it is used.
  6. A seeding animation would be nice. Then the workers won't build a field by hammering it in the ground anymore.
  7. Already looked if a crashlog is produced? Assuming Solus us some unix os: tried running 0ad in the command line and looking at that output? (Tried attaching gdb?)
  8. The aim of those strings is not to be easily translatable but to be understandable by english speakers. For translation one always have to have a general knowledge of the game and consider the context of the string to choose the best matching possible translation.
  9. Feel free to do so. How did you fix the gloox issue?
  10. Visual "realism" is good but it's for the bin if you don't see ata glance to which player a unit belongs. 0ad is still a game and not a history simulation. (Of course we should aim for the best historical accuracy. But only as long as it doesn't hinder the gameplay too much) I know the view on this issue also heavily depends on whether you are more a competitive player or a casual. (Maybe we should just have an option to switch between two variatons: One with 100% accurate textures and one with accurate textures and distinguishable player color. Will be much effort and not sure how easy to implement ;))
  11. Try disable GLSL and postprocessing in the options.
  12. Ok, there already is already a ticket: 2824 Edit: 2645 also sounds quite similar.
  13. Imarok

    Damaged Towers

    Locking this topic because it seems like it won't produce anything useful. @gameboy I honor your motivation, but we can't do everything at the same time and people might have other things to do. And everytime you ping a dev they use precious time to look at that ping instead of investing time into the game. So please use that measure wisely and careful.
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