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  1. Hyrule Conquest

    Soon: D945
  2. Really?

    That are good ideas, but without someone doing all that it won't help...
  3. Really?

    Imho we first should all agree on one document, stating, how the gameplay should do. Then we can decide for each patch if it implements that gameplay or not.
  4. 【Fixed】Map error!

    Try 20279
  5. Spartan Structures

    Seems like the obstruction size is not set correctly for the spartan temple (unit standing inside building and selection shape is too small): (Besides that, well done )
  6. Failed to find matching prop point called.

    Maybe because the model of spartan temple changed?
  7. 3) When your units chop wood and you give e.g. a shift + move command they will not execute that move command until they finished chopping wood. That is the sense of Shift + command...
  8. Territory markings missing on OSX

    I think your issue is not knowing, what we mean with "terminal" Try that: http://m.wikihow.com/Open-a-Terminal-Window-in-Mac
  9. Sorry but either use an engine, or, if you want to be ambitious,, look for information on your own... (Or just look into our code...)
  10. Showing mod in lobby

    See #3370 and D931
  11. Delenda Est: An overhaul mod for 0 A.D.

    Good idea, we just need someone managing that
  12. This will be done for A23 afaik
  13. Some bugs/crash

    A description of the bug would help fixing it. What went wrong? When did it happen?
  14. Isometric View Option

    Maybe @vladislavbelov can help you with that...