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  1. Imarok

    RANDOM MAP: Dune - Desert

    Wow, nice dunes :O
  2. Imarok

    celtic reference

    I also want to "warn" you of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sci-Hub
  3. Imarok

    Trying to load Atlas

    Tried finding the real lines with some debugger like gdb?
  4. Imarok

    New quitter strategy

    Sure that needs investigation. I thought the server knows, when a game ended, but after thinking about, I'm not sure... One possibility could be that the clients get some rating accepted (rating not accepted) message by the lobby bot. Then we could pop up a message box in case a player wants to quit a game before the rating has been accepted.
  5. Imarok

    New quitter strategy

    Sure you can ofc fake the report, but then we'll get a report and if someone fakes multiple times, we punish that to disencourage such behavior. As nowadays OOS are quite rare, I think we just handle that also as faking, unless the one who "faked" provides his replay and we can debug it. If so we must decide on each case. Don't know why this should happen often... Definitely no need to simulate then anyway, but I'd say if both players disconnect nearly simultaneously, we just do nothing, so no rating for nobody.
  6. Imarok

    New quitter strategy

    As already said in some other places, there is imho a better solution: Wfg hosts rated games without simulating it but stores the replay. If the players send the same result it is counted. Only if the results differ, which should happen quite rarely, we simulate the stored replay (automatically or manually) to get the real result. Of course we should also admonish the player that sent the false report and ban/kick him/her if it happens multiple times.
  7. Imarok

    DE Alpha 23b rebundle

    Why not use 0.0.24 or just start a new numbering and call it 0.0.1? You don't need to use the same numbers as vanilla 0ad
  8. Imarok

    Gameplay features A24

  9. What about just using foreign mountains from sketchfab? (And scale, change poltcount where needed) E.g.: https://sketchfab.com/models/2017916480d74e4099ce70f69a9fd22c (Unknown license, so we need to ask the author if wanted) https://sketchfab.com/models/9fe7d680d62e470b8810524f712f9cb5 (CC-BY) https://sketchfab.com/models/944b20dfffc648ff902ba9c3f59c6b8a (CC-BY)
  10. Imarok

    Gameplay features A24

    Then why not do it and post the proposal at a ticket?There is always the chance that someone (Maybe @ffffffff ) will implement it.
  11. @Alexandermb maybe?
  12. Imarok

    Why Doesn't 0 AD Have a Discord?

    It is official
  13. Imarok

    Why Doesn't 0 AD Have a Discord?

    Wrt reddit: we even have an official one.
  14. Imarok

    v22 replays under v23?

    Why not just download 0ad a22 from releases.wildfiregames.com and unzip it? (Not sure if that works)
  15. Imarok

    Is there a way to create unit variants?

    Ahm, then why do some chariots make noise when walking in A23?