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  1. Installed all dependencies? Maybe you missed wxwidgets?
  2. It's already planned, but needs some time, as a proper implementation means a gamesetup rewrite.
  3. Units models and animations bug thread

    Here he says it's missing...
  4. Can't finish tutorial

    That is a bug fixed for the upcoming A23 (#4696) Building a forth houses may be a workaround, so that the tutorial continues.
  5. Units models and animations bug thread

    @Alexandermb Maybe you want to do the missing seeding animation? As far as I can see, here are some WIP files, but I guess @stanislas69 could know more about this:
  6. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    To me it seemed not that easy the last time I looked at it ( > 1 year ago...). But feel free to surprise me
  7. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    Flaring is totally wanted and planned, but it needs someone coding it... (And that is not that easy...)
  8. BUG:Select only idle units

    Don't think so
  9. BUG:Select only idle units

    This is a selection filter so if you press I and select units by using the selection box, you will only select idle workers. For finding idle workers use \ or .
  10. how i can play a LAN game?

    He should just wait some hours
  11. There is a link to vs2013 download in the builddescription
  12. Hyrule Conquest

    Btw I guess you should add the public mod as dependency in your mod.json.
  13. Potentially Offensive Visual Content

    I guess those symbols are only forbidden in germany when they are used in a specific context
  14. I think detecting only leaving by just hosting on wfg servers will improve the situation much and won't cost us that much server power.
  15. Hang then Crash on CentOS 7

    Talking about that: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/4844?