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  1. Wouldn't this make cav rush useless? As soon as the enemy sends cav, I just raise alarm and wait until the cav is gone again.
  2. You should use "unused" instead of "0"
  3. Fishing doesn't really need a buff.
  4. It works l ike this in the game: Every client sends his commands to the server, then the server broadcasts all commands to the clients. They all execute those commands on their local simulation. Now and then everyone compares a hash of the simstate with the hash of everyone else's hash. If they don't match, you get an Out of Sync error. So to hack the thing: find some command that does things to everyones simulation, that are not intended.
  5. The guy in the video definitely uses one of the cheats. (Just look at how much resources he has)
  6. Territory border going into darkness is a bug (#4636)
  7. I guess you are looking for (especially "gift from the gods")
  8. As long as it works and doesn't interfere with other things, I see no benefit in removing it anyway. (To be honest, I don't really need it, but I used it... ;))
  9. That's not totally true, I use it now and then.
  10. more information can be found here btw:
  11. AI rejoining OOS won't be fixed next release. "Also i have just finished a game and got that error." the OOS when rejoining wiht AI, or what do you mean? "Will it still be useful if i return the ooslogs and commands.txt?" Though it mostly helps pretty much to get ooslogs and commands.txt, in this specific case (AI rejoining OOS) it won't help.
  12. Have you played with AI? (Rejoining with AI always OOS atm, because the AI isn't serialized correctly) (The missing OOS message on second rejoin is a bug, but we already have a ticket for this)
  13. dedicated server:
  14. Sure, it's easier to implement, but imho waypoints for units are also an important feature, especially for queued orders.
  15. I moved the post to a new topic. (We don't support necromancy) The game works with windows 10 Please do so. The path of these files can be found here: