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  1. Range visualization

    I agree, in second thought 2. sounds nice. (Though I won't be the one implementing it, so my opinion is not that relevant ;))
  2. Range visualization

    True. @Sandarac ;P
  3. Range visualization

    1. Is planned already 2. sounds nice, but could result in too much drawn circles
  4. Known Problems (Please read before posting)

    The tutorial is new in A22. (We had some old bugged tutorial map before)
  5. Add "not implemented yet"

    Those strings in the Civ History section mostly need a rework. They will be removed or moved somtimes anyway, with @s0600204's (hopefully) incoming features.
  6. Accuracy graphs for ranged units

    Those pictures are not mine, they are a proposal from @s0600204
  7. Accuracy graphs for ranged units

    Sorry, seems like my smartphone made stupid things Here are the correct ones:
  8. Accuracy graphs for ranged units

    Like that? https://i.imgur.com/CY2Twpj_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=high
  9. Some 2v2 polar sea game. Seems like towers and cav is important commands.txt
  10. Afaik we only save some hash of password and username
  11. I might port Hyrule Total War to 0AD

    You cannot prevent all bugs. They always occur. You can only try to reduce the number of bugs introduced.
  12. Spartan Structures

  13. Spartan Structures

    Ouh, I always thought, they use only iconic.
  14. Spartan Structures

    I looked more closely on the spartan and athen buildings: It seems like some athen buildings use doric columns (hellenic royal stoa, athenian wonder, poritco and gymnasion), while they should use iconic columns. All current spartan buildings seem to use doric columns. Only the current market uses the iconic columns.
  15. Alpha 22 - Replay feature broken

    What does your replay folder contain?