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  1. possible issue found: if autociv enabled and you are host of the game then you and others with this mod can't select civ just by type it in chat. - investigating
  2. whom you play against later?....
  3. My personal opinion it is not worth to spent any energy on organization at all. Waste of time most of the time. Just play regular team games as you join or 1 vs 1 . Don't take tournament stuffy seriously until you have to pay some fee to enter and have some price to win... Enjoy it
  4. 0.10.3 - minor changes released - see first article
  5. new version released - see first post for download 0.10.2 - any custom text can be added
  6. just instruct others to have same mod enabled and it will work fluently
  7. To make it work you need to have fgod 1.6.23 installd (thanks to @ffffffff and nani) any bugs reports here. I mostly have 0 credits for that I wanted just educate myself how to make mod. Enjoy make 0ad community equal... this is result
  8. I'm officially stopping with any organization or deputy stuff. There is only hate no respect.. so enjoy it
  9. Custom Rating mods allows you to change text inside your brackets in game. Download here latest version customrating.zip changes log - version released 0.10.3 - minor changes 0.10.2 - any custom text can be added 0.10.1 - init public pre-requsities fgod 1.6.23 tested and works well with these mods autociv 0.17.0 (0.17.1) balanced-maps 0.18.0 (0.19.0, 0.20.0) ffm-visiblity 0.1.1 (0.1.2) known bugs: - by using this mod other vanilla users won't see you in-game with direct clicking on your nick [this mod has fix for it] - i requested little fix on fgod level report to me please This mod won't affect your rating number nor 1 vs 1 plays. You can always check player rank from left lobby menu Result Settings in-game
  10. FIY Shift+Tab is also used in fgod to "change status bar" so there is little collision. I recommend to simply remove fgod shortcut as autociv seems to be more used then static setting for fgod (also possible to turn on/off in options) hotkey.session.playerstatsoverview = "Shift+Tab" vs hotkey.autociv.session.minimap.expand.toggle = "Shift+Tab"
  11. @ffffffff we still loves you, but could you release new fgod with small bugfix? it would be fix in file gui/common/gamedescription.js and replacing in function splitRatingFromNick this: [it would avoid fix issues with players not having number in brackets like randomid], because if you select them you dont see in which games they are.... this fix those expected numbers to any text. let result = /^(\S+)\ \((\d+)\)$/g.exec(playerName); let result = /^(\S+)\ \((.*)\)$/g.exec(playerName);
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