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  1. Plese can you consider make boats much smaller? Like 3x less? So far so big thanks for considering
  2. Hello nubs I was born in Cameroon but my family moved to Czechia.
  3. ... said under-rated player who desperately needs points and cant get them with those players in fair rated match nothing personal just I wish we got more adequate ratings. in your case it is much easier because we can spec you in many games without being kicked out
  4. I think we collected lot of opinion. I really don't want him to be "target" of anyone. Anyway he was one of the first who got my attention, simply he kicks me in second if I join his game. So I'm sure I'm not his favorite. I'm really happy he is starting to attend in team games. Maybe time lock this topic. I really tried in the past find anything about this player here on forum and nothing. I was also looking for others for sure .-) Let's play!
  5. if you did not like that game, probably not even worth to make account here and post anything => waste of your time. Anyway other seems to be true ....
  6. @servo how is 1v1 fun for those low exp players with someone like him? tell me please...
  7. @servo and why not to report someone who is misusing the rules? 0ad is for free but rules has to be followed for anyone... simple as that... It is called abusing the sytem. and ranking system has it own purpose to stimulate players to play against each other and rank them. It is so clear that if you don't report such player it is your think (and i dont do it too coz i dont have patience to upload replays) but if another player reports he has fully right and who is child that one who report the bad one? It is not only about age here, so you can be adult but still fully legit to report... I'm totally immune against obscene people, rage quitters, or whatever. don't know how this relates to ranking system or explaining why Arkhipov refusing others, if you say he does that because others are obscene to him - well really all? I seen rarely play Arkhipov plays team games related to his level, I even invited him to play... Still avoiding better players.. 0ad needs players is correct statement. Do anyone want to punish Arkhipov here? Look back how i open this thread please. It is opposite I wanted to stimulate more players against those good players. How could I know I would beat him as I'm 1. lower ranked 2. never played him? Do you admit his rank is not adequate? So allow him /persuade him to play with others like me more
  8. @Servo you are right at some point. He can play for fun without rating, if he plays only with weaker players for rating then sorry I there is nothing bad to mention it. I challenged him few times, he is not behaving so good as you type in all cases.. . When i was ranged 1280 he told me he don't play nubs. When I ask him to play against me he ignores (whatever is his reason he has fully right - as I have full right to talk about anything - it is mutual). If someones has confidence to invite you to play "1vs1 russian provocation no stress" and later not accepting some players well he can do it.. but still we can talk about it as it seems "smelly" Is it normal behavior when I join to team game and he (even not hosting game) says hoster "ban go2die!" ? No it is not.. I might have big mouth (and I have, I talk) but I never talk dirty or bad about anyone. The main reason I open this topic here was to understand why others high ranked players are avoiding him, it seems it is not that case all the time...
  9. Stockfish vs King_soly map: mainland winner: Stockfishmetadata.json commands.txt
  10. High ranked players! Why you don't want to play with Arkhipov???
  11. @feldfeld so true will be somewhere in between... I guess Arkhipov is good player, but for many reason (and maybe only his specific game conditions?) other refuses. That he refuses me is Ok, because I'm like annoying camel. I opened this topic here just to know more about this player, simply I barely see him plays with higher-ranked players. If this is all about ranking it would be nice to think how to improve it, otherwise we will end up not playing at all.
  12. I thnik this OP player needs fame of shame more screenshots will be added as I spot them.
  13. Solution for that bar is edit fgod file gui/session/session.js and find that first line without // (it is commented) and replace with second one //Engine.GetGUIObjectByName("teamInfo").size = "100%-448 100%-228-"+x+" 100% 100%-228"; Engine.GetGUIObjectByName("teamInfo").size = "100%-500 100%-228-"+x+" 100% 100%-228";
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