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  1. smurf don't make forum account for the purpose
  2. Winner of this Sunday match is! @go2die ... unlucky no opponents appeared so I got max points
  3. awesome!!!!! now to solve fonts size and viola! 4k screen ready
  4. I want to beat @ValihrAnt @Boudica so you can count me in
  5. classic all games i had with him and he were losing he left
  6. camelius op commands.txt metadata.json
  7. Some irrationality for default key settings but i know user can change it CTRL+F select field (but 0ad is designed for SHIFT key to "add" or queue) so if i do SHIFT+CTRL+F Instead of adding addtional fields im also selecting farmstead = probably remove that shortcut from farmstead and replace with more usefull without SHIFT) CTRL+S to select storehouse works, but this keyboard is already reserved for camera view up/down ctrl+s and ctrl+w - so as side effect anytime i select storehouse my camera angle is changings.... otherwise i see quite usefull selecting army without navy and workers and especially just cavalery :D.. the rest is nice but too many keyboard for my brain at this moment anyway autotrain not sure how it supposed to work it does nothing here well done nani
  8. - Ptolemies are weaker then other civs but can progress fast in early game. - Ptolemies are / can be fast/est growing civ - so if you lucky without rushes you can be first who max pop (no u can't do this with pikemen strategy at start - skrim has to be made) - Ptolemies are rush friendly civ (because low cost on wood for houses, farmstead, stable, storage) but not that effective as long distance shots accuracy [have to go directly to the middle of army/women to ave high accuracy and risk hits] - Ptolemies if rushing are vulnerable to counter-attack as their base is full of women ONLY (or few start infantry) - Ptolemies camels are effective on women, ineffective on mostly rest of units (can snipe skrim and keep distance = time consuming difficult) - Ptolemies is annoying civ when rushing but can be quite easy protected starting and building close to CC and making towers + outposts BUT you are buying time to your team... - Ptolemies will lack in later phase of game due to weaker units but can contribute to team-game with tons of pikemen die wall + hero or others (only if rushing scenario at start) - Ptolemies are quite vulnerable to rams attack until they make military colony and are able to make mercenary or fort - Ptolemies are not great are not too bad - they have advantage in maps without wood, and disadvantages in maps like Mainland with lot of wood - Ptolemies have slingers which can turn them into powerfull civ (until opponent has lot of cav) - Ptolemies in fact lacks cavalry or too expensive which does not make too much sense. - Ptolemies have @#$%ing expensive barracks coz of stone (those things should cost same every civ I guess) or make some limited barracks for early stages - Ptolemies play-style can be easy coz you just make toons of houses and you save lots of "planning and clicks" on the other hand other civs can make only one house cut wood and then manage to build another in right time (lot of focusing) - Ptolemies can be universal coz they have siege towers, catapults, elephants, bolts.. So in fact thay have to have some limitation and they have. - Ptolemies are metal sensitive (but it is obvious) - Ptolemies are forced to expand to get metal, if you play them think of it. If they expand they are getting very more vulnerable if discovered in building phase I guess they are balanced quite well which is not the case of celts civs or some archers civs which seems to be weaker (able to hold position but not that pushy)
  9. fpre (fffffffffff) is banned from forum for some period of time he can't respond here guys
  10. I would just raise that pikemen are even slower then rams. Does not make too much logic until we have electro-rams
  11. new maps can be developed... if there is possibility to have more players...
  12. plautus getting popular any reason to not wipe his account?
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