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  1. not vulgarism allowed .. otherwise free to talk.. watch your manners first before make judgement to others
  2. 0.5.1 is not on first post there is even newer version. I installed and problem is it says it requires mod public 0.2.3 and i see all games "gray out".. so I disabled autociv again.
  3. feature request: Set font size (i got 1900xsomething resolution and i can read text) so If possible to change size of font it would be awesome!
  4. I might have solution... extra account for small donation to 0ad team to preparing that system for players, where they can add/buy additional account and enjoy their semi/anonymity. anyway rank really does not tell 100% how player is good, there are still players keeping relatively low rank even they play really good. Over the time you know how they play and in fact rank is not needed (of course does not apply for newcomers) Also great idea is to have system to "rank" team games, but definitely not easy to implement. But what 0ad team can do quite easy to count number of games player has already played... which could tell you something about his/her experience.....
  5. we need better compression ratio what about redirection to >/dev/null ?
  6. I saw it and I'm witness. YilmazGNG is usually good player and I respect him. Anyway player with higher score should have some dignity and resign....
  7. go2die


    It is easy to determinate if used IP address was some VPN service.... or is Turkish located...
  8. go2die


    It could be difficult to block DDoS attack see https://mum.mikrotik.com/presentations/US17/presentation_4304_1496050983.pdf anyway it could be easy to block access to that attacker to 0ad when we know his nick.
  9. go2die


    Stan is your router logging by default traffic? Sure not, so answer is obvious. DDOS or DOS attack I don't know. What I know he attacked to my IP address and disconnected me not only from 0ad but from everything, this seems to me like attack from multiple places. Or my router is not powerful enough to handle few more connection... He used that attack against more people (most likely only hosters - because he could obtain ip address from them) I'm not lying at all ant this is true story. Take it or let it be. If it happens to you it will be the moment you will open your eyes Anyway we know for sure : Nick, language he spoken, whom he was "talking to in lobby", and finally what happened those people - disconnected whatever it was it looked like DDoS attack or just concidence and my broadband provider switch off cable for maintenance (if it happens more people form different location then most likely other scenario....)
  10. go2die


    Stan I even did not play with him... so it is not about lagging in the game itself
  11. go2die


    Sultan51 is the nick who started DDOS, He speaks Turkish. Probably has strong line. He messed Phyzic and then chalanged me for play, I hosted he joined get my ip address and started me dossing... so you are not alone.
  12. It is not technically possible, otherwise players could not reconnect in case of temporary network issue (it is happening too and it valid)
  13. I spotted this too he is doing it almost everytime... such coward
  14. Issue resolved, how? Well before I god fgod stable which works well. Installing this one ask me to replace some defaults setting when I selected yes i dont see overlay bar (rest of functionality is working)... I tried again and again and finaly select NO to set defaults fromprevious fgod (stable) and now it works even with overlay. Hope it helps others if facing same issue (tested on native dpkg and snap installation)
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