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  1. @vinme why you don't apply for writer of documentation role in 0ad team? You have talent. Anyway you could say simply issues with time zones in tournament planning, please try resolve it. done Further @Stockfish prepared tournament to have fun and nobody is perfect, maybe we others should say "THANKS YOU for nice event" just to have 2 sides of this ....
  2. For some reason, if there is still empty game we don't get warning but cursor got focused and "re-select" this empty game automatically after few seconds. It makes getting into "any other game" quite difficult. Could this be also sorted out somehow?
  3. Language is correct definition of this word is: A word commonly used to describe those who are lowlife and have no realistic goals with their lives. Often used to also describe those who are criminally inclined, enjoy bullying others for pleasure and entertainment, think that they are champagne in a fall glass when they're luke warm piss in a cup and act like they are the village hardman but are nothing more than a cowardly quim on the side of the road.
  4. Reporting ironbar - exited rated game while he lost cc and army. Adding replay. This player knows what is it exit rated game as he already reported one in this stream I don't need points back I just need him to be deleted [joke] just for other to beware of this SCUMBAG player ironbar 2020-03-25_0004_ironbarvsgo2die.zip Game duration: 25 minutes @user1 @Hannibal_Barca
  5. Follow attached picture... If you click Multiplayer -> Replays you will see it
  6. From login log to extract how many time player1 and player2 were available within given period. If it is clear that one player were there and other just really not he is winner. In case both were available multiple times in different time-zones we should cancel theirs participation or just got one winner decided randomly [decide by me] (and for next tournament timezone of player has to be added!)
  7. Omiris banned Ptolemies go2die banned Romans Match 1 - map cross medium - duration: 22:11 Omiris - Gauls vs go2die Briton - winner go2die Match 2 - map wrench small - duration 35:39 Omiris - Britonss vs go2die Kushites- winner go2die There will be match 3 tomorrow even not needed Omiris_go2die.tar.gz Omiris_go2die.zip
  8. 1. find replays location simply go to replays in 0ad 2. when u put replay into this folder (separate directory) reload cache 3. make sure you have no filter set.. should work well 4. (check also in config file commands.txt of that replays enabled modules if there is some module you dont have can be also filtered so remove them and keep only public example bellow" "mods":[["public","0.0.23"],["ffm_visibity","0.1.2"],["fgod23-exp","1.6.23"],["autociv_0.16.1","0.16.1"],["balanced-maps","0.0.16"]]
  9. best strategist whom never personally proved it : vinme for mauyrians elephant worker strategy
  10. go2die

    Bug report

    It happened to me too with balanced-maps from that module website. Solution is to delete that mods/balanced-mod directory (or that one u tried to install) the reason is there is some zero file causing it.
  11. yup status icons are totally different and very very good!
  12. @Stockfish You need to first know your points reported 2120 - real now 2131... so that the rason I got +1 point above you
  13. they are just syntetic... old ones are original and beautiful. not sure if remastering does the stuff.. still like redesign to windows 10.. (can you handle it)? blerg no way
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