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  1. It is not technically possible, otherwise players could not reconnect in case of temporary network issue (it is happening too and it valid)
  2. I spotted this too he is doing it almost everytime... such coward
  3. Issue resolved, how? Well before I god fgod stable which works well. Installing this one ask me to replace some defaults setting when I selected yes i dont see overlay bar (rest of functionality is working)... I tried again and again and finaly select NO to set defaults fromprevious fgod (stable) and now it works even with overlay. Hope it helps others if facing same issue (tested on native dpkg and snap installation)
  4. Idea for improvement: Attach replays for every match - we know it is streamed but it is only one view. Others can be interested to watch other sides of playfield...
  5. In nomad mode you can also build dock without territory.. and collect needed material around... or as others already advised use treasury or get more material as the start setup..
  6. 1) Which version of 0ad you have installed? 0.22 or 0.23? Did you install any mods? 2) Were you able play any multiplayer game thought lobby? Sometimes I can't connect to some host player too (it is because of some UDP connectivity is not working).. also connecting from same IP muttiple players is not recommeded (i think it is not working correctly)
  7. If you have still issues with system native packages consider install 0ad as snap package https://snapcraft.io/0ad stress free
  8. Also I think there is bug when joining game and is full .. i dont get no information only "stuck in registering to game"..
  9. Ok I also installed version from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/bionic/+package/0ad $dpkg -l | grep 0ad ii 0ad 0.0.23b-0ubuntu1~18.04~wfg0 amd64 Real-time strategy game of ancient warfare ii 0ad-data 0.0.23b-0ubuntu1~18.04~wfg0 all Real-time strategy game of ancient warfare (data files) ii 0ad-data-common 0.0.23b-0ubuntu1~18.04~wfg0 all Real-time strategy game of ancient warfare (common data files) So currently have 2 different installation snap based + dpkg installed this dpkg based installation is totally mods free only this mod $ md5sum fgod23_experimentalv2.pyromod d06ed856ce4aa5e4eeb0919f2e1b283c fgod23_experimentalv2.pyromod file size (zip file archive) 426530 bytes Summary page: I see Techs Lobby: works - i see new statuses In settings (Options) I see new menus In-Game + In-Game 2 In-game : Player statistics overlay - clickthrought dark, observer/offline players overlay clickthrought dark Behavior is the same - no in-game statistic bar I have no clue what is root cause. If you hint me to enable some debug and so on I can do tracing.
  10. anyone on linux with this latest experimental did not get in-game status bar on right down side (even as observer or as player)? if you are on linux report version of linux and installation. Mine is snap installed on Linux Mint 19.3
  11. go2die


    well done Hannibal_Barca, some people seems not agree some like me fully agree with resolution. Whatever it is just accept it, as one wisdom person said "context" is also essential... anyway I don't want to address nobody, even author of this topic. Just adding my subjective opinion based on my own observation as I was there that time..
  12. I don't care the solution I just saw the description, either remove from it or add him possibility to garrison. It is little nothing but kind of this fix would cost almost nothing to make game "less" buggy or misleading
  13. Well there is one here on Elephant with Ptolemies (and possibly other civs?) which i noticed can't be garrisoned in buildings like CC, fortress, barracks . In his description is "Inspired defense" but this does not work.... I consider this like bug
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