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  1. This building looks a lot like the current building in the game. They have to stay in the typical 'civic center' footprint. That should be contained in a 8x8 foundation.
  2. Well the goal is also to reduce the size of it a bit So if I start adding massive parts it's not gonna help ^^ @Nescio
  3. Kay. @wowgetoffyourcellphone @Nescio Any texture currently into the game, or do I have to come up with a new one ? @Lion.Kanzen I'm not sure the comitium would be good.
  4. I see, with a little fountain and some trees upfront that could work. Not sure about the ground tho.
  5. That's true. Do you think the icon is the best to convey the idea of gatherable trees bushes ? I agree ! The best model I've seen so far is the one from Hyrule Conquest I actually wanted to import the current deer model in Blender to do some tweaks, but some of the anims are really messed up.
  6. They will have multiple attacks. I dont know how yet but they will
  7. Also it might mislead people into thinking building are garrisoned when they aren't. Which is why I restrained from putting units on scaffoldings (you can use the prop points do so though)
  8. Thanks for the icons here and in the capturable animals' thread. I think I'll pass on the deer, It is more like the animals we have, but i feel like the old one looked better somehow. As for the fruit basket, it looks a bit too pixelated for my taste. Maybe we have a higher resolution version around. The one that could really use a lifting is the grapes one. Having a grapes image a bit cartoony would be great. The foxes, pigs, piglet could use new icons as well. Committed as of r22287
  9. The latter. https://www.deviantart.com/mojette/art/Assassin-s-creed-boy-70365001
  10. I can't remember why but I think assassin's creed originally had kids but they were removed.
  11. I guess @Angen might help you with that, @Freagarach
  12. I thought it was only @Alexandermb's responsibility, and mine was to review them ?
  13. One could also make non controllable units not selectable
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