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  1. But the maps are great, aren't they ? OceanSide:
  2. Not related Those bugs were already reported to @wraitii I believe.
  3. 1 @wowgetoffyourcellphone Might know better. 2. Depends on whether you are using the normal or the dev version. Usually they are in binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/UI
  4. Incidentally yes, but the maps won't really change much aside from that.
  5. NOTE TO SELF: Use the white ground for forum integration. @LordGood Though palms look kinda edgy though, don't they ?
  6. Well more variety is okay Just wanted to make sure cause indeed they look very big. Maybe if the texture had more dense branches and leaves that would work
  7. Looking great, maybe the the spec map is too shiny on the roofs? How big is a typical acacia leaf ?
  8. I realize I failed to answer here, so I will do it now. I like consistency, so we should not use diacritics nor different letter for Greek and not for old Persian for consistency's sake. As we already use american English for the game it might make sense to follow american standards. So here is my take on this: I like diacritics and flat lines and whatnot I also like that the game displays text in Greek However: I can totally understand how specific names can be confusing (eg. Kushites) The player should not be confused by the interface. So I vote for the American Library's convention. As @wowgetoffyourcellphone said, specific names could be an option. Maybe @Freagarach could submit a patch for that if she wants to. There are not many occurrences of the word so it should be easy to make it togglable https://github.com/0ad/0ad/search?l=JavaScript&q="specific+name"&type=Code https://github.com/0ad/0ad/search?l=JavaScript&q="specificname"&type=Code
  9. After https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1955 that Freagarach did on my request, it will possible to have both men and women using the same template randomly. This will make it easy to create the traditional villager
  10. Thanks for the reminder. I updated the post.
  11. Hello everyone, Following https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/22379 there will be some changes needed for those of you who have mods modifying templates. I believe that's most of you. Before rP22379 a typical attack component was defined like this: <Attack> <Ranged> <Hack>0.0</Hack> <Pierce>12.0</Pierce> <Crush>0.0</Crush> <MaxRange>72.0</MaxRange> <MinRange>0.0</MinRange> <PrepareTime>1200</PrepareTime> <RepeatTime>2000</RepeatTime> <Delay>0</Delay> <Projectile> <Speed>75.0</Speed> <Spread>1.5</Spread> <Gravity>9.81</Gravity> <LaunchPoint y="3"/> </Projectile> <PreferredClasses datatype="tokens">Human</PreferredClasses> <RangeOverlay> <LineTexture>outline_border.png</LineTexture> <LineTextureMask>outline_border_mask.png</LineTextureMask> <LineThickness>0.175</LineThickness> </RangeOverlay> </Ranged> </Attack> Now you have to wrap Hack, Pierce, Crush (but not Capture !) into a Damage Tag <Attack> <Ranged> <Damage> <Hack>0.0</Hack> <Pierce>12.0</Pierce> <Crush>0.0</Crush> </Damage> <MaxRange>72.0</MaxRange> <MinRange>0.0</MinRange> <PrepareTime>1200</PrepareTime> <RepeatTime>2000</RepeatTime> <Delay>0</Delay> <Projectile> <Speed>75.0</Speed> <Spread>1.5</Spread> <Gravity>9.81</Gravity> <LaunchPoint y="3"/> </Projectile> <PreferredClasses datatype="tokens">Human</PreferredClasses> <RangeOverlay> <LineTexture>outline_border.png</LineTexture> <LineTextureMask>outline_border_mask.png</LineTextureMask> <LineThickness>0.175</LineThickness> </RangeOverlay> </Ranged> </Attack> Also note this will be breaking auras and technologies as well. { "type": "range", "radius": 50, "affects": [ "Soldier" ], "modifications": [ { "value": "Attack/Melee/Crush", "multiply": 1.20 }, { "value": "Attack/Ranged/Hack", "multiply": 1.20 } ], "auraName": "Religious Fervor", "auraDescription": "+20% attack damage for soldiers.", "overlayIcon": "art/textures/ui/session/auras/attack_bonus.png" } Will become { "type": "range", "radius": 50, "affects": [ "Soldier" ], "modifications": [ { "value": "Attack/Melee/Damage/Crush", "multiply": 1.20 }, { "value": "Attack/Ranged/Damage/Hack", "multiply": 1.20 } ], "auraName": "Religious Fervor", "auraDescription": "+20% attack damage for soldiers.", "overlayIcon": "art/textures/ui/session/auras/attack_bonus.png" } { "genericName": "Close Combat Cavalry Training", "specificName": { "mace": "Xyston", "spart": "Xyston", "athen": "Xyston", "sele": "Xyston", "ptol": "Xyston", "rome": "Hasta" }, "description": "Training increases melee attack.", "cost": { "food": 500, "wood": 750, "stone": 0, "metal": 350 }, "requirements": { "tech": "phase_town" }, "requirementsTooltip": "Unlocked in Town Phase.", "icon": "horse_trainer.png", "researchTime": 40, "tooltip": "+20% melee cavalry attack.", "modifications": [ { "value": "Attack/Melee/Hack", "multiply": 1.2 }, { "value": "Attack/Melee/Pierce", "multiply": 1.2 }, { "value": "Attack/Melee/Crush", "multiply": 1.2 } ], "affects": [ "Cavalry Melee" ], "soundComplete": "interface/alarm/alarm_upgradearmory.xml" } Becomes { "genericName": "Close Combat Cavalry Training", "specificName": { "mace": "Xyston", "spart": "Xyston", "athen": "Xyston", "sele": "Xyston", "ptol": "Xyston", "rome": "Hasta" }, "description": "Training increases melee attack.", "cost": { "food": 500, "wood": 750, "stone": 0, "metal": 350 }, "requirements": { "tech": "phase_town" }, "requirementsTooltip": "Unlocked in Town Phase.", "icon": "horse_trainer.png", "researchTime": 40, "tooltip": "+20% melee cavalry attack.", "modifications": [ { "value": "Attack/Melee/Damage/Hack", "multiply": 1.2 }, { "value": "Attack/Melee/Damage/Pierce", "multiply": 1.2 }, { "value": "Attack/Melee/Damage/Crush", "multiply": 1.2 } ], "affects": [ "Cavalry Melee" ], "soundComplete": "interface/alarm/alarm_upgradearmory.xml" } This change will then allow any modder to add different types of attack to his mod. One currently has hack, pierce, crush, and could add, magic, fire etc... following https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1938 Sorry for the inconvenience and Happy modding You can answer this thread if you need further details
  12. Would need an icon and a proper template that doesn't depend on DE
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