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  1. I guess that's doable. @Alexandermb ?
  2. We currently have an issue with Ryzen CPUs. You can fix it by recompiling the game. Would you like me to guide you through that?
  3. Interesting. I made a unit you can check it out in the mod. Maybe it can be reused.
  4. I submitted a patch to improve flying behavior to allow for flying units without them circling in the sky.
  5. Would be nice to have the three faction names so we can come up with wiki pages and advance development.
  6. Be warry that the bones arent that low and could be visible on steep terrain.
  7. Sounds good. I wonder if that could be drafted in the github wiki. I'd like everyone to contribute
  8. I see remember that armature max 256 bones.
  9. Ah I see you used the same smart hack than Lordgood used for the civil war mod.
  10. Yeah those two files are in 0adinstalllocation/binaries/data/config
  11. Next to default.cfg IIRC
  12. Well that's a good question. Actually there are four. mod.cfg, user.cfg, local.cfg. default.cfg is as its name suggest the default config file. (It should contain all the variables so an empty user.cfg works) The other three well, "it's historical"
  13. @cassiusYou should use user.cfg instead I believe.
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