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  1. 18 GB is because you also have the temp files created when building There is also cache for textures
  2. You could download alpha 1 It does, in the mod mod The game bundles two mods by default mod and public in the installation folder, the rest goes into share.
  3. No it's a texture. It's not in .local/share/0ad but wherever your distro installed 0 A.D. itself
  4. See https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2372
  5. Could you elaborate? (The doesn't works properly part)
  6. @Genava55 would a gaul archer require extra textures, or can we use the current armour and helmets for base advanced and elite ? Else it's just XML work
  7. @borg- @Nescio do we have patches that differentiate the gaul from the briton roster on Phab?
  8. I could use the same model as the athenians, with a gaul driver, I was just wondering
  9. Nope sadly. Still need to create the faction placeholder buildings and units as well as techs and other requirements.
  10. Is there a patch for black cloaks? There seem to be q consensus here.
  11. To add fire status effect see https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2737
  12. You need to edit the Collada file manually. Remove everything between </asset> and <library_geometries> then try to import again. Alternatively you can use my actor importer plugin for blender.
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