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  1. Would be fun to have a sims like simulation in the game ^^
  2. I believe it's important to take time to explain. Doesn't always prevent heated discussions, but sometimes this text format, like any other form communication can be misleading for the reader. So you're welcome
  3. There are still a few things to fix before this. But thank you for testing !
  4. True, true, but currently they are used for building anyway, so I was offering an easy solution. Since it was gonna help building unless someone changes the way it works, it might as well do that. I guess @Imarok could remove the ability for worker elephants to build farms, but that's out of the scope of the patch. The goal of the patch is just to allow playing a different animation when a unit is building a structure, or a farm. That's it, that's the scope. Making units go back and forth on the field sound nice however it's kinda complicated to do, as the person adding that feature would have to make it generic for every building , and every unit which has to take other units in account, shape of field, etc No it means however that terrain textures would be used to define the fertility of the land. So while farmland terrain textures might serve purpose, any texture could. Like let's say grass_a or cliff_b I think it's worth noting that while convoluted, the current one was way easier to implement And other than the lack of motivation to work on the paradigm, there were also very heated discussions about it, and it was not a trivial issue.
  5. Stan`

    Step Lag

    Like this: Less units means less lag. It is a non trivial bug to fix, as you can see even the new Age of Empires series struggle with this, so when it's done. There is progress made in that area. If you are on a laptop with an Nvidia card, or an AMD one, make sure you are using the dedicated GPU.
  6. I am sorry, but I guess the meaning of your question got lost in translation. The goal of this patch is to allow restoring turrets. From what I can see you can always repair walls.
  7. The idea was just for them to carry grain which would then be seeded by units. For new farmland paradigm see : https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/1318 https://code.wildfiregames.com/D227 Here they would be seeding instead of using hammers.
  8. Here is an updated presentation, I didn't notice the other export to PDF-A was flawed because of alpha transparency. Also fixed some stuff, and improved some image quality. GrafikLabor 2019.pdf
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