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  1. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/art_source/trunk/art/textures/skins/skeletal/photoshop/Human Base Texture.psd
  2. Hey @Beise, On Trac, max file size is 2MB. here it 's it's a lot bigger up to 1 - 2 GB. If you have source files they will be uploaded to the art repository. The Brittonic files look good, except the corral has weird artefacts in the background on a not white background, and you should remove the smoke from the market. The briton blacksmith has been redone for A24, but I guess it can be updated when that comes out. Athen is mostly good, there is something fishy about this one though. Keep up the great work!
  3. I actually cropped the bust. I can use the full one
  4. I mean your reference text says it was to see both the gun and the face. What about the existing ones?
  5. 3/4 is up till you see the hip that's barely a bust isnt it? Also wouldn't it be better to stick with what we have considering there is no one that can do portraits?
  6. He did an awesome job. I dont think we use that one currently do we ?
  7. Ah yeah, but none of our portraits have that, so it's good?
  8. I tried something new, @LordGood what do you think? mace_demetrius.xcf
  9. For now just avoid the offending meshes That's weird. Have you tried with alt? I'm not sure I understand
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