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  1. badosu

    Spec mod

    By the way, can I set styles dynamically? I see that fonts and some sizes are set in xml files, that would not be optimal as I would want to implement some sort of scaling feature later on.
  2. badosu

    Spec mod

    It depends, if it's as inexpensive as the other widgets already present there's no need to. If I can't find an efficient solution for the missing parts then I might throttle it (but definitely not 5 seconds ). The techs and units part is fine since they register/update/deregister to the ProductionManager, now only to unfinished buildings. Edit: for structures it seems I can listen to events: "ConstructionStarted", "MT_FoundationProgressChanged", "MT_ConstructionFinished"
  3. badosu

    Spec mod

    Well, I don't want to query on every update, instead doing something similar as what TechnologyManager does on the technology progress widget on the right side. From what I've seen, I can use the ResearchProgress widget as a scaffold for the gui. For the production I can patch the ProductionQueue for units and TechnologyManager for techs to manage new/finished units/techs on a new ProductionManager. The ProductionManager will be responsible for managing the items to be displayed/updated/removed. Additionally I can try using what seems like an event bus that's already being used to decouple from the implementation. Now only need to figure out how to do the same for unfinished buildings without querying often.
  4. badosu

    Spec mod

    Does anyone know if it's possible to query all units on production queue without passing an entity? Alternatively, if it's not, how can I make a query for all trainable entities (e.g. barracks, cc, fortress, etc)? This might work: `Engine.GetEntitiesWithInterface(IID_ProductionQueue)`
  5. badosu

    Spec mod

    Is the dream real? cc @leitoso
  6. The menu is kinda clunky for registering and signing in. I couldn't take the sword and use it. Perhaps add https too. I didn't find any resources on map and it's quite easy to avoid enemies.
  7. Some suggestions: Seeding: - Players need to register (or provide as nick) their 0ad names, so we are able to provide a better balance - The best x players (where x is the number of groups) will be randomly assigned to separate groups - The second best x players will be randomly assigned to separate groups - All other players will be randomly assigned to their groups By 'best' above I mean the perceived prowess of players in 1v1, unfortunately it's subjective. We could also use ratings as a more objective criteria but I think ratings do not measure that very well at the moment. Group Stage: I would expect some cheesiness going on like cav start/slinger rushes and since we can't have a balanced order for choosing civilizations with Bo1 we could have a bad scenario where an expected favorite player chooses one civilization that has a major flaw against the other player's subsequent choice, e.g. first player chooses Rome or Iberians, the second Macedonians. That said, I prefer the group stage to move fast than to have a perfect balanced matchup for now, it also adds to the entertainment factor. Expect some upsets though. This could also bring some insights for the next cup version. Map choices: I'd like to suggest for the Bo3s to have a map ban step where each player bans one map of the pool (the higher rated player banning first): - Balanced Mainland (s) - Wrench (m) - Balanced Hyrcanian Shores (m) - Slopes (s) - Cross (m) The first map to be played is the first unbanned map following the order above, so if Balanced Mainland is banned Wrench is played; if both are banned, Hyrcanian is played. The second map to be played is loser from first map choice. Third map to be played is first unbanned map in the pool that was not played yet. This adds some complexity, but I think it helps less experienced players on maps with a higher skill cap like Slopes or Cross. Final Stage: Maybe make the final stage double elimination? It seems we have a stronger roster, would be nice to provide an additional opportunity to win the tournament, especially if we have some upsets before the finals. The losers bracket might provide some good entertainment as well since at least 8 good players will be there. I don't mind the single civ ban, but I also don't like that a player can just repeat the same civilization on all matches. It would be nice to stipulate that a player can choose 3 different civs before the 1st match start and only pick from that pool. Higher rated picks first on the first match, loser picks first on the second match, third match are remaining civs.
  8. No, I want my black cloaks now
  9. I like the upgrade to mount idea! Would help balance the discrepancies between infantry and cavalry heroes in vanilla too
  10. They are for Seleucids on Military Colonies, no such unit for Macedonians
  11. They really need some anti-ram unit, ram is not a proper ram counter. It seems there were sword cav units (Paeonian and Thracian Cavalry), were there enough numbers to justify including them? It seems that swords were also used as secondary weapons by some infantry, but making this work would open a can of worms (many other units had secondary weapons or dual-mode usage) Any of our in-house historians know of any unit that could fulfill the role?
  12. For some time now I've been wanting to make a spec mod. Currently the 'chrome', 'dashboard' or whatever the overlay is named provides little insight to what the player is doing. This is true for both players and specs. This is the benchmark I'd use, notice the production pane on top-left as well, income rate besides resource amounts on mid bottom and military upgrades on its right: The first step would be to implement the production overlay, the icons should be easy to display, just run a query over all production facilities to return the units, their amounts and the researching technologies. Would also be disabled for players, just enabled for specs at first. Ultimate goal would be to replace all of the current overlay with a minimal one with more relevant information on display, and also an alternate version for players. One blocker I could see are queries and their calculation taking a lot of CPU on each tick due to inefficient model or something similar. Otherwise I don't think there should be too many blockers I made this thread to ask if anyone has any suggestions, insights or tips on how to perform it (e.g. code I can look at for reference), thanks!
  13. Teams are placed in polygonal shaped opposed to each other, teams with 2 players are placed as a horizontal line facing the opposite side. You can see it here (at 20:00 +10 min for some action): Embed is not working well for some reason
  14. Dude, learn to paragraph (and avoid netspeak), this is unreadable. Rating is fine, community is small and rated games are not common. Biggest issue is stale players holding to their rating and not playing. Simplest solution is to decrease rating by X (e.g. 50) per month of inactive rated games against players at least 100 rating below. This would be a mechanic similar to a 'season reset', not usually needed on active playerbases but I think would be applicable here.
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