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  1. They cost stone, for which starting resources help, they also have high range and damage, also part being crush. To counter them make spearmen for meat shield.
  2. Borg, let us know if you plan releasing something this weekend for playtesting, or if we can help in any other way.
  3. It seems Javelin cav was mostly used by Iberians, Numidians and Celtics to taunt or soften the front lines, I am not sure there's a mention of this particular interaction.
  4. I am thinking of a more practical, both in logic and micro intensive, sense. I would imagine that to be a very hard mechanic to fit in the game, especially with a mod.
  5. Not sure if possible to implement, but maybe you can only train slaves after a certain number of enemy units are killed, this would avoid slave spam and be historically accurate as well. With exception to spartans, which were a slaver society, perhaps they could train slaves for free at a certain limited rate as a civ bonus. I am not sure which other civilizations had big slave populations but this could be available for Romans, Hellenic and Ptolemies.
  6. That is on point, sword would be used as a secondary weapon if the lance broke or the rider lost his mount. Also, apart from the other points already mentioned (chasing retreating units, scouting, attacking light infantry) on many battles of the antiquity they were used to great effect with the anvil and hammer strategy, heavy infantry attacking the front lines while the cavalry would circle the flanks and attack from behind. If I am not mistaken I've read that 0ad has logic with regard to lower armor when attacked by the flank, I am not too sure if this is actually implemented though. If we were striving for historical accuracy though we would have a very hard job to make it real, as it would require heavily nerfing skirmish units, they were used just behind the frontline to taunt the enemy, get a few kills before armies clashed, or the flanks. Slingers had an even less preeminent role. So I would avoid looking at drastic changes at a first iteration to improve balance, just making it better than the current state would be a huge accomplishment. If we were allowed to dream though: - Archers and skirmishers could have a limit to how many throws they can perform and then get a cooldown, this would drastically reduce their abuse. - Flanking generates an aoe morale effect in which units would have a more drastic armor nerf, reduced attack speed or similar - Your favorite civ trivia: roman soldiers throw a pillum (a javelin shaped weapon) and draw their gladius (sword) or use it against cav, macedonians can have sarissa wielders (greatly increased armor in formation, abismal walk speed), etc... - etc...
  7. Happy to see movement in this direction, I played and spec'ed a few times and must say that the game flow seems much more nuanced and balanced. I am happy to help, whether adjusting parts of the code to patches or playtesting.
  8. Well, disregarding the fact that it was arguably the worst faction against the best one and that you had 2 extra berries... Had borg scouted you were on a women centric economy until 100-120 pop it could have been different, nevertheless still a good win. That is quite an achievement, congrats. Stay above the drama and keep it up.
  9. I'll take a look at the source and work on the weekend to figure out how to make changes in separate commits. Does the development team accept patches in.. well patch format? Since I use git I would be more comfortable just using my workflow and sending each patch separately. Some should be pretty straightforward to be included in separate patches/commits, e.g.: loom 100% health, archer buff, slinger nerf, ele buff, etc...
  10. > Swordcav and Lancecavis useless. Archers own them in mass! Does not seem like someone who understands interactions between these units. > U still dont get notified when u r in a battle wiht a player and another player is raping ur base. Not sure what this means, I think it's lack of attention span unless it's a bug I never faced. > Ballista are totally overpowered. 3 ballista can rape army of 100 with eles. I am not sure an experienced player would have an issue here, ballistas are powerful yes but they have major drawbacks that can be easily overcame. > Melee units are trying to convert opponents siege instead of destroying it. I mean, I understand that the defaults may not be your personal preference, most of the time you'll want to destroy instead of capturing. But not paying attention to a simple default is not reason to blame 'balance beyond bad'. This assertion is true, it does not mean that the accusations aforementioned are objective truths as opposed to frustration.
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