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  1. I don't know what happened in this instance, I quite clearly remember they were available a few weeks ago. Thanks @Pudim for fixing!
  2. Map Mainland (Normal) Autumn biome Team 1 Rauls Tauriel Ricsand lapatiencos Team 2 andy_beauty chrstgtr bbgotbanned Pudim Highlights of game are:
  3. faction02 underrated as always. Thanks for sharing!
  4. A series of 3 entertaining games SaidRdz vs Kristian Map: 2xContinent (Medium) 1xMainland (Small) kristianvsaidrdz.zip
  5. He has quit one game that I reported as well, typical
  6. When accessing a game with borg mod v1.0.5 installed via browser it gets out of sync. This does not happen installing it in-game Posting as requested by @elexis commands.txt metadata.json
  7. t1 - badosu (1436) - Romans - chrstgtr (1986) - Spartans - Palaiologos (1371) - Iberians t2 - Karott (1363) - Spartans - kim_jong_un (1729) - Romans - Dizaka (1536) - Romans Nice early game rush from kim_jong_un and macro, Dizaka macro and push late game It's a good versatile build for roman beginners (like me) to learn from commands.txt metadata.json
  8. Another one, moving from topics to posts in this thread. Quitted as soon as saw my army invading Playername: JacklegendaryV metadata.json commands.txt
  9. Playername: TheN00b has quit as soon as typed gg, replay attached. metadata.json commands.txt
  10. In a rated 1v1 game they typed gg and quitted the game. Replay attached metadata.json commands.txt
  11. Playing rated game with AstroCoral, he resigned but the bot did not post an update. We later tried and replicated the bug, joining a game and resigning right after, no rating updates. Rating sent updates for games with other players, for me and AstroCoral. Attached is the original match replay. metadata.json commands.txt Attached is the replication replay, shorter for better inspection metadata.json commands.txt
  12. JacklegendaryV quitted a rated game as soon as I started invading @user1 metadata.json commands.txt
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