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  1. badosu vs Feldfeld: (0-2) Banned: ptols, brits Picks: F: romans (game 1), sele (game 2), gauls B: sparta (game 1), gauls (game 2), romans badosuvsfeld.zip
  2. You don't need to engage in drama either, @vinme just does not know how to communicate. This can still be sorted out
  3. Open with 0ad, easier way to install balanced-maps.pyromod
  4. With regard to the status of some matches: XxXDERKXxX (1782) VS Twardowsky (1545): @Twardowsky has been on lobby a lot of time, xxderp does not have an account on forum or at least has not manifested King_Soly (1500) VS Azshara (1482): (0-2) Need to upload replays Unknown_Player (1727) VS METAFONDATIONS (1500): (1-1) Missing third match afaik B_Smoke (1254) VS bubblebut (1532): Don't know, haven't seen activity on lobby Dakara (1700) VS Vinme (1605): Both have been on lobby but were not able to find a schedule borg- (2374) VS extremevikangz (1425): @borg- insulted by not being seeded on later bracket?
  5. I mean, I don't think we have a hard limit here, upper bracket still has lots of unresolved matches. I recommend posting available schedule on a separate post as prove that you're trying to play the match. If @Dakara does not respond then it's win by absence, otherwise you both sort it out. Stop drama
  6. TL;DR; Send a PM and schedule a time with timezone, it's not that hard. Even might be able to still play the game.
  7. badosu vs Boudica: 2-0 Banned: ptols (boudica), brits (badosu) Civs: gauls, sparta, romans (badosu) - gauls, sparta, seleucids (boudica) badosuvsboudica.zip
  8. This can be, but Im not familiar with fgod (and session modding in general) though, I just backported @leitoso fix to latest version
  9. Hello folks, I am trying to make a build using the modding guide but my output is an empty compressed file, can someone help? This is the command I am using (using `.pyromod` extension fails too): pyrogenesis -mod=balanced-maps -archivebuild=~/.local/share/0ad/mods/balanced-maps -archivebuild-output=balanced-maps.zip -archivebuild-compress
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