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  1. Maybe I could have framed it better, by Hellenic I meant Antigonids (as Macedon), Macedon, Sparta/Athens fighting each other or in rebellion against Macedon. Rome is the civilization that ties it all together, so it's absence would be a bit weird. Ptolemies wouldn't be available as the map does not extend to the Nile Delta or Levant.
  2. After all that's been said, it is still playable, but with an anachronistic setting. With available civs: Celts, Ibers, Athens/Sparta, Macedon, Carriage, Kush and Sales. Of these, the ones that fought each other afaik are Hellenic and Seles.
  3. Why so rude? I commented before on Rome lack of space. That's not the point. I am giving my feedback based on @imperium original idea, of course Carthage vs Rome would be a more playable situation... or Mace, Sele, Greece... or Iberia Brit Gauls... or Ptols Pers Greece... etc If @imperium decides to restrict the territory I think we can get more playable maps indeed, if he does that I'll give feedback on that, if he does not I'll give feedback what he does instead.
  4. @imperium I tried it, it seems all players are attacked by gaia on start? - Can't choose civ, start as Carthaginians - Britons dont have enough space to do farming - Galli no stone and metal in territory (need to get with barracks or p2) - Roman situation is bad, against gaia and no territory With regard to civs, maybe Sciti could be gaia, put Macedon a bit more north and Athens south of where Macedon is. I see some potential in that region, and having ccs nearby is not a problem since historically these civs fought a lot against each other. I think making Seleucids a player could be good too but would require taking off a civ (maybe Suebi since they are another brit?). It's unfortunate that we are limited to 8 players, this would be awesome to have all european-north africa-anatolia civs (no space for ptol, pers and maury), Sparta could be put on south of greece but little space. With regard to territory, if we are looking for a good representation of Europe it does not make sense to talk about balance. North Africa, Celtic and Macedon territory would always be the best spot, but maybe we can make it more manageable. Remove one of the rivers on north italy to make more breathing room for rome maybe. I am not sure why there's an hellenic CC there (was there an hellenic population in north italy, I think there were some celts there). So far I really like this map, specially the little touches (I like the north atlantic fishing and wrecks), great job!
  5. Thanks for sharing, it was a great match! I gave it some commentary:
  6. I think the map looks great as it is, only need to find a way to make italy a little larger and is good to go! Maybe one possibility is to make a pocket in northern italy, pushing the alps to a semicircle, it would replicate better the actual geography and provide some breathing room for rome. Also, the northern part of rome had many important battles (punic wars, early gauls pushback, barbarian invasions etc) so that would provide some interesting interaction too.
  7. This is absolutely ridiculous. I love it!
  8. Schweinezerg (Romans) - MarcAurel (Spartans) Uknown Land Normal Desert biome. A pretty interesting generation where players start with a lot of extra food and minerals, separated by a River which has major impact in map control. metadata.json commands.txt
  9. chrstgtr vs SaidRdz on Mainland Small Alpine biome I also made some commentary, hope you enjoy it! metadata.json commands.txt
  10. I made a video casting this match. Full quality will be available after youtube finishes processing. There were a few mistakes in analysis, the casting flow and the audio from 0ad was not correctly processed to the video, but I am satisfied for my first attempt. It's a pretty fun match to watch. Hope you enjoy it!
  11. That was a pretty good match, thanks @sphyrth!
  12. Valihrant (Seleucids) vs Stockfish (Romans) A short and interesting match on Ratumacos. metadata.json commands.txt
  13. I think Continent Medium is a superior map in arguably any aspect to Mainland Small, except if you want to avoid naval invasions, but that's a feature for me. Other good choices: - Ratumacos Small - Rivers Small - Guadalquivir River Small - Latium Small - Flood Medium (a very challenging format) In the current meta, maps with defensive positions are not well received since they are hard to break, but Pyrenean Sierra Small seems great too.
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