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  1. Action macros Save some commands to a macro and play them when the situation appears (execute order 66). Usefull e.g.: you expect a cav rush. you have one to send rams to a fort and another to pull the rams back and repair them, repeat at wish send all cav back (from a raid) to your farmsteads, which have now produced some animals for them
  2. hotkey overlay A optional hotkey overlay would be nice to learn the hotkeys fast. In particular atm. I am thinking about "add first, second etc. unit type to queue". This might be memorable for the CC, as the first is a women and 4th a cav, but when adding a barrack to the selection the hotkey changes for the unit (as it is not the 4th anymore). So in game one could easy see the first 2 times, ok in this building-group makes cav on "V" and in the third time you don't need to look anymore. This is also good for newer players to learn hotkeys like next Idle worker is ".", not just the button. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- select all wounded units Alt + O should select all wounded units on the map. Alt + . already selects all idle workers on the map and mouse selection + O selects wounded. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ team line style Indicate teams with line style on the border. E.g. Team 1 full line "---------", Team 2 dashed "- - - -", Team 3 "- . - . - . -" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Selective panic Alarm mode for selected units instead of one bell for all units. The bell makes no sense when one has more than one CC or even one bigger divided base. Just select units near your current raid and raise a alarm that sends women in houses and men in next tower/cc/fort. This should only give the one command and don't need a "stop bell" In almost any situation a bell makes more problems than it solves. Lets say A gets a cav raid. Bell would affect all workers and the player would never financially recover from ringing the bell. For civs with 3 women house capacity its almost impossible to micromanage "select 3 women - send in one house".
  3. If both players don't meet in the 3 days, how does one win by default? I think there should be a rule "If both player's didn't meet during the 3 days, the player showing up on day 3 19:00 UTC will declared winner by default"
  4. I (FFM1643) am signing up. It was a bit too long and complicated to read all, but when i get assigned to a game, ill play. Maybe ill get it after some games...
  5. I sign up. I have trouble with my ISP atm. and have to play using my mobile connection, which is already at 50% of its volume for this month... These are dark times.
  6. I was thinking of the full path to a specific file e.g. '/binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/bolt.png'. I spend some time now looking through files in 'binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins', tried something, didn't succeed and finally lost interest. It probably wont help much anyway. On my test i had to slow down and zoom far in to see if the texture of the bolt actually change.
  7. No size and geometry changes, only textures. Why would you even want the boats smaller? If you want to fit boats where they didn't before you would cause a OOS error. Your game would not be compatible with users that don't have this change.
  8. Alright, lets make some laser blasters. Stan what are the path's to the texture of the bolts?
  9. Do you mean bolt shooters? I don't have a problem identifying them and wont change it and I cant make them bigger. You can change any texture yourself. The hardest part is finding it by searching through your installation directory. After that you can copy it to the equivalent path in your copy of my mod. The bolt shooters don't look as intimidating as they are harmful tough. The bolts them self are hard to see. They are small, fast and travel far. The romans got a different model, so you would need to change them too. If you would make the bolts (not the bolt shooters) red like the star wars laser blasters (or just a bit in that direction) i would include it in my mod. Maybe i'll do that in time if i am bored, which wont happen anytime soon.
  10. Here are the games. I didn't count in the replays of the spectated games between the tournament and just send the last 3 replays. ffm_week2_2.zip
  11. Yes, in my visibility mod the berrys texture is more red for better visibility. For a competitive game play it is better to identify the berrys fast. With the chickens i was even more radical, i replaced the texture with pure red color. I prefer contrast over realism.
  12. This is the replay of me vs littlegirlbeatyou. ffm_littlegirlbeatyou.zip
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