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  1. This mod has stored all fonts with 2 sizes bigger. Better for screens with high resolution. I just ran python2 fontbuilder.py with every font inside 2 sizes bigger, renamed the output 2 smaller again and put it in this mod. Unfortunately the file size is now 10MB and i can't host it here. For 30 days it will be available here: https://ufile.io/kbpg05e8 The summary box from fgod has broken newline with the bigger font.
  2. This mod changes the appearance (for the player with the mod active) of: -the chicken are bright red -the berrys are darker -the black player is shown in a bright pink tone (almost white) -Ally chat is changed so the player can ignore spam better and focus on the game Thanks elexis and nani for help in making this. Update 2019.10.14: -Ally-chat indent -gaia-white to bright pink (the highlighting in the chat works for former black again) Update 2019.10.18: -Ally-chat is white (highlighted) public chat is a bit more grey -Ally chat has a notification on the right like this: ---------(Ally) ffm_visibity.zip
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