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  1. Hi guys, Thank you all to be a part of this. 0 A.D. has a great community. SPG 1v1 Tournament is finished. Today, we proudly announce our Champion. Congrats @Stockfish. Special thanks, @Feldfeld @ValihrAnt @psypherium Wycombe and all other participants. You can check the first post for the replays, brackets, commentaries and the final leaderboard. Have fun! @camel @Boudica @ffffffff @JC (naval supremacist) @Unknown_Player @borg- @chrstgtr @Lefo @Pudim @Philip the Swaggerless @Stockfish @PhyZik @itrelles @nani @Hanni
  2. man you cannot receive any messages somehow. I just wanna let you know that the bracket is ready. have fun.
  3. Hi guys, You can sign up for Final Week-04. After this week, there might be a 5th week depends on the equality of the points. Have fun! @psypherium @Feldfeld @ValihrAnt @camel @Boudica @ffffffff @JC (naval supremacist) @Unknown_Player @borg- @chrstgtr @Lefo @Pudim @Philip the Swaggerless @Stockfish @PhyZik @itrelles @nani @Hannibal_Barca @LeGenDz @phoenixdesk @LANDLORD @kizitom @mord @user1 @elexis @Stan` @SaidRdz @Emperior @Emacz @Dunedan @Ivaylo @yilmazgng @go2die @MorTak @Imarok @sarcoma @Lion.Kanzen @D_D_T_ @R4PT0R @Servo @Itms @coworote
  4. Hi guys, You can sign up for Week-03. Have fun! @psypherium @Feldfeld @ValihrAnt @camel @Boudica @ffffffff @JC (naval supremacist) @Unknown_Player @borg- @chrstgtr @Lefo @Pudim @Philip the Swaggerless @Stockfish @PhyZik @itrelles @nani @Hannibal_Barca @LeGenDz @phoenixdesk @LANDLORD @kizitom @mord @user1 @elexis @Stan` @SaidRdz @Emperior @Emacz @Dunedan @Ivaylo @yilmazgng @go2die @MorTak @Imarok @sarcoma @Lion.Kanzen @D_D_T_ @R4PT0R @Servo @Itms @coworotel @badosu @sphyrth @wowgetoffyourcellphone @faction02 @feneur @Issh @PrincessChristmas @RolandSC2 @Jo
  5. Could you check the replays please? The file ends with 0010 belongs to you vs hannibal barca. the file ends with 0011belongs to valihrant vs pudim.
  6. 1-In the Week 0, we didn't keep scores. It was for learning the rules and getting used to the tourney. 2-Sure you can. Let me work on this. I'll work on this. It was an interesting match actually.
  7. I know. We've tried it but it didn't work. I think he needs to forward the ports. Also, people love to watch these 1v1 matches. These tourney is for all of us.
  8. Let's test your ip hosting. If there won't be a problem I think you can play in the tournament.
  9. Hi guys, You can sign up for Week-01. Have fun! @psypherium @Feldfeld @ValihrAnt @camel @Boudica @ffffffff @JC (naval supremacist) @Unknown_Player @borg- @chrstgtr @Lefo @Pudim @Philip the Swaggerless @Stockfish @PhyZik @itrelles @nani @Hannibal_Barca @LeGenDz @phoenixdesk @LANDLORD @kizitom @mord @user1 @elexis @Stan` @SaidRdz @Emperior @Emacz @Dunedan @Ivaylo @yilmazgng @go2die @MorTak @Imarok @sarcoma @Lion.Kanzen @D_D_T_ @R4PT0R @Servo @Itms @coworotel @badosu @sphyrth @wowgetoffyourcellphone @faction02 @feneur @Issh @PrincessChristmas @RolandSC2 @Jo
  10. it's for balancing the games. We allow the best 8 players who have signed up. If there is missing someone we allow the best bench players to play.
  11. @Feldfeld and @ValihrAnt helped to chose the maps. I think they choose these maps according to their 1v1 experiences. I don't mind to change/improve anything. Thank you man. We did it all together. Love to see you while playing. It can change the dynamics. Thank you man. it doesn't seem as classics man.
  12. Hi all, This is the sign up thread for the tournament. You can sign up weekly here. UTC Time Comparison. For more information about the tournament visit this link. ***Bracket script made by FeldFeld FOR REPLAYS AND LEADERBOARD GO THIS POST!!! ***Sign Ups closes at 14:00 (UTC) Matches starts at 17:00 (UTC) on Sunday FOR FINAL WEEK-04 ---17.11.19--- Round 1: Group 1: woodpecker (1198) vs ffm (1555) ==> ffm (1555) Group 2: borg- (2351) vs badosu (1596) ==> borg- (2351) ***Next matches will be betwee
  13. Hi all, All the information about the tournament is above in the infographic and the further news will be here too. Have fun. Week-01: Replays and Commentaries Round01: SPG_1V1_W01R01-ffm_vs_littlegirlbeatyou.zip https://youtu.be/pYVIoQOpySs SPG_1V1_W01R01-Stockfish_vs_King_Soly.zip https://youtu.be/hnnyrEYPS0A SPG_1V1_W01R01-MarcAurel_vs_badosu.zip https://youtu.be/2nVaScqpxK8 SPG_1V1_W01R01-Carthage_vs_Ammaz.zip https://youtu.be/QH0vqwXnnRQ Round02: SPG_1v1_W01R02-Stockfish_vs_ffm.zip https://youtu.be/dgT468n6flo
  14. This one is different. We'll match the best 4 players with the worst 4 players randomly before the event. Imagine this bracket; -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 and the seeding might be like this: 1-7 2-8 3-5 4-6 Let's say you're the second best player and matched with 8th player in the first round. You need to ban 2 civs for your opponent for the round. Next round you need to ban 2 civs again. Basically, you need to ban 2 civs in every round. It's not global. Your opponents will ban 2 civs for you to
  15. 0 A.D. is a great game; but somehow, the general public is not aware of this. Previous attempts to rectify this situation have been ineffective in terms of publicity and management. With better organization, we can all enable the community to more efficiently utilize collaboration techniques. The 0 A.D. Community is growing; it is the right time for us to move the next step. We all want to move forward quickly, therefore we should all want to move forward together. Many people want to collaborate in the community. Our main desire is to make 0 A.D. better. We believe this can be
  16. Hi all, We all want 0 A.D. to be better. Moving forward together is more powerful rather than our individual attempts. It's also easier to motivate ourselves for some time rather than endless responsibilities. We can bring individuals and teams together for a project. Then organize the event with the power of the community. There can be many ways to have more fun with the skills of our valuable people. If you have an interest, a skill or a passion check out the opportunities where you can be the future of the community. -Game Testers -Coaches -Managers -Streamers
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