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  1. * There is a delete key on the keyboard but it depends where you do it. it's generally backspace key otherwise it's cmd+backspace. * I've an imac. there is actually one common keyboard with imacs and it's the small one. there are no extra keys on the right of the keyboard like numbers and stuffs. I mean, my keyboard is the common one. * i couldn't find that .cfg file under ~/Library/Application Support/0ad folder. so i cannot change anything.
  2. Hello everyone, I would like to mention some issues for ios users, 1- Magic mouse is a pain in the as. while playing the game. it's very easy to rotate the camera view just by one finger mismove. Maybe there should be an extra key to rotate the view like cmd+mouse rotate. 2- Links doesn't work in the lobby. 3- Lots of hotkeys doesn't work or there are other characters on mac. Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v... I've made a list below, Global Alt + F4: Close the game, without confirmation. (lol doesn't work) F11: Enable/disable real-time profiler (toggles through
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