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  1. There is something wrong with that text. Thank you. @ffffffff
  2. you need to move fgod folder into that folder: ~/Library/Application Support/0ad/mods and then launch the game. -go to settings / Mod Selection -select fgod mod. -Click on "Enable". -Click on "Save Configuration". -Click on "Start Mods". @Wurri
  3. Install "fgod" mod. It is the best solution until now. You can join games and there is no lobby lag.
  4. I think Haiga Sophia was built twice. First one was burnt in a huge fire. Then they made the iconic one. However, by the time it was restored and added some unoriginal parts. So, I think in this case it can be good to decide which Hagia Sopia will be modeled. here is a link which is the official museum site, you can find it's construction history. http://ayasofyamuzesi.gov.tr/en/history it is tree wasn't two btw. and I think the first one didn't have a dome. it was a wooden building too.
  5. Hi all, I have noticed that nobody mentioned about that building and I'd like to share some information. It's called "Milion" and it was the Byzantine zero-mile marker. It was the center of the world at that time. Traders measure the distance from that point. Here are some links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milion http://www.byzantium1200.com/milion.html
  6. It's both. I think sending is the slowest part. it sometimes takes one or two seconds to send a message. After I sent a message it takes a sec to see the message in the lobby too.
  7. It's funny but there is a lag in the lobby. It takes time to send a message. Especially if it's on windows mode. It lags like hell.
  8. when can we have the updated package guys?
  9. I've managed to install the mod with the help of fpre and it works. no crash.
  10. @stanislas69 What do you mean by that? repackage the fixed files?
  11. I've done it before my previous message. maybe I'm missing something idk. the path: ~/Library/Application Support/0ad/mods/modfix/modfix.pyromod
  12. There is no such a folder called "modfix". I've copied the file under all those tree folders but still cannot see it.
  13. I took the file and moved to the "public" file which is for mods and launched the game and looked at the mod selector page and couldn't see the mod. the path: ~/Library/Application Support/0ad/mods/public/modfix.pyromod
  14. So, I have moved the file into the mod folders like "mod", "public" and "user" but couldn't see the mod in the mod selector screen. Am I missing something?
  15. How can I do that? Explain me how or you can access my mac via teamviewer or skype.
  16. OS X Yosemite - Version 10.10.5 Processor 3,2 GHz Intel Core i5 Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M 1024 MB Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
  17. Hi all, I've just downloaded A23 and when I try to join a room it crashes. Also, I cannot host any game in lobby, it crashes every time. I can join as an observer after a game started but when the game is finished it crashes again. If I host a game without joining the lobby and someone can join my game using my IP address.
  18. my hands are shaking. need to play some. when can we play?
  19. Hi, The first thing you should try is that you need to obtain the main problem here. Try to connect internet via 3G and join/host a game. If you can that means you need to check your modem settings.
  20. if you ask for replay and a proper explanation in that "report abuse" page it could be easier to share. There is no exact way to report this kind of situation. People tell their problem in the lobby. Most of the time mods didn't ask for replay just trust the reputation of players. This is also easy to abuse. However, if you ask the replay and a short description of the issue it could be easier. Sometimes I play ordinary players and they quit without resigning. It's boring but the player already had 996 points or so it's not worth to report it. It's just not worth it. We're talking about sending an e-mail with an attachment here. So the current system is already open to abuse. It could be great if there would be a solution for it. Have a great day.
  21. Hi all, -I think there should be a few moderator just for this situation. -Also, it would be nice to find a report button on player's profile.
  22. cmd key doesn't work instead of ctrl. I did what you said but still doesn't work. idle units also doesn't work. it's impossible to find idle champions. let me know if you do something different then me.
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